Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 31


Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 31

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Recap : Some past memories flashed back in Nandu’s mind

Let’s continue

The engagement party had got over and we split up for the night. Rooms were booked to spend the night at the hotel. Manik and I were going to our rooms. I was very tired but Manik pulled me close to him. He leaned against the wall and held me loosely between his arms.

(Nandini) “Manik, I am very sleepy and tired, please let me go to my room. I have to run back home Tomorrow and rush for a meeting.”

(Manik) “Are you sure you are ok?”

(Nandini’s thoughts) I understood what he meant. He means the thing that hAppened today with mother. Come to think of it, he also saw me. My angry side. I always get worked up about small things but not that I am really mad about them but this is the first time he saw me furious. I wonder if he is disAppointed seeing this side of mine. I am scared that he will start hating me.

(Nandini scared but spoke with clarity hiding her fears) “Yes. She won’t be coming back with all her motherly love.”

(Manik) “If it is so, then have a good night.” He kissed me on my forehead and started to his room.

(But he stopped as Nandini started to speak) “You know, you saw me speaking to mom…………………”

(Nandini) I couldn’t complete my sentence. Seeing me throwing a fit, I don’t want him to hate me.

(Manik) “Nandu, look up.”

(Nandini) Unconsciously, I was looking down. He raised my head.

(Manik) “You know, anyone will be angry or hate their mother if they were in your situation. Look at me! Just because of rumours, I hated my mother and hurt her until I realised the truth. In your case, all I can wish for is to replace your hatred with my love. That is all I want.”

(Nandini’s POV) Tears fell from my eyes. All this while, I hoped someone would understand me. I hoped someone will say that they will make up for the love I didn’t get. Though,
Dadaji loved me, he said he never intended to fill the gAp my parents left. He tried his best not to make me feel lonely but he never intended it. I couldn’t look at his face anymore.

(Manik) “Nandu! Did I say anything wrong? Hey!”

(Nandini’s POV) He looked troubled. Despite my crying, I couldn’t help but smile. I always thought that he may not be the one for me or I am rushing into things but I am sure he is the only one who can make me feel secure. I couldn’t answer him, I couldn’t tell him these tears are not because I am sad but because I am hAppy. My voice wouldn’t come out.
How do I tell him this? I kissed him. He held me tight. Our kisses are becoming more and more passionate. All of a sudden, I realised we were still in the hallway. I pushed him off,
“Good night” and ran back to my room. I just couldn’t stay with him anymore. I would have lost my sanity any moment longer.

After our engagement we all rushed back to our routine work. Manik and i did get some free time and we used to talk casually. It was hard for me to understand how Manik had loved me. He is still patient with me and he understands me better. I am hAppy whenever he is by my side and sad when he has to go for work outside London. I can’t complain because he is setting up a new factory near Derbyshire. I love his dedication towards work and family. The best thing about Manik is he knows how to balance everything.

Then came the day of the tournament where we were all supposed to fight against each other. Rishabh was accompanied by Navya because he was staying at the main house with NYONIKA mom and Navya.

Navya was shocked as she learnt all of Nandini’s friends take this fighting tournament seriously and they also had Uniforms for these type of fight. She was more shocked because Rishabh was also taking part.

The fights had started , Navya and Manik were looking. Navya hated all this. She thought that even Manik knows Judo but he never fights like these ppl.
Nandini was going to fight only in the third round; being a girl she had got this concession.

(Navya’s POV) The matches were interesting. Usually, I am not interested in people fighting each other like savages but their fights were like those in Chinese movies, even standing still looked intense. I never thought people who learn martial arts have to fight with high concentration level. I always thought it was kick, block, hit. Manik did learn something but I
have never seen him use it anywhere. He says unless the opponent also knows Judo it is unfair to fight them, or of course, unless it is an emergency.

For the final three matches, Cabir, Rishabh, Theo and Nandini ended up in the finals. So now the semi – finals were between Cabir and Nandini and Theo and Rishabh. Then the fight had started between Cabir and Nandini fight. The fight between Cabir and Nandini was going on strongly. He didn’t even give the slightest consideration for her being a girl. Nandini did say that the guys told that if they ended up fighting with her, they won’t give consideration for her. Suddenly Cabir had tackled in such a way that Nandini had flown and hit her abdomen. Seeing this Manik and Navya ran towards Nandini and started checking her.

She had got a blood clot in the abdomen and she was chilled about it. But Navya was very much furious. She did her basic first aid but she didn’t want to leave the place and Navya got angry.

Seeing Navya angry, Cabir came to her and shared few insights on his and Nandini’s life.

(Cabir) “I Apologise for her behaviour.” He stood by me. I didn’t think that he would be Apologising to me.

(Navya) “I am not going to care anymore. It is her health, not mine. This is exactly the reason why I had to take a break from the hospital and come here. A stubborn mule just like
her wouldn’t accept a surgery. Said, he had lived his life and didn’t mind death. I am doctor! Of course, I would want to save you! I throw my personal issues aside when I work. I
hate people who don’t care about their own body. Human life is so small and fragile to maintain.” I realised I was rambling to Cabir. “Sorry about talking about all these. Anyways, why are you Apologising?”

(Cabir) “Maybe, the way she is, is my fault. She was the youngest of all of us and I being the oldest (difference between Cabir and Nandini is almost 6 years. Nandini is 22, Manik
and Navya – 26 and Cabir – 28) was supposed to take care of her most of the time. Maybe, I spoiled her.”

(Navya confused) “Most of the time?”

(Cabir) “Yeah. We, twenty two, the guys here, are very close because of our grandfathers. A very rare friendship. To think that the oldies went to same school gives us a laugh. We spent all holidays together. After her grandfather died, she had hard time settling in with her aunt and uncle. Veer Dadaji had brought her with him to stay. She was left in my charge.
It was at that time I started working in the company incognito along with my college. It was hard taking care of her, studies and doing my job. I started arguing with Dadaji as time passed, since I was having hard time at work and home. She heard one such fight I had with him. At that time, I didn’t know Nandini and Rishabh were thrown out by their mother. Rishabh doesn’t even know that he has a mother. He thinks she is dead.”

(Navya) “Wait, isn’t she dead?”He looked at me dubiously.

(Cabir covering up) “Yeah. She died later. From that day, she barely spoke to anyone except Dadaji. I was hAppy that I didn’t have problems. One day, when I returned back from work, I saw her with Dadaji in the library, laughing and smiling. It was then that I noticed that when she first came home, she was laughing and smiling with all. It lightened up the whole place. It was kind of like love at first sight, but not as a lover, but as someone who has to protect something. We were jealous, we thought she had no problems and enjoyed herself having fun, since we brothers had pressure to excel. But after hearing that Ram Dadaji made agreement with his friends to let her take his place after she qualified, she had more pressure than all of us to prove and excel.

Though what Ram Dadaji did was to secure her future, I know the amount of work and effort one needs to put in to even work at that level in a young age. I was ashamed of myself and guiltier, after knowing I killed her smile at home. Her school life was also not very good. I disregarded the main reason why Dadaji brought her here and made her feel the same way she felt with others. I didn’t know what to do to make amends. I started coming home sooner and started talking with her more. She seemed hesitant no matter how much I
Apologised to her. So on a school day off, I took leave and went with her to amusement park. She refused obviously, but I learnt sometimes when you leave no alternate for her, she assents. It was on that day that she smiled at me from her heart. I began to adore her. She studied in the same university. I felt responsible for her like my little sister. Whenever she got into trouble, I took responsibility for her. She felt culpable for it. She, hence, says she doesn’t want to get me into trouble. Many expected me to marry her after she finished her studies. But she is like a sister to me. I never felt any attraction or jealousy for her. However, Nandini still had fears of being unwanted.”

(Navya POV) I guess now I understand why both of them feel closer. Like many, I would doubt their relationship had I not been through the similar feeling with Sanakr but “But why are you telling me this?”

(Cabir) He looked surprised. “You were worried about her, weren’t you?”

(Navya) He has been telling me all this for Nandini? “Oh! Do you tell this to all?”

(Cabir) “Only to those who are worried about our relationship. You looked like you were frustrated about it.”

(Navya) “What?”

(Cabir) “I meant frustrated that Nandini was not listening to you. Anyway, I am hAppy that she found a good person if not the best.” What the! He is talking as if Manik is not fit for the princess!

(Navya shouted) “Hey! Don’t talk as if Manik is not good for her.”

(Cabir replied calmly) “I didn’t say that.”

Then came Kavya from nowhere. (Kavya is Cabir’s elder sister and has three kids. She is one of important members of Dhawan industries and she is like a mother to Nandini though the age difference is less)

(Kavya) “You still go on with your stories, Cabir. You are not a kid anymore and neither is she. You don’t have to prove anyone that she is your sister. If she wasn’t, the moment
she finished her qualification, she would have been married to you. Nevertheless, I am more interested in what you are saying Ms. Singh. You say that Mr. Malhotra is the best match for her and that too is because she loves him?”

(Navya) “Yes. What is wrong with it?”

(Kavya) “Nothing is wrong. Let’s just hope that your brother will be able to prove that he loves her.” Anyone who heard her would say she said it normally but her eyes threw the challenge. It kind of sent shivers down my spine. She looked all bubbly and cheery in the morning but cold emotions shown in her eyes creeps me out.

(Navya) “Why does he have to prove it?”

(Kavya) “I love Nandu. Is there any other reason? She is like my child. She was just a twelve year old kid during my marriage. I felt a need to protect her as she didn’t have a mother.
You wouldn’t understand these feelings.” I wouldn’t understand but I understand one thing, these people are obsessed with Nandini and each have a reason for it.

(Navya) “I don’t know understand what you are getting at, Mrs.Kavya.”

(Kavya) “Simple. I am going to check if they love each other.”

(Navya) “What are you planning to do?”

(Kavya) “Cabir, she wants me break the suspense. Such a naive girl! Are you sure she is your type? Aren’t sly women your type?” What? What is she saying suddenly?

(Cabir) “Sigh, Didi, the guys have been going on about this. She looks similar to the girls I dated before but she is not even on the same intellectual level as them.” Intellectual level?
What an insult! This lady, Kavya didn’t insult me directly, but to take direct insult from Cabir again, I won’t tolerate.

(Navya) “Sorry for not being your type but as you see, I am not interested in you, your highness. (Bowing) If you don’t mind, I am leaving.”

(Navya POV) I walked off from that place. I can’t believe that such people are Nandini’s friends! I asked Rishabh if we could leave, and I had left that place and warned Nandini not to invite me in such kind of places where Mr.Dhawan comes.

Precap: Test of Love for Manan

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