Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 3


Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 3

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The comments in chapter 2 have been answered.. thanks for your support keep supporting.. The problem is that I am kind of getting little comments so I am not sure if I have to continue or just stop abruptly…..

Recap : Manan meet

(Nandini’s POV)
At the hotel, she thinks of the past events that happened during the day and she started crying silently. Talking to herself “Why Dadaji, ppl always talk nonsense about me?” and dozes and she gets a dream abt her past.

FLASHBACK (in her dreams) :
{Nandini comes crying to Dadaji and telling him that ppl tease her saying that Rishabh and I have two fathers and two mothers. Why do they always tease me.

(Dadaji) “Nandu beta. You are very strong. Whatever ppl say never ever back answer them and always keep them composed. If ppl say this, tell them confidently that i am a Murthy and I don’t need parents. With this all your problems will be solved. Now stop crying and smile for your Dadaji” }

(Nandini’s POV) She wakes up with a jolt and feels strange as to why she is getting her dreams again. She shoos away her thoughts and continues with her packing.

When Rishabh arrives,

(Rishabh) “Nandini Didi are we going anywhere?”

(Nandini) “Yes, we have got a place to stay that’s closer to your school. Basically your Chairman has offered a place for us to stay. He gets happy.”

They have a little light snacks at the hotel and start packing again..

(Nandini’s POV) Manik’s driver arrives at sharp 6.00pm and when she is checking out she thanks the receptionist for being very patient with them and bids her. After few minutes they arrive at a place that didn’t look like a apartment, it looked more of a club that could be used as a recreational club for employees. She was surprised and angry as it was no less than a hotel. Suddenly Manik had come out from the club and was shocked seeing us there.

(Manik to avoid the silence asked) “Ms Murthy, I told you to go to the apartment then why are you here”.

(Nandini) “Good question, ask this to your driver he is the one who brought us here.

(Manik turning to the driver and asked) “Did mom send you here?.”

The driver chuckled and Manik understood.

(Manik) “Sigh!! My mother has played a prank. So its not a problem you guys can stay here.”

(Nandini) “But how is it any less than the place that I stayed earlier in (Anger)”

(Manik ) “It is office cum house quarters and it is nothing fancy. You can stay here and moreover Rishabh is a member here. This is my personal club and only I get to choose the members. Even I work and stay from here only”

(Nandini) “What do you mean that Rishabh is a member her. He is just 16. Sorry… you have to endorse the membership to me.”

(Manik) “I get to chose the members and if he doesn’t want the membership, then you cannot stay here.”

(Rishabh interrupting their talks) “Di , I am sorry I hid this from you. But please can we stay here. It is very close to the school. Please Di.”

(Manik) “Listen Nandini. I am really sorry for this mess. But the entire mess is made by my mom. So please accept and stay here and moreover as Rishabh said its close by to his school also. So I don’t think it would be any problem”

Nandini agreed after Rishabh and Manik convinced her. She also thought probably Manik was actually innocent and all this mess was really made by his mom. Seeing no other option she had agreed as it was for Rishabh’s best future.

(Manik calling the staff) “Take the luggage and give them the rooms that are facing the east wing with the view of the race course”

(Staff) “Yes Sir. Anything else?”

(Manik) “Balance just see whatever they want and I am not coming for dinner tonight so please cook something that they like”

(Staff) “Yes Sir” (the staff picked Nandini and Rishabh’s luggage and had left)

(Manik to Nandini) “Ms.Murthy, you can stay here for as long as you want”

(Nandini) “Thank you Mr.Malhotra”

(Manik) “I have asked my staff to cook food for your liking so please feel free and I won’t be coming for dinner, so both of you enjoy your evening”

(Nandini) “Thank you”

Manik then hugged Rishabh and walked off from the club.

(Manik before walking off told the driver) “Tell mother I am not marrying and coming to the big house anytime sooner.”

Nandini heard the same and got confused what was he trying to talk about marriage to the driver.

(Manik In Mind): I am not going to forgive Mr Anthony. He would have told mom about her for sure. He shouts saying why Mr Anthony…

After reaching their rooms,
(Nandini) “In the room , Rishabh next time please don’t hide all these important things from me. Since you have less days before this term gets over, we will stay here. (In mind – hopefully I find a house to my liking)”

(Rishabh) “Yes Didi. Anyways I am going back to my books as I have assignments that have to be done and he leaves Nandini’s room.

(Nandini’s POV) My brother has grown up. I can still remember the scene when my Father Mr Shekhar Kumar had come back out of the blue and he started fighting for the custody for my brother. That was my luck that my Uncle aka Fufaji had made me win and I won his guardianship. It also reminds how I told Rishabh that our so called father died soon after he lost the case. I am in a guilt for hiding the truth but once Rishabh becomes a major, I will tell him the truth about our past. Till then I want no one to ask or tell him anything about my parents. Hopefully Mr Malhotra doesn’t say anything. How am I going to face that arrogant bastard everyday. Hope I never cross paths with him.

The next day morning when I was ready to go for work, I found Mr Malhotra standing there. I went to him.

(Nandini) “Good Morning Mr Malhotra. Thank you for letting us out this place. I need a favour”

Manik looked at her.

(Nandini continued) Actually could you please endorse me the membership.

Manik nodded a big “NO”.

(Nandini) “I may have to evoke the membership of Rishabh.”

(Manik Smiled) “No membership, no staying.”

(Nandini was really furious but she managed to be a little polite and asked) “Ok Fine!! Is there any other method.”

(Manik) “Including Rishabh and Me , we are total of 7 members. Convince all and you can get the membership. Today is Tuesday, so yes they will come and meet around 7.00pm. So come and convince… ALL THE BEST”

( Nandini) “Thanks and have a good day Mr.Malhotra.” She ran towards the main gate as she was getting late for work

Precap: The tests given by the members.

So end of the third chapter……… But I am still not sure if I have to continue or not…….. Anyways guys enjoy reading 

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