Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 26

Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 26

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The comments in Chapter 25 have been answered.. thanks for your support keep supporting..i am going to continue this ff just for my fans who are actually reading……. But a request to all my silent readers…. Please comment just to boost up the writers 

Recap : Manik spends family time with Nandini’s family

Soon after the trip, it was my meeting with the Malhotras,

After the meeting that I had with Manik, he asked me whether I would go out for a play that was running at the London Square. I was really interested in that play and so I told yes.
When both of us were packing our stuff and getting ready to go out, there came someone.

As he was talking, the door opened and a woman literally jumped on him.

(Girl) “Mannnnnnuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am here finally! Aren’t you glad!?!”

(Nandini’s POV) She hugged him as he was sitting and kissed him on his cheek. She sat on his chair handle and still cuddling him. Very intimate from what I can see. It made me angry. Here he was asking me out on a date and now in front of me, he cuddles with a woman. (Who is she ???)

(Manik) “When did you come?”

(Nandini’s POV) He looked a bit uncomfortable but it was not like he is not used to it, just that he is uneasy with me sitting right in front of him.

(Girl) “Today morning. I went to see aunty (Nyonika). She told me that you are not staying with her. Why can’t you just listen to what she says? (Finally, she noticed me) Oh! I am
sorry. I didn’t notice someone here. Is this the girl you were talking about, Manik?”

(Manik) “Ah! Yeah, Nandu, meet,” Before he could continue she was cut by the mysterious girl,

(Navya) “Hi. I am Navya (Ya she is our very own Navya). The only girl he is closest to. You must be Nandini Murthy. Nandu, right?”

(Nandini)“Yes. Please call me Nandini. Glad to meet you.”

(Navya) “Glad to meet you, too. Manik, are those theatre tickets? (Taking them) Two Tickets? Manik, come with me. I wanted to see this play so badly. You haven’t asked anyone
out already have you?”

(Nandini’s POV) Manik looked at me. What did he want me to tell? Fight with her saying those ticket were ours? From what I can see, she seems to know more about him than me.
All I could do, is get out of the place which is making me feel very unpleasant.

(Nandini) “I guess I should be leaving, allowing you, your space. Sorry for the disturbance.”

Manik was about to tell something but as usual Navya again interfered, “Oh! So sweet of you! Thank you, Nandini. It was a pleasure meeting you. Manik! Are you going with someone else? Answer me! Don’t be dazed!”

(Manik irritated) “Didn’t you just come today? Aren’t you tired?”

(Navya)“No, I am not. Do you have anyone specific in mind?”

(Manik)“Sigh. No. Let us go together.”

(Nandini’s POV) He gave in to her. He didn’t even tell a word about inviting me. There is no way I am going anywhere with him hereafter. I made my move out.

(Navya)“I am staying with you, Manik. Come on, you need to take me to your place.”

(Nandini’s POV) Manik ignoring Navya came up to me and I was so mad, I slammed the door right at his face. I made my way to the exit when,

(Manik)“Nandu, wait up. (I stopped at the entrance) Let us go back home together.”

Behind Manik, Navya stood, giving a sour look on her face.

(Navya) “Why is she coming with us?”

(Nandini’s POV) I really want to give a good word back at her but seeing this place is an office and I am not officially going out with Manik are the only things holding me back from losing my cool.

(Nandini) “We are neighbours, aren’t we, Manik?”

(Manik) “Yes. She came with me today. So I need to drop her, Navya.”

(Nandini)“Don’t worry, I will catch a cab back. You and Ms. Navya have things to catch up on. I don’t wish to intrude in your private time. So kindly excuse me and bye.

(Nandini’s POV) After few days, I thought Navya will be gone after a few days but every time I go to meet Manik for work, she is always there. She is always in his cabin. Every chance to talk with him is gone. Every time I am there, she plans something for them to do together. Their plans are typical date spots for the rich. I haven’t seen or talked to Manik properly for almost a month.

On a Saturday night, (Rishabh) “Hey Didi, is Manik out of town or anything? I haven’t seen him come here nor have I seen his car in the garage.”

(Nandini with irritation thought) Why is Rishabh asking me this? It is not like Manik tells me everything and does them.

(Nandini) “He is in town alright. He is spending all his time with Navya.”

(Rishabh) “Who is she?”

(Nandini in anger) “I am not his baby sitter, so stop asking me and please stop irritating me.

(Then she calmed herself down and told Rishabh) “Sorry for being rude, it’s just the work pressure (I lied) and ya I don’t know who she is. A friend, I guess. She is staying with him.
That is why he hasn’t been over for dinner.” Rishabh looked at me thoughtfully.

(Rishabh said) “Did you reply to him properly yet?” What the?????????? (Rishabh knew that Manik had proposed me because unknowingly I had blurted out in front of Rishabh)

(Nandini) “RISHABH!”

(Rishabh immediately)“Come on Didi, I am just asking.”

(Nandini) “Nope, not yet.”

(Rishabh) “Then, tell him properly before he is snatched away by this Navya girl. Even I know that guys generally don’t have their girlfriends staying over at their house. You should also know that there are not many guys who can tolerate you.”

(Nandini’s POV) I know that without Rishabh telling me but I am really not sure and I haven’t had a chance to talk properly to him.

(Nandini) “Rishabh, It Is None Of Your Business and you are too young to talk about all this. Just concentrate on your studies as your final exams and entrance tests for universities
are nearing. Stop thinking about all this useless matter”

After Rishabh left i had done self analysis of my over thinking brains and realised that the bonding between Manik and Navya made me feel low.. They were perfect but i was not happy from inside.. Why??? Thinking this i just left and slept in those thoughts

Naina nu pata hai
Naina di khata hai
Saanu kis gal di phir
Mildi sazaa hai
Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

(Even when closing her eyes she could only imagine them. It became a nightmare for her and she actually woke up and cried…. She just cried to her heart’s content)

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave
Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan (x2)

(She now did feel the pain what Manik would have gone through when she rejected his love twice and now she was completely broken…….. She didn’t understand how Manik still made her feel comfortable even after being rejected… She understood his importance and now seeing him move on she felt her heart ache)

Mann mann ki sunta jaaye
Sunta nahin mann waalon ki
Mann hi mann mein banaye
Duniya ek khayaalon ki..
Paas koi aave, door koi jaave
Hota hai kyun ye, koi samjhaave
Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

(She felt like being choked………. The very thought of their closeness made her breathless………. She knew it was her mistake of not accepting this person……. She knew she had lost a gem)

Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan (x2)

(She thought he has totally got over her after their last encounter………. She was confused…… She had emotions which was difficult to name)

Naina nu pata hai
Naina di khata hai
Saanu kis gal di phir
mildi sazaa hai

(She didn’t understand the feeling its just that she felt bad that Navya was so close to Manik and he didn’t tell her anything about them….. She knew she was being unreasonable but did she have any other option)

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave
Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan (x2)

(She cried and cried and she dozed off thinking about Manik)

Precap: Navya’s talks and tantrums irriates Nandini and Manik’s shocking date for Malhotra Company’s party.

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