Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 16

Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 16

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Recap : Manik meets Nandini’s relatives and he gets to know a little bit about Nandini and Rishabh’s past

Let’s continue

The next day, Nandini got up late. Then she came down all dressed and was looking around.

(Nandini’s POV) Manik was not at sight. He works on Sundays? I never cared about it before nor do I want to care now. Today is the first time I got the chance to roam around and see what was in the building. It is a huge place. The entrance has a reception but I have never seen any person actually in the seat. But it is possible that I wouldn’t have seen since I leave by eight – eight thirty in the morning and come back by the same time in the evening. The west wing, which is supposed to be Manik’s office, looked more like a lab than like a regular office. I wonder if I am even allowed in here. The tracks were not visible from the west wing. The trees surrounding the track cover the grounds till the end of the building. The east wing is completely for residential purpose. From the reception, you enter the corridor ahead, it connects to the lobby or living room.

The kitchen is to the west of the lobby with dining area. From the lobby, if you go further straight, you get to a room having indoor games through which you can go outside to the huge track outside. You can sit and watch people driving on the track. From the looks of entrance to this place, it can be clearly noticed that it is for private use only. To the east side of the lobby, stairs connecting to the first floor. There were about ten rooms with attached bathrooms, five facing the track and five opposite to them. Rishabh’s and my room were the same size and same layout. Maybe, all rooms are the same. A huge place. Was this really intended for Manik’s to work here or was it a dorm for elite employees of the company? If it was the later, I must say this is being misused, but it would be different story if it was his property. I really want to find my cozy home to stay!

(On the other side Manik’s POV) This Sunday, I promised to meet mom. The one and only Nyonika Singh. The only daughter of My Nanaji and the youngest daughter-in-law of the Singh’s family. What did she want? Because she didn’t say anything specific, I need to spend my precious Sunday with her. It would have been nice to go out with Nandu to some exhibition or something. Wait, wait. I shouldn’t think of spending my Sunday with her either. I should give up on her. She already has a boyfriend! If only my thoughts would clear up!

(Nyo) “Hello, Beta. How are you?”

(Manik) “Mom!! (Hugging her) I am good. You look great. How are you?” Both of them sat down in the garden.

(Nyo) “I am fine, beta. So, how is your life there in the club? When are you planning to come home?”

(Manik) “I don’t think that I will be coming home anytime sooner if you want me to get married. To who have you rented my Apartment?”

(Nyo)“No one, beta. I heard something nice from Mr. Anthony, I wanted to see how you would react to it. You have handled it well. How are Nandini and Rishabh?”

(Manik) “Sigh! I knew it. You sent them there. Here I was, hoping that you actually did something you said.”

(Nyo) “Such a rude thing to say, Beta”

(Manik) “You won’t send anyone like that to trouble me unless they interest you. Am I not right ma?”

(Manik parallely thinks in his mind) I am sure that she is one of the person whom you are thinking of making the bahu of this house. Its just that she is not blurting it out. (keeps on thinking)

(Nyo) “Yes, I find that pair quite interesting. That’s why I sent them there. So Mr. Son of mine what do you think of them?”

(Manik’s POV) What do I think of them? I have for no reason fallen in love with the girl and all I did was argue with her, insulted her and Apologised to her. Now I am confused with my feelings towards her.

(Manik spoke) “Me? Nothing special. I didn’t know that you were the one who started the investigation on Rishabh Murthy and his family until Roy said so. If Roy knows, then, it means she is a bride candidate, isn’t she ?”

Nyonika looked at him bewildered For a change, she actually looked surprised.

(Nyo) “Yes. I am surprised that you got it out of Roy. I find that you are quite friendly and fond of his sister Nandini unlike the other girls you have been introduced to.”

(Manik’s POV) Too bad, Roy told me after I realised I have fallen in love with her. If not, I would have tried my best not to fall for her but I wonder if I would have been able to stop myself. I am not exactly sure how deep I have fallen for her. But I cannot tell mom. She will go ahead without Nandu’s consent and make arrangements. At least, I want the girl I love to love me back when I get married.

(Manik spoke) “I said some wrong things and I Apologised.”

(Nyo) “Apology does not go anywhere near as going with her out on a date or ruining her date.”

(Nyonika knows of him going with Nandini for house hunting along with Luke.. She is an intelligent mother isn’t she)

(Manik) “Ma!!”

Precap: Manik and AP’s conversation to continue in the next Chapter also. Will Manik’s ma give the idea whether he is in love or not?

I know it’s a small chapter but I hope you all had fun……..

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