Manan and ishra – In health or in sickness (Part 1)


Part 1
On the street
A hot dashing guy is driving a jet black Mercedes when a pretty and bubbly girl on a skate board comes in front of the car ,the guy tries to slow down and stops the car when it’s almost about to clash with her .the guy looking at the girl comes out of the car and sees that her wrist has a little blood on it.the guy is manik and girl is nandu
Don’t you have anything else to do en come in front of my car
I came in front of your car or did you come in front
Me ,you poor girls have nothing better to do then suscide
Who are you calling poor and suscide are you nuts
I’m calling you poor why else would a person be on a skate board
Ugh I have better things to do then argue with you
Nandu feels dizzy and is about to fall when she handles her and manik tries to help her but she refuses and leaves

At malhotra mansion
Maniks room
A young girl is keeping clothes in a cupboard when manik comes and hugs her saying
Ishu Diii , how many times have I told you not to do my work
If I won’t do my darling brothers work then who would do it
But diii
Enough freshen up and have lunch with me

In Raman Office
Raman screaming at an employee
If you cannot do a simple task then leave the job
Nandu comes and asks the employee to go
Nandu comes and says
Bhai sometimes a person should control its anger
I know chutki that you are correct but these god worshipping people leave everything to God and don’t do work
Bhai they are correct and incorrect at the same time .its good to have belief in God but to leave work is incorrect
How can you say such thing that God that gave you so many troubles you still worship him.
But bhai
Leave it nandu we can have this debate some other time

Manik and nandu,Raman and Ishu meet
Manik takes nandu to the hospital after she faints

Credit to: Barbie

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