Manan and ishra – In health or in sickness (Intro)


Hey this is my second fan fiction flowing two of my favorite couples which is
Malik and Nandini
Ishita and Raman
Is fan fiction would be different then my first one in which there was less enemity and more love as both were already friends or dating but in this it is that both pairs hate their partners
A dashing ,ladies guy , doesn’t like to date as believes that his true love is somewhere in this world
Brother of Ishita

A sweet,simple bubbly girl who enjoys life on her basis has a secret which will later be revealed
Sister of Raman

A good sweet girl who believes in destiny and loves his brother more then anything in this world

A rude arrogant guy who has turned arrogant due to his sisters secret
Doesn’t believe in God anymore

Dr Aditya Kumar
Dr who secretly develops a crush on Nandini and later on introduced

Please comment if you like the characters so I can proceed with the next part

Credit to: Barbie

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  1. Nice couple selection

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  3. It is very interesting
    Keep it up

  4. Interesting yar…..
    Plz continue

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  6. Ok but don’t end so soon! Keep the readers engaged by your lovely writings! ❤

  7. Nyc….Interesting story….

  8. Please continue pleeeeeeeeease???❤️❤️❤️

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