MaNan ~ To Infinity And Beyond (PART 4)


Slowly they started texting each other tru phones…

Nandini has initiated bcz Manik was teasing her with another frnd that nandu dsnt talk to me why will she text me and some bla bla bla…so she texted him that who told i will not talk to u?

They used chat all over the nyt talking about each and every non sense in the world.. Mean while manik has sent her pics of his vacation.

She really loved him in his pics he is looking cute and adorable to her..but he is very lean he must be some 55 or 60 and she thought he may be nearly 5 11.

One fine evening when nandu was chating with Manik suddenly nandu got a cal from unknown number she is wondering who might me nd picked the cal

Nandu: hello who is dis?

Other person on the phone

hey nandu dis is harshad!

Nandu: harshad?? Tum??? How d hell did u get my phone number? Nd whats wrong with u ? why did u cal me?

Harshad: oho nandini dnt act ha…i knw ur chatng with manik on phn nd den why cant u talk to me and chat with me?

Nandu: do i even need to explain ?? My life my wish wats wrng with u?

Harshad: okay cool.. i actually luv u…

Nandu: wat non sense!? do u even knw me properly?

Harshad: yes i do… bcz i was the one chating from arya’s account…

Nandu: wat? R u mad? Why did u do soo.. u can chat with me frm ur acnt only na why did u do such kind of stupid thing!

Harshad: why do u bother so much..its fyn ok…

Nandu: WTH i feel ur bro like my bro nd also i cal him bro u cant say all this non sense to me and i hardly know u!

Harshad: everything is fair in love baby

Nandu : shut up nd get lost..

She hanged the cal nd immediately called Manik

N: hey manik wat d hell is wrong with u? Why did u give my num to him?

M: hey chill.. he is not gng to eat u..

N:shut up!

M: He told he like u so…more over he saw ur name in my contacts so i cant even Iie to my frnd that its not u, knowing he likes u soo..

N : wat ever all of u jst get losttt

She cut the cal nd thinking wat is dis non sense..

After sometime again harshad called.. This is time she is cool…

N: listen..i already like some plz dnt keep hopes on me

H: who is dat..

N:i dnt need to say..

H: den u r lying

N:mother promise i like some one… but thats not nt thing i dnt have any feelings for u.. so plz..

H:den can we be friends atleast?

N:hmmm but dnt irritate me or annoy me..

H:ya sure..

N:ok bye i cant talk to u more my aunt is there bye( she lied her uncle nd aunt leaves at 10 nd come back at 8)

before she can hear her reply she hung the cal..

precap: harshad irritating Nandu and black mailing her that he will cal to her landline…

Credit to: ss sharma

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  1. awesome. ..plz make it long

    1. thanks and this is my frst time im writing some thing.. but i will try to make it long…

  2. interesting

    1. thank u 🙂

  3. Awesome continue..

    1. ya sure..i will..

  4. What the vlblo*dy hell of this harshad plm yaar…. obe of my friend went through this taurture yaar in that time meine uss ladki se baat karke ek tappad maar ke oh matter katam kiya…. girls need to be like jhansi ki rani

    1. It’s true hayathi. Girls should not feel tht they r weak. We hv 2 show our potential 2 all what we cn do if some1 blackmail us.

  5. Ur story is really interestin. Plz update daily n also plz provide d link of previous epi.

  6. All parts are nice

  7. So harshad is villian and make trouble in malik and nandu life ah

    Pls one of silent reader i telling u pls continue ur story don’t study the comment there more silemt reader present so keep updates regularly
    keep ur study also friend this is request from readers

    1. well for now harshad nd later soha… 🙂

  8. It’s really interesting……..Plzz continue…..Dont leace it in between..itzz a humble request

  9. Oh wow!!! A real life story!!!!!! I loved it!! Read all d parts in a go! I must say its really vry interesting and unique too! Advantage is the story becomes better as its of ur frnd n it comes straight frm ur heart! Love it!! Plz do continue! And ur much elder to me so i’ll call u di.. Is dat ok?
    Jerkshad!!! He’s so casual all d tym!! Does he know what actually love means?? For him it might be love = fun !! Jerk!! Wanna read further! Keep smiling 🙂
    stay blessed.

  10. wow so many comments…and 90 reads in wattpad with in 13 hrs.. im soo happy..
    well im 23…u can call me di.. and i will update day by day.. max i will try to update daily…
    thank u so much for ur comments… <3

  11. It’s really awesome yar…..
    Manan ke face se….ek real life story dekhna….ise or bhi jada interesting bana deta h…..
    Plz continue this story..
    It’s really interesting…..

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    U r a very good writer want to se manan

  17. Well done dear ! and congratulations on such a good response..a very different but interesting story..!

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  20. sry people i was bzy with my projects… i will try to write the next episodes asap…. thanks for ur comments <3

  21. Read all the episodes in 1 go…. quite interesting… i definitely find time to read ur blog…good going..keep updating…

  22. heyyy…!!!!! It’s a humble request plz update the next part plz……i am waiting…..You told that you will update it regularly….??…Then what happened……Are you planning to leave it i between…..

  23. Sorry people im sick i had fud poisoning…i promise that i will update u not gng to discontinue…so dnt wry 🙂

  24. Take care dear, n upload next part when you feel better. …

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