MaNan ~ To Infinity And Beyond (PART 3)

‘The twist in the tale’

Soon after they completed their exams..

Manik went to holiday trip with his cousins and friends

And nandu went to her aunts place.. her uncle and aunt both used to work.. she used to chat with Manik all the time along with cabir and arya and some times with harshad too..

Her chating with Manik would be so funny..

Manik: hey nandu watsup?

Nandu: sky:P

Manik: u r seriously mad nandu…

Nandu: not more than u

Manik : ya not more than me but a lot more than me :D:P

Nandu: get lost and go to hell manik! U r Crack!

Manik: u r mad

Nandu : no u r mad, mental nd a idiott

Manik : u r telling me that im mad ?! haha Veryfunny

Nandu: anyways leave it..had ur fud?

Manik: why do u even care…

Nandu: arey yar i jst asked casually why do u keep messing with me everytime

Manik: bcz i like to annoy u

Nandu : go to hell bye!

Manik : 😛 😛

There chat always goes like this fighting over very silly and stupid things

One sudden day a frnd of her posted nandu num on nandu wall page asking r u still using this num with out knowing that it will bevisible to every one bcz that girl is new to fb.

Nandu deleted immediately but by that time Manik has seen her number nd remembered it coz only last 2 digits were different from his number! What a seriously only last 2 digits were different..?!!

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  1. interesting. ..

  2. I hate fb yaar i dont like it at all dont know why…… u story was so intresting dr…. i like manam especially parth

  3. thank u all..

  4. It is really getting interesting..good going..

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