MaNan ~ To Infinity And Beyond (PART 2)


Love at first sight??

During her 11th…one day she saw Manik near her house in some shop…

Manik stays just few lanes away from Nandu’s house so he must have come there for some thing..

Nandu was in opposite side of road to Manik..he was taking his bike and den she saw him

Nandu pov

He is Manik…he looks stunning… im happy for seeing him after many days… and his eyes? …y do i feel some thing strange when i see his eyes… i feel really impulsive…i feel warm nd safe when i look into his eyes…why whats wrong with me… wat am i even think ing?

End of pov

Our monster Manik have not even noticed her..

All these moths between she used to see her group foto of cls 10 and adore her Manik…

During her 11th holidays nandu was really bored and she created FB.

there she found all her school friends and she has sent them all frnd reqts..

She has then saw manik’s profile immidiaty she was like wow manik?

And then she sent him a friend req…with a msg ‘r u my clasmate manik malhotra??’

After few days he accepted her req and replied ” yes im manik malhotra… whats up…?”

In mean while he had also became frnds with arya harshad druv nd cabir.

She used to chat with cabir arya nd harshad..

She used to talk to arya and Cabir more because she found them calm nd gud nd she had a brotherly feeling for arya nd cabir. After some days she strated chatting with manik They used to fight a lot for silly issues… he used to be soo rude.. Nandu never thought that he would behave in such way.. They used to argue over each and every silly thing..

But he is to be caring at the same time..

One day manik nd nandini faced each other near his home…she was gng on her scooty he on his sisters scooty… the sec their eyes met together for a sec..she still cant get over that movement even after 6.5 yrs..

Some months passed away…they used to chat a lot before 12 exams time asa they have prep holidays and nandu has started falling for more and more for his attitude…. Manik behaves as he is a big monster…psycho but under the mask of his stupid and irritating attitude she knows that there is heart which is so pure and soft..

May be he is bit rude and crack but he is always genuine and pure hearted person.

Credit to: ss sharma

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  1. lovely episode

  2. As i say she is very pure at heart yaar… because max of persons dont like these type of monsters….. i like nandu

    1. yes she is soo pure… and u will later see the real possessive monster manik during their relation ship wait and watch.. hehehe

  3. Great going dear ! Go ahead..

  4. Grttt fff luvv it

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