MaNan ~ To Infinity And Beyond (PART 1)


High School days,


All are of class 9..

Expect navya she is 1 yr younger she comes later into our story..

Summer Vacation is over and all are back to school.

Nandu was cute sweet girl who is adored by every one.. she really had a long and beautiful hair which is up to her waist till her summer vacation.Now she got a new hair cut which is only till her shoulders All the students and staff were like hey dat u only? Why did u cut ur hair we love ur hair and dat..

all the poeple were been introduced to each other in the new class as many people have newly joined so here comes our monster manik he is new joining to the school..cabir raj harshad and arya were gud frnds frm previous year only..

A tall guy with thick curly hair entered the class he was very thin and tall.. all the girIs in class were laughing on his height nd wieght but only one girl thought there is something special in him…his eyes were looking so beautiful to her even tru his nerdy glasses.. Nd she ignored him nd was back into her senses and started listening to class.. and ya she is our Nandini.

This guy thought who is this little girl with such a cute hair cut.

After some days manik also joined with the cabir batch…

The manik batch which has cabir raj harshad aryaman nd druv were now very gud friends. they are enjoying there lifes and were happy with each others company…

They used to do all silly things… they used to like english mam…. they used to play around the school bunking the classes and soon our darling cabir started to like one girl called aliya.. (Nandu aliya raj and cabir were class mates in 8th… the evil twins were in other sec Nandu and aliya were bench mates nd not to close but frnds and raj nd cabir wer gud frnds ) Soon after some days aliya and cabir were in relation ship and it was known only to the boys batch.. Our nandu just speaks casually with cabir raj nd druv but she never spoke to manik in her schooling.. Soon after 10th was finished every one joined different schools for 11 and 12..

Nandini was in one school, cabir shifted to pune and all others have joined one school.

Credit to: ss sharma

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