Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 9: The Planning)

It was 10 in the night as Manik gathered all his friends in a separate room letting Nandini rest in her room, and as he told them everything, they had shock on their faces. “Do you know what it means? It means Anjali is really back and Nandini wasn’t hallucinating, she entered her body,” Navya told them worriedly. “We should ask some Tantric,” suggested Cabir. “Hmm, I guess this is the only way,” Manik replied. “What if Anjali is here and eavesdropping on our conversation?,” asked Soha who was scared the most of ghosts. “I am thinking the same,” Alia said.

“If she was here, this room’s temperature might’ve dropped by now,” Mukti said assuring them. “I told you guys, Mukti is fond of spirits,” Dhruv joked and Mukti threw a pillow at him. “I second you bro,” Cabir replied giggling a little. “OK enough fun guys, where will we find Tantric?,” Manik asked out of curiosity. “In the temples, we know you never believed this paranormal stuff but now we’ll have to get ourselves into this for Nandini,” Navya said. They agreed and joined hands. Meanwhile in Nandini’s room, Nandini was sleeping peacefully but her sleep got disturbed by the constant opening and shutting of the window.

As she opened her eyes, her head ached badly. She saw a girl standing near her, the tube light started blinking and she screamed loudly seeing Anjali which caused everyone to rush to her. But as they reached the entrance, Anjali froze them on their places. She bent to Nandini and whispered, “your body is mine from day.” Nandini got shocked and she got possessed by her again. Her eyes became red. “You worry for this Nandini a lot right?,” she asked them, they were shocked at the scenario. Nandini/Anjali crawled on all fours and fell from the bed.

“Nandini!,” Manik screamed. “Shout, shout as much as you want, but today, I won’t leave Nandini,” she spoke in her ghostly voice and dug her nails in Nandini’s neck scratching it so much that blood oozed out of it. Manik got tears seeing her condition. “Say Nandini’s name again and I will chop her head off her body,” Anjali warned. “Anjali no,” Manik shouted. “Say my name again,” Anjali said. “Anjali,” he said lovingly trying to keep her from harming his Nandini. “Anjali, come to me,” he said reaching out his hand towards her.

She smiled and stood up and held Manik’s hand while everyone looked on. He could move and he took her out of that room climbing down the spiral staircase while Anjali was on cloud nine. They reach downstairs and went towards the temple. He pushed her inside the temple and she left her body screaming and Nandini fainted in Manik’s arms. With this, everyone could move. He picked her in his arms and took her upstairs to her room and made her sleep. Next day, at night, the Tantric arrived and Nandini was possessed by Anjali and because of this, she was locked in the room.

They went to her room with tantric and unlocked the door. On hearing the sound, she turned to them and they threw a large white bedsheet on her after tying her to the bed. The lights were switched off and all the photoframes and the things made of glass were concealed so that she escapes and can’t possess the glass items. “Light fire and burn all the spirit’s things in it,” he instructed and Anjali got angry and screamed pulling the bed in air along with her. She broke the ropes and the bed came down. She stood on the bed and jumped on Manik with her face hidden and her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

He got startled and she lifted her face and looked in his eyes. “I will go taking Nandini with me, understand!,” she shouted on him and he shook as if current was passing through his body. “Is there any other way? She’s very harmful,” said Soha. “We’ll have to call someone’s spirit to who she’ll listen, it can be a living person too,” said tantric and Manik got an idea. He held her waist and eyed her lovingly. “Anjali, I want to talk to you,” said Manik very lovingly.

“Say, do you love me?,” she asked. “Yes Anjali, I love you, I don’t feel good seeing you yearning, you want me? Fine I will come with you,” he said and she smiled. “Come soon,” she said and kissed him and with this, she left Nandini’s body and he felt her grip loosen. He held her and hugged her. “Guys. I will have to do death drama so that she leaves us,” Manik told them. “It can be dangerous,” Navya said. “I am ready to face every danger for the sake of my wife,” he said and laid her on the bed kissing her forehead covering her and made her wear holy necklace.

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  1. Very nice i was silent reader this ff is nice..pls dont end it but if you end it pls came back with new ff of manan and pls make it scary ff

    1. Salley145

      Its not ending but a new ff is coming

  2. NYC one.. so is dis coming to an end

  3. very gripping. r u going to end this one? if yes a new one will b gud. but this ff is going amazingly well

    1. Salley145

      No m not ending this one

  4. This episode was really nice. … loved it. .. and about a new ff who won’t want one?? Update soon. .. take care ? ?


  6. Dry dear… Wasn’t able 2commnt on ur last updates….. D story is going fabbbbbbb outstanding…. Poor Manik nd Nandu….. Kya hoga…. And ever ready for manan ff…. Plzzz continue….. Dis nd d new 1 too…. Will b waiting and t c… ??????

  7. nyc one some more twist nd turns plzzz

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