Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 8-The Possession)

Manik breaks the door of the store room and seeing this, Anjali gets angry. “Manikkk, you won’t get Nandini,” shouted Anjali at the top of her lungs but he paid no heed to her and went to Nandini, he picked her in his arms and ran out of the house and laid her inside the car. Soha sat inside the car at backseat. He drove towards the hospital in high speed. Anjali gets really angry as the others go in the other car. She runs outside but gets troubled by the sunlight, she felt as if she will burn.

She disappears. Manik with others reach hospital. “Nurse! Nurse!,” he shouted restlessly. The nurses came with stretcher and he laid her on it. She is taken into the operation theatre and Manik sits on the bench with restlessness clearly visible on his face. “Manik calm down, she will be fine,” Cabir says sitting beside her. “I don’t understand how it happened? Was she right about Anjali’s comeback? How can a dead person come back? I don’t believe it,” he says with tears rolling down his cheeks. “Manik it happens, ghosts exist, and Anjali has become one of them,” Navya says raising her eyebrows.

“I believe you partially, right now I just care about Nandini, I want her fine at any cost,” he says leaning to the wall behind the bench. “Relax Manik, she will be fine,” Alia says keeping his hand on his shoulder. “I hope so,” he says staring at the ceiling and gets Nyonika’s call. He receives it. “Hallo mom,” he says. “Hallo Mani, is something wrong? I feel so,” Nyonika says over the phone worriedly. “Mom, Nandini accidentally got trapped in fire, she was lighting diya and the matchstick dropped from her hand, she’s in hospital,” tells Manik.

“Which hospital?,” Nyonika asks. “City Hospital,” he says and she disconnects the call saying she’s coming. After one long hour of surgery, doctor comes out and Manik rushes to him. “Doctor how’s she?,” he asks. “She has just got one burn on her foot, she will be conscious in sometime,” doctor tells and everyone haves a sigh of relief. He prescribes some medicines and Cabir went to buy them. “Thank you doctor, can we meet her?” Manik asks and he nods. They go inside and Manik sits by her side. He holds her hand. “Once you gain senses, I won’t leave Anjali, the stain on sister’s name,” Manik says angrily gritting his teeth.

“Relax buddy, Nandini didn’t got much burns and you should thank God for that,” Dhruv says trying to calm him. Nandini gains her senses coughing a little. “Nanz,” Manik says happily. She opens her eyes and he smiles. “How’s you?,” Manik asks. “Fine,” she says. He kisses her forehead. “I was really tensed,” he says holding her hand. “I am really fine, I am sleepy” she says in weak voice and he caresses her hair, everyone smiles seeing the lovey dovey couple. She dozes off to sleep.

Next day, everyone brings Nandini home and makes her rest. Manik sits by her side and cares for her, Anjali sees this and gets angry. Later that day, after lunch and some chit chat, Nandini goes to her room and sees a doll on her bed, the same doll in which Anjali transformed earlier. Below the doll’s hands was a chit as if it was kept for her, she picks it up and unfolds it. It read, “Dear Nandini, as you already know this rivalry between us is going on from even before my death, you killed me, you took my life, I hate you, don’t think I will go, I will be here, we promised to stay together forever right? Let’s fulfill it…Anjali.”

She sits on the bed and hugs the doll. “It’s not that I don’t miss you and that I didn’t remember you, I still miss you whenever I am alone in my every work, I don’t know what to do,” she says to herself and goes to the cupboard and opens it, she’s sees many framed photographs of her and Anjali and nails them to every wall. “So what if we couldn’t fulfill our promise, I will also die one day and come to you,” Nandini says looking at the photographs.

At night, Nandini comes to her room and sees a girl looking out of the window, her hair were blowing vigorously. She shrieks. “Who are you?,” she asks and as the girl turns to her, Nandini screams as she gets the view of her face and falls on the floor unconscious. The girl is revealed to be Anjali who have gained ghostly features, white skin, the white part of her eyes became red, she had a sinister smile. Manik comes there hearing her scream.

On seeing her unconscious, he lifted her in his arms and put her on the bed. “What happened that she screamed?,” he said to himself confused. He couldn’t see Anjali. She goes to Manik from back and tries to hug him but can’t touch him, her hands passed through his body. She gets angry. “I will possess Nandini to get closer to him,” she says and floats in the air going towards her, strong winds starts blowing and window keeps on opening and shutting. She gets successful in entering her body, Nandini/Anjali opens her eyes and utters a ghostly cry.

Manik gets away from her standing up from the bed, she sits up and comes to the edge of bed by crawling, her hand reaches out for him, she cries trying to reach him, her eyes were white and her skin also white. He gets worried and goes to her. “Nandini what happen? Why are you crying?,” asks Manik unaware of the possession and she gets angry and floats in the air in a way her front faced the bed and back faced the roof, she draws her face closer to his face. “Shut up! All you care about is Nandini, find the truth, she killed me! She killed meeeee!,” she shouts loudly and falls on the bed as Anjali leaves her body, he gets confused on what just happened and decides to tell his friends.

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