Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 6-I Am Here)

Nandini’s body shook harshly and she sat up on the bed with a jolt clutching the quilt tightly, sweat formed on her forehead and expression of fear clearly visible on her face. “What was this? Will she really kill me?,” she said and looked around the room to make sure she’s not there. “Relax Nandini, it was just a nightmare, relax,” she said to herself and laid down to sleep again. Next morning, she woke up late and heard many noises from downstairs, she freshened up and went downstairs. “You all came?,” said Nandini as she saw two young men and four girls on the table.

A man among them wore a visor which hid his eyes and he wore a yellow hoodie with blue jeans, he was Dhruv. Another man wore a plain white teeshirt with black jeans, he was Cabir. A girl among them had straight black hair that reached her waist and her clothes were more like a fashion diva, she was Aalia. Another girl wore a crop top and shorts with slightly red hair, she was Mukti. Other was wearing a kurti and jeans with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she was Navya and one was a girl with brown long hair, she wore a knee length dress she was Soha.

“Yes bhabhi, finally we came, have a seat,” Cabir said while eating and she sat between Soha and Manik. “Nandini, we heard you are having visions of Anjali,” Mukti said raising her eyebrows. “Souls do come,” Navya said. “I second you,” Soha said supporting her. “Let’s play Ouija today,” said Cabir. “Yes, we’ll see who comes,” said Manik. “Guys please, if you don’t believe me, then don’t,” she said angrily. “Nanz we believe you yaar,” said Soha placing her hand on her shoulder.

“Thanks, but I won’t play Ouija,” she said. “If you play, maybe we can get to know Anjali’s purpose,” said Navya. “What will be the use of all this?,” asked Nandini. “She will be in peace,” said Manik after being quiet for a long time. “OK, after you return, then we’ll play,” she said and all were finished with their breakfast. Nandini went to her room and when she reached the entrance, she couldn’t move at all, her feet were glued to the floor, her voice didn’t come out. Just then she felt an icy cold grip on her palm.

“Nandini, you love me no?,” asked a voice and she immediately recognized it’s Anjali. “Remember your today’s punishment? I cancelled it, I can’t do that to you, because you are my sister, but what about the thing you did to me? I increased the punishment, I will capture your body and then go to Manik,” she said and before Nandini could reply she came towards her but unfortunately she couldn’t enter her body, she felt a current and fell. “You forgot I always keep this Ayyappa’s locket around my neck, you can’t do anything,” Nandini said smilingly.

Anjali got angry and forwarded her hand towards the sacred locket and screamed and felt she would burn right there. She disappeared and Nandini could also move now, she stayed back with her friends when Manik went and didn’t dare to utter anything about what happened. Later that day, everyone were set to play Ouija. “How to play it?,” Manik asked them. “It’s simple, we light the candles and make our mood, we set our finger stiffly in the planchette, we have to be patient for the soul to arrive and be careful with our questions, and in the end we say goodbye,” explained Navya. “But first let’s pray.” They all close their eyes and pray. After sometime, they place their finger in the planchette moving it to centre. “Anjali are you there?,” Navya asked but the planchette didn’t move. “Anjali are you there?,” she asked again and the planchette moved a little in the centre, it moved to the letters which said I am here.

(A/N: hey guys, I read everyone’s comments, I understand u all love Manan but its a horror ff and the ghost won’t go so easily, I showed this story like the film “alone”, but don’t worry, Nandini is safe, she’s main and she can’t die, trust me I won’t do this…hope u r enjoying)

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