Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 7- The Doll And The Fire)

(A/N: guys if u all want Anjali to go then this ff will also end…because it’s horror ff and without a ghost, what will I write? Have some patience, she can win temporarily but can permanently.. Happy reading ..I hope m not rude)
“Anjali, why are you after Nandini?,” asked Navya trying to be polite but no reply came. She asked again and the planchette started moving faster and faster trying to escape, they immediately moved it to goodbye and folded the board. “Leave it guys, I don’t want that you get troubled, please drop it,” said Nandini with a pleading voice. “Nandu we all want to protect you, she’s trying to come between you and Manik,” warned Soha. “If you don’t want then we also don’t want,” said Aalia. “Yes just leave it,” Manik said and no one noticed the pen writing something on a chit on it’s own and going back to it’s place.

“You all must be tired, you should sleep,” said Nandini and they all went from there. Manik lays down to sleep and he dozed off immediately. She saw a new chit on the bedside table and picked it up. “Why are you putting yourself in problem just to be with Manik? Care about yourself sissy, I don’t want to punish you and you’re forcing me to become bad, when we did everything together in childhood and promised to be together forever, I m the one who remember the promise, look I m still with you, you miss me right? Meet me at the terrace at 12:00 am. Anjali.”

“Ayyappa please be there,” she prayed. Later at 12:00 am, she went to terrace and saw Anjali sitting on the railing. She slowly went and stood beside her. “Anjali,” she said slowly and she turned to her, Nandini startled as she didn’t had eyes and just sockets. She was horrified, she ran from there as fast as she could to her room. To her shock, she was on her bed too. She screamed and ran from there downstairs through the spiral staircase.

She stopped in the middle as she saw Anjali on the railing, her head spun towards her and Nandini ran upstairs. Anjali appeared near her feet and pulled her foot due to which she fell and rolled down the long spiral staircase and screamed loudly. She fell on the floor with a thud and got injured on her forehead and knees. She tried getting up but fainted. Anjali had an evil laugh and dragged her body to the store room and tied it with a chair and transformed into Nandini and walked upstairs. She went to her and Nandini’s room which was now MaNan’s room and laid beside Manik.

She got closer to him and cuddled with him. Manik too cuddled with her. Next morning, Mukti was walking downstairs and when she finally got down. She saw blood on the floor and got scared and called everyone. All came out rubbing their eyes and Anjali too came. “There’s blood on the floor,” shrieked Mukti. Anjali disappeared the blood. “There’s no blood,” she said and Mukti got shocked. “I will make food, you all settle down,” Anjali said and went to kitchen.

She made the food ready and gave it to everyone. “I need to go to the store room, my book is over there,” she said excusing herself and went to store room. “Nandu Nandu Nandu, ready for your end dear?,” she said to unconscious Nandini and was about to touch her but she woke up. Holy crap. Anjali thought and shut her mouth. “What to do of you?,” Anjali said angrily and smiled getting an idea. “Right now you go but I will follow you,” she said and untied her. She disappeared her wound and transformed into a doll. “Pick me up and tell them you were finding this doll,” said Anjali and Nandini picked the doll/Anjali. She went outside and did as she was told. “This is Anjali’s doll,” said Soha. “I miss my sister so I took it,” she said and hugged the doll pretending it’s just a doll. “I will come after keeping it,” she said and went to her room. She started crying collapsing on the floor with the doll/Anjali still in her hands. “Anjali, look please don’t do this to me, I m your sister,” she said to Anjali who was in her arms in a form of doll.

She got out of her arms and transformed into her real form. “Just you are my sister? I am not your sister? Great,” she said angrily. “Anjali please, I will not share Manik with you,” Nandini said while crying. “I wanted to live and you killed me, I won’t harm you now, I will harm Manik, if he can’t be mine, he can’t be yours too,” said Anjali. “No,” Nandini said and Anjali held her face tightly. “So get ready to be harmed,” she said and disappeared. Suddenly Nandini felt pulled and screamed. Everyone followed her but Anjali dragged her to the store room and closed the door. Anjali set the room on fire. “Nandini!,” Manik shouted. “Don’t come inside!,” Nandini shouted back and the fire caught her clothes and she started screaming and fainted.

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