Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 13: The End)

Nandini ran out of the washroom and out of the Malhotra Mansion too. Everyone stared at her as there was blood everywhere on her clothes but she continued running. As she reached Moorthy Mansion,she went to her room by the pipeline. “Is she my sister or my enemy?,” she said angrily and went to her cupboard to look for clothes. Her phone rang and there was a female singing voice on the phone. “Luk chhip luk chhip jao na, luk chhip luk chhip jao na, aise chhup chhup mujhe satao na, aise chhup chhup mujhe satao na, o mere nanhe munne pyaare pyaare raja, o mere nanhe munne pyaare pyaare raja, aao mere galay lag jao na, alay aao na, luk chhip luk chhip jao na, aray aao na.”

The last three words came out in ghostly voice and this made Nandini angry. “Hi Anjali, from when did you started liking hide and seek? Look now I don’t love you and you also can’t scare me,” she said angrily wearing her Ayyappa locket. “Save Manik, save Manik, save Manik,” she replied and the line went off. She called Manik but his phone was unreachable. She changed her clothes quickly.

She went downstairs out of Moorthy Mansion and sat on her scooty driving off to Manik’s office. As soon as she reached there, she ran to Manik’s cabin and barged inside. “Manik!,” she said panting heavily. Manik came to her and hugged her. “Manik you ok?,” she asked. “Yes I am ok, but what happened?,” he asked. She told everything and he got annoyed. “Why is this witch not going?,” he said angrily. “Manik, let’s burn that house, let’s burn everything of Anjali,” she suggested. “Come,” he said and they went to Moorthy Mansion. Everyone were awake by now.

They asked them to go to his house by his car and they went. Nandini gathered everything of Anjali and put kerosene in the house everywhere. They lit the matchstick and burnt the house. Just when they were about to exit the house, Anjali appeared there. She had possessed her own body, her blue veins were visible everywhere on her body. She held Manik’s collar and pulled him close. Nandini held his hand. “If you can’t be mine, you can’t be hers too,” Anjali said and pushed Manik on floor hurting him, Nandini sat on the floor and on seeing him hurt, she looked at Anjali angrily.

She was about to come near Manik but Nandini kicked her feet making her fall and wiped Manik’s wound. Manik sat up slowly and Anjali tried to hold Nandini’s arm but fell back getting current because she had Ayyappa’s necklace. She held Manik’s neck making him suffocate. “Today I won’t leave you Manik, you kept betraying me,” she said in a ghostly voice and Nandini pulled her away. “You can kill me, I will see till when you will live here in this world,” Nandini said. Anjali screamed loudly in a deafening voice and she fell.

“Anjali, I will come with you,” Nandini said standing up and Manik stopped her. “Nandini no, you can’t leave, she’s a devil, don’t go with her, she’s your enemy,” Manik said but she went to Anjali and held her ice cold hand in her hand throwing away Ayyappa’s necklace. They both walked towards the fire in the house. “Nandini!,” Manik screamed but Nandini just glanced at him and as they approached the fire, Nandini threw Anjali in the fire that burnt her walking dead body and she screamed as her soul also got burnt which caused her to disappear from the world forever.

Anjali roared painfully while Nandini went to Manik and they hugged each other. “I won’t die leaving you alone Manik, I will die with you, I love you Manik,” she said and he hugged her back. “I love you too, I thought you’re leaving me,” Manik said. “We’ll be together forever,” Nandini said and they ran out of the house before the fire burnt them. Everyone do Shanti Pooja of Anjali’s soul and Nandini still missed her sister even after knowing her real side, sister is sister.

The End.

(A/N: hey guys, this ended really soon right? Didn’t had ideas so ended it right away. Do anyone of you want twins ff on this serial?)

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  1. raji-tamil magal

    u r a good witer.. whatever u write ill read:-)

  2. raji-tamil magal

    you are a good witer.. whatever u write ill read:-)

  3. Amazing. Very nice. It was a gud end.

  4. Wow. .So u ended it….It was totally a terrible ghost story…Anjalis portrayal was gud

  5. simply osm…

  6. Abeeha

    It’s literally amazing you are a great artist salley just rock

    1. Salley145

      Check out Manan ff: love diaries, it is related to this fanfiction

      1. Abeeha

        Yeah I did

  7. Ohhhh so it’s end…. Fantastic ending Nd olso d story…. Too good… Love it. ??…way a writer u r…. T c dear.

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