Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 12: Hide And Seek )

Nandini stumbled many steps back and collided with the cupboard behind her realizing that Manik who was sleeping with her on the bed wasn’t the real Manik but the one on the floor was real. It was actually Anjali who was sleeping with her. She transformed in her real form and came towards Nandini. “Go away,” she shouted but Anjali kept on coming closer to her while she pinned herself to the cupboard. “Manik isn’t dead, he’s here, he did a death drama with me, and you also did the same. Never expected that my sister will betray me,” Anjali said angrily.

Nandini got angry. “You’re not my sister, you’re my worst enemy, you never loved me, you just faked it,” Nandini shouted at her. “When did you made an example of trust and love? You’re also a betrayer,” Anjali replied. Manik moved in his sleep and woke up rubbing his eyes. He sat up and on seeing Anjali, he got worried. “You’re that, stupid idiot,” Nandini shouted. Anjali turned her back towards her and laughed. Manik got up and took Nandini inside the cupboard and both hid inside while she wasn’t looking. “Shhh, don’t speak,” Manik said to Nandini.

“You’re a very bad sister Nandini,” Anjali said turning but got shocked on not seeing her there. Fat tears rolled down Nandini’s cheek hearing her harsh words and she sobbed. Manik was holding the back of her head with a finger on her lips. He wiped her tears and palmed her mouth. “Don’t cry, for who are you crying? For this devil? Don’t waste your emotions on her, be careful. She’ll hear us, don’t make noise,” he said cupping her cheeks. “Nandini!,” Anjali screamed and Nandini startled. “Don’t worry, I am here, she can’t harm you,” he said comforting her.

Anjali saw that Manik is also not there, she looked for them in washroom and Manik and Nandini got out of the cupboard and ran out of the room. They ran down the staircase and out of the house. They sat on Nandini’s scooty and rode away towards Malhotra Mansion. “What if she comes there too?,” Nandini asked worriedly sitting at the back. “She don’t knows that place,” Manik told her and stopped at the gate of the mansion after a ride of fifteen minutes. They went inside, Manik had the key. He unlocked the door and went inside.

“Let’s have a nap,” Nandini said sleepily. “OK,” he replied and she sat on the bed and laid down. She immediately slept. “You betrayed me again? I won’t leave you, I will kill you,” said Anjali. She woke up from the dream shouting loudly. Manik too woke up and palmed her mouth and she panicked even more. “It’s me, don’t worry, drink water,” he said and gave her water. She drank it and gave the glass back to him. “Manik, why does Anjali do like this with me? I am still her sister, she suicided by her wish so what’s my fault in it?,” she said out of fear.

“Nandini, first of all it’s good you accepted it’s not your fault and secondly, you should know that she’s no more your sister or the little girl with who you grew up and promised to be together, she’s not the same Anjali who loved you, she hates you, and the one who hates you, why are you wasting your emotions on her? Only you can free yourself from this problem. Get this out of your mind that she’s your sister, no, she’s your enemy Nandini,” Manik tried his best to make her understand.

She started crying. “My sister hates me, I gave her so much love and she..,” she said cryingly and Manik held her hand and hugged her. “I understand, don’t get stressed, forget the past, move on, and let’s find another way to get rid of her, OK?,” he said. “OK,” she said and he kissed her forehead and laid her to sleep and he too slept. She clutched the blanket tight and tears rolled down her cheeks, she hugged the blanket tighter and tighter as she cried recalling the good moments with Anjali and also what she did after they shifted to Moorthy Mansion.

She cried herself to sleep and didn’t knew when she slept. The next time she woke up was at 11 in the morning. Her face was drenched in sweat and dried tears. She went to washroom and washed her face. She was wiping her face with towel when she heard a female singing voice. “Luk chhip luk chhip jao na,Luk chhip luk chhip jao na,Aise chhup chhup mujhe satao na,Aise chhup chhup mujhe satao na,O mere nanhe munne pyare pyare raja,O mere nanhe munne pyare pyare raja,Aao mere gale lag jao na aley ao na,Luk chhip luk chhip jao na arey aao na,” sung the voice.

She wondered who’s singing in this childish voice, just then her gaze went towards the mirror and she saw little Anjali’s reflection in the mirror instead of her reflection. She was the one who was singing. She extended her arms towards her outside the mirror, she screamed and ran to the door but she came there as well floating in the air. Nandini screamed again and stumbled back falling in the bathtub. Just when she was about to get out of it, water started running from its faucets.

Anjali came to her in her real form and pushed her face down in bathtub, she started coughing and pushed her. “Move away,” she shouted and got out dripping wet and ran to the door. Anjali came to her and palmed her mouth. “You can’t run by me,” she said in a ghostly voice. Nandini’s hands reached for the glass bottle of perfume and broke it. She held Anjali’s wrists and stabbed her multiple times and then she stabbed her eyes letting her thick blood splatter all over her. She was free of her grip. Anjali disappeared from there after getting troubled from Nandini.

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