Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 11: Death Drama)

Manik got up from the bed realizing that Nandini is possessed. She had white eyes and head tilted at him. She clutched the wedlock Nandini was wearing and pulled it out of her neck. She crawled on the bed in super fast speed and stood on the floor. “Today you’ll be mine, I will break this relationship,” she said in ghostly voice and went towards the small temple in the room and Manik ran to her and held her wrist tightly. “You won’t do this,” he said angrily. “No you’re mine and this Nandini is coming in between us,” she said in her thick voice.

She tried going towards the flame but he didn’t let her go. He tried his level best not to leave her and then he recalled the idea they decided to throw Anjali out of their lives. Death drama. That’s what they decided, now was the time to execute their plan. He pulled her back towards him and she banged in his chest. He held her other wrist as well. “If you’re dead, what’s my need in this world? I promised you to come to you soon right? I will fulfill it,” he said lovingly.

Inside he was so angry that he wanted to rip Anjali’s soul but he was helpless and the drama was the only way to get rid of her. “But when?,” she asked. “Right now,” he said and pulled her out of the room with him. His friends had a thoughtful face. He signed with his eyes and they understood. He came to the exit of the house with her. “I have a condition, you’ll have to leave Nandini’s body if you want me to come to you,” he said and she agreed and left her body and Manik picked her in his arms.

“Why are you taking her?,” Anjali asked. “I want to kill her, because she promised you to be with you forever, so we both should die,” he told her and made her sit on the front seat and he sat on driving seat. “Will come soon,” he said and drove away in high speed. After covering many kilometers he came towards a cliff and was all prepared. He took Nandini in his lap and drove towards the cliff,his door was opened. Just when the car was about to fall off the cliff, he jumped out along with Nandini and the car went down.

He laid there on a muddy spot with Nandini in his arms. He stood up picking her and ran from there so that Anjali couldn’t see them. He went inside the nearby temple and sat in front of the idol. “Bhagwan ji please protect us, give peace to Anjali and to us too, I don’t want my Nandini to suffer, only my family is the way of survival for her,” he prayed and kissed Nandini’s forehead. He made her wear the sacred locket and wedlock also. “No one can break us apart,” he promised.

He phoned his friends and told that they’re safe but don’t know anything about Anjali. When he was done with informing them, he went to a Pandit and told the whole matter. He gave him two threads to tie it on their door so that the soul can’t come back. He tied the threads and everyone were told to wear sacred lockets round their neck because they didn’t knew if Anjali has gone or not. One night, Manik was sitting on his study table thinking something. He felt as if someone else is also there with him besides Nandini.

He looked around but found no one. He slept and then woke up around 3am, he was about to sit up and his body tightened up. He felt his hands entwined with someone and that someone was on top of him as he felt a huge weight on him. It was darkness and he couldn’t see anything. That is what sucked about darkness that anything could hide in it. He moved his head left and right, his body wasn’t moving at all. Just then he felt warm breathe on his face. “I love you, liar, you’re still with her, I was about to go but stopped.”

This was what the voice said and it seemed as if it came from grave, it was a combination of voices, unrecognizable voices. He felt his body was normal again and he woke up with a jolt and switched on the light. A hand reached out for him which went unnoticed by him. The hand held his leg and it was pulling him. He tried his level best not to be pulled. He was thinking how to get rid of this grip. Just then he saw Ayyappa’s locket on Nandini’s neck and touched it. The hand disappeared.

He slept again switching off the light only after reciting some verses of Hanuman Chalisa. Nandini woke up in the morning, she was sleeping facing the wall and noticed that the snores weren’t of Manik. She didn’t wanted to look what it was but when this happens, a part of your brain forces you to look at it and your curiosity level increases. Same happened with Nandini. She got curious and slowly tossed her aching body towards the other end of the bed and it was Manik only. She sat up and went to the washroom to freshen up.

Nandini came out of washroom and went towards Manik. “Maanu, baby wake up, you have to go office,” she said shaking him. She continued shaking him but stopped as her feet touched a clothe. She looked down at her feet. There Manik was, sleeping on the floor. “Then who’s that?,” she said to herself. She froze on her place. She was in a shock. The person on the bed started moving and she looked on. He woke up and smiled evilly at her, his face kept on swapping with Anjali again and again. Nandini stumbled many steps back until her back collided with the cupboard behind her.

PS: next chapter is not ready, I need ideas

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  2. This episode was really good. .. i loved it. .. update soon. …?

  3. Well I’m a silent reader bt today as I read the beginning I thought like noe anjali will not come back bt again she is I think with more powers….well must say..nice turn and ya if u aren’t decide wht will be nxt so it’s a request tht just don’t give so much pain to manan n plzzz…..

  4. It was realllllly goood ……moves by Manik……bt again omggggg …wat will happen….waitng..t c dear.

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