Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chp 10: How Anjali died?)

Manik and Nandini were sitting together, she was tensed after Manik told her everything. She was resting her head against his shoulder. He was holding her hand in his hand. Constant tears were rolling down her cheeks. “Nandini, why did she say that you killed her?,” Manik asked. More tears rolled down. “I will tell you everything Manik,” said Nandini. In the past, when Nandini and Anjali were of 17 years old, they were sitting together as their usual routine, they did everything together though they weren’t conjoined twins. Their bodies were separated at birth. Nandini received Manik’s phone call.

She immediately received it and Anjali had jealousy clearly visible on her face. “Keep the phone on speaker,” she said and Nandini just smiled at her and asked her to wait until she finishes talking and that she will let her talk too. Nandini didn’t knew about their common attraction. She just thought her sister takes Manik as a good friend just like him. “Come soon, land safely, love you,” said Nandini over the phone and this rose Anjali’s jealousy even more. “Let me also talk,” Anjali said and she gave her the phone immediately smiling at her sister.

Soon the phone call ended and there was an awkward silence between the sisters. Anjali had a sad face, her head hung down low and Nandini kept her head on her shoulder with her arms wrapped around her. She was smiling and for sometime she didn’t notice her sister’s sadness but when she did, Anjali was more than upset. “What happened? I let you talk, why are you upset now?,” Nandini asked making her look at her. “I want to tell something,” Anjali replied still looking down. “Why does Manik always come to you and not me? Am I bad?,” Anjali asked.

“No, you’re great, beautiful, cute,” Nandini said trying to cheer her up, she really meant it. “I want Manik to come to me and not to you,” Anjali said. “He comes to you just like me, what do you exactly mean? I don’t understand,” Nandini asked. “I love Manik as well,” Anjali confessed finally leaving Nandini shocked. “What?,” she asked in shock. “You’ve heard right,” Anjali said. “But he loves me,” Nandini said. “I want to become you,” said Anjali. “I can’t do that Anjali, if not Manik then you’ll get someone else, he’ll love you more than Manik loves me,” Nandini said.

“He loves me Nandini, I want him, and if you love me more than him, you’ll sacrifice Manik for me,” Anjali said losing her cool. “What are you saying? I love you more than him, I really do but I can’t do this,” Nandini said. “Why?,” Anjali asked angrily. “Because I love Manik and I can’t betray him, you can confirm it with him and let him choose between us,” Nandini said. “Call him and ask, and put the phone on speaker,” Anjali said and she did so but the call didn’t reach as he had already boarded his flight.

Nandini put down the phone in disappointment. “Anjali, if he would’ve loved you, I would’ve never refused to sacrifice for you,” Nandini said holding her face while crying. “Why? Why does he loves you? Why not me?,” Anjali now stood up from the bed jerking her hands away shouting. “Don’t be sad angel,” Nandini said with love trying to calm down her anger, she always called her angel by love and Anjali called her Nandu. “I am not your angel,” Anjali said angrily and broke the vase on the floor. “Anjali you’ll get hurt,” Nandini said.

“Let me get hurt, I will die rather than living such life where I have to see my Manik loving someone else in front of my eyes,” Anjali replied and picked up a piece of broken vase. Nandini stood up to stop her and she was barefoot as well. Anjali put the piece on her own neck, Nandini got hurt on her feet in an attempt to stop her but continued trying. She held her hand trying to move it away but that injured her neck even more. “Anjali!,” Nandini screamed as she slit her both wrists and the next moment, she collapsed on the floor.

“Anjali!,” Nandini screamed in tears and screamed for her mother. She came and got shocked seeing Anjali dead while Nandini continued crying and told the whole matter to her. She took her head in her hand looking at her sister cryingly and couldn’t believe she was dead. Their mother buried Anjali in the back garden of their house and her corpse was still there till the present day. When Manik came back, she didn’t told him how she died, he didn’t ask because he didn’t wanted to hurt her. From that day, Nandini lived in a guilt that she couldn’t stop her sister.

Her soul kept wandering within the house after Nandini got married to Manik. Back to present, after telling everything to Manik, he could sense the sadness in her. He hugged her tightly and she cried loudly in his arms. Suddenly he felt strong air blow past them and that she was digging her nails in his back. He parted away from her and he got fearful looking at her face as she was possessed again, he got down the bed and her eyes turned completely white, she was looking at him with her head tilted.

(A/N: so Nandu didn’t kill her angel(Anjali), it was she who suicided…many of u might’ve thought I must’ve copied the same thing of Alone, but I got to show my own creativity… Did u like it?….new story’s promo will be given today…name will be Manan ff: Humdard)

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