Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chapter 5- The Threat)

Nandini is confused as to why he called her a ghost? Then it hit her, that day when Anjali came to the office, she might’ve done something. She decides to talk to her later and goes to Manik’s cabin. Anjali secretly keeps an eye on them. “Manik, I want to tell you something,” Nandini says sitting in front of him. “Say,” Manik replied looking at the computer screen. “Anjali has come back,” Nandini says. “What Nandini? Here we go again, there is nothing like ghosts, grow up,” he says. “Oh so it means I am lying? I will give you a proof,” she says and takes out the chits which were written by Anjali.

“Look at these,” she says and he takes the chits. “What is written in this? There’s nothing,” Manik said confusingly and she takes the chit from his hand, she was also shocked as she could see the words. “Manik, should I take you to the doctor? Don’t joke,” she says angrily and he stands up and comes near her. “What’s written?,” he asks. She reads it and he asks her to show him. He again can’t see the words. “It’s nothing written, it’s your imagination Nandini.”

He continues with his work. Nandini is confused. “I will just come,” she says and runs out of the cabin. Anjali smiles and disappears. Nandini goes to washroom and washes her face. “What’s happening? Why can’t he see what’s written on the chits?,” she says to herself. She was walking out but just then words in blood started appearing on the mirror. “I told you he’s mine and telling him won’t work, he couldn’t see the words because the words written on the chits are written for you and not for him, so it won’t work, Anjali.” She goes from there.

“Ayyappa, you know how much I love Anjali and whatever happened with her wasn’t intentional but accidental, please help me,” she says while walking back to Manik’s cabin and barges in as he always told her that she can come without permission. She was really bored sitting there doing nothing so she slept on the comfortable chair. Later, it was time for Manik to head home. He sees Nandini sleeping and picks her in his arms and walks out of the office, he lays her on the backseat and sits on the driving seat and drives off.

Meanwhile, in the Moorthy Mansion,Anjali was swinging on a tree as she was a ghost and even if she fell, she won’t get hurt. She sees Manik’s car stopping there and leaves her grip from the tree branch and lands on her one knee. She stands up and sees Manik with Nandini in his arms taking her inside, she follows them inside and he lays Nandini on the bed covering her with a quilt. He goes to washroom to freshen up. Anjali approaches Nandini and touches her ice cold hand with her warm hand and she gets disturbed in her sleep but doesn’t wakes up.

“Nandini,” Anjali says in a ghostly voice and she gets up with a jerk curling herself in a ball as she sits in front of her sending shivers down her spine by giving her an icy touch. “Anjali, please I won’t do it again,” Nandini says out of fear. “Now you’ve done, so ready for your punishment Nandini? You will be tied in the store room tomorrow with no food at all and he will be mine for an entire day, now you can sleep,” she says and disappears. Nandini falls asleep again. Manik comes out.

He sleeps. At the middle of night, Nandini wakes up and stands at the window, she saw the little her and Anjali swinging on the swing and to her shock, they started floating in the air and hanged to the branch of the tree and started swinging laughing in a witch’s style. The little her and Anjali transformed in their present form and continued swinging on the tree. Just then icy cold hand gripped her arm and turned her. Nandini startled as it was Anjali, her eyes fully white, she gripped her wedlock and pushed her out of the window breaking the wedlock. Nandini screamed falling from the window as the cold air flew against her body. Soon her body touched the grassy floor and she got hurt on the back of her head and her elbows. She could see Anjali laughing seeing her bleeding body.

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  1. grt episode.i loved it. more manan scenes plzzz….eagerly waiting for nxt episode

  2. Feeling sad for nandini. … pls update soon. .. take care ? ? ?

  3. Aswini Durga

    Nyc one dear. Pls don’t make Anjali winning over Nandhini

  4. Ohhhh myyyy… How can sis b this…. C deserve s to b ghost… Being my name then too I don’t want to b associated with manik…. Only manan…. N e ways waiting.. T c

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