Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chapter 4- Manik Is All Yours For Today)

Nandini wakes up the next morning and her gaze directly went on the chit on the bedside table. She picks it up, it said: “You lied to Manik, good job, that calls for a reward, I won’t do so much torture to you, after all you are my sister, the reward is that you can have Manik all by yourself today, but only today, tomorrow he’s again mine, Anjali.” She rolls her eyes and holds her head. “Ayyappa, please give her wisdom that once she died, she can’t live in this world again, and a ghost can’t marry a human,” Nandini said to her Ayyappa looking up and was really irritated, she went to washroom to freshen up.

She came out wearing a white sleeveless crop top with a red long skirt, her hair were open and perfectly combed, she was looking so beautiful that no one could say she is anxious about losing Manik to her dead sister Anjali. Soon Manik too woke up. He yawned loudly and Nandini got startled. “Why are you awake?,” asked Manik. “I want to give you breakfast and secondly I also want to come to office with you, I miss you a lot when you are not with me,” she says. “But you came yesterday too, didn’t you?,” asked Manik getting confused.

”I came but today also I want to come,” she says and he agrees and goes to freshen up. “Thank God he agreed,” she says and wears her earrings and felt a cold hand on her shoulder. “Uhh,” she says not able to bear the coldness and turns, it was Anjali. “Now what?,” she asked irritated. “Don’t be so happy, only today he’s yours. I just came to remind,” says Anjali angrily and disappears. “Ayyappa, please help me,” she says joining her palms and continues with her work.

Manik comes out of washroom and gives her a surprise hug from back, she gets terrified and shouts. “Stop shouting, it’s me,” Manik says palming her mouth. “Oh, sorry,” she says looking at him from mirror. “It’s OK, let’s go for breakfast,” he says and they go downstairs hand in hand and sit beside each other. “Nandu, sit in my lap, I will make you eat today,” he says smilingly and she stands up and sits on his lap. They make each other eat and suddenly Manik kisses her lips.

“Manikkk,” she says while her lips were sealed with his lips. He continues kissing her and then he kisses her neck, his hands touched her collar bone and then travelled to her back, her hands remained on his shoulders. He holds her by her waist and kisses her forehead. She kisses his cheek while giggling. “OK now let’s go, tomato,” she says as he was wearing a red teeshirt with black jeans and black blazer. “You are also a tomato, you’re also wearing red skirt, look,” he says and they do high five while laughing. He receives a call. “Hallo,” he says over phone.

“Hey, it’s me, Cabir, how’s you and bhabhi jaan?,” Cabir asks teasingly. “Bhabhi is tomato,” Manik says winking at Nandini and she hits on his shoulder. “I was saying I am coming back from New York tomorrow morning,” Cabir tells him. “Oh, that’s good, we will have fun,” Manik says. “Yes, why not, OK I will talk later,” Cabir replies and disconnects the call. Manik and Nandini go to the exit together, this time, she didn’t felt pulled. They sat in the car and drove off. Anjali looks on from the window of her room. “Enjoy Nandu, he’s all yours today,” she says. Nandini and Manik arrived at the office and one of the peons was scared from her. “I saw a girl just like her yesterday, she and her both stood face to face talking to each other, she has some secret, oh God,” says the peon and goes from there. “Manik, I will just come,” says Nandini after a short time. She goes out of the cabin and sees the same peon. He gets scared. “What happened?,” she asks. “You are a ghost,” he replies and runs. Nandini gets confused.

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  1. Aswini Durga

    Wow very nyc

  2. dude i love tis story. but a small request yaar.please dont make any romance betwn anjali and manik. bcoz always manan forever . i dont want any anjali gingly amidst them .

  3. Nice episode …. loved it… keep going. … take care ???

  4. Well I was enjoying the story and now I see that u haven’t post the next one yet yaar! I’m eagerly waiting for it

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