Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chapter 3- Confrontation, Fight And Plan)

Nandini stopped outside Manik’s office and stepped down the scooty locking it’s handles and goes inside. Meanwhile, in Manik’s cabin, Manik had just arrived at office along with Anjali assuming her as Nandini and they both were talking and laughing. Nandini was running to his cabin and was about to knock, just then the door opened and Anjali came out, she had excused herself from Manik as she wanted to check on Nandini. As the twins saw each other, Anjali was angry while Nandini wasn’t sure if she was angry or not, she really missed her twin sister who was more like a soulmate. As twin sisters or brothers can’t live without each other, they also couldn’t live without each other, but after Anjali died, and few days before she was dead, she had strong hatred for her own sister just because she also loved Manik just like her.

“Nandu, so you got free, who were you eager to see? Me or Manik?,” Anjali asked Nandini giving her an angry look. “Anjali, please understand me, whatever happened was just an incident, I missed you a lot, I even wrote your name on the cake which Manik made for me, don’t you remember how we always used to celebrate this special day together? Do you still think I don’t love you?,” Nandini asks teary eyed. “I don’t care sissy, I love Manik, let me spend time with him, and I will make sure he loves me too, oh and do you know what happened between me and Manik when we reached his cabin? We kissed, we spent our time together, I said I love you to Manik, and he said he loves me too,” Anjali tells Nandini who felt really bad for her as she never got her true love while she was alive, but even if she’s getting temporary happiness, she didn’t mind it, she didn’t wanted to betray Manik or her sister, she didn’t wanted to give her false hopes.

“And by what name he called you?,” Nandini asks. “By your name,” Anjali replied. “I hope you got your answer, Manik loves me, he only thought of you as a good friend always,” Nandini told her calmly. “Nandu, don’t get your hopes high, don’t you remember my warning? Stay away from Manik else you know what a ghost can do,” Anjali warned. “Manik is my husband, I can spend as much time as I want to, who are you to stop me?,” Nandini asks losing her cool. “You are repeating your mistake, he got us both away, because of him we had a fight,” Anjali says. “No, it’s just that you misunderstood his friendship, Anjali please, please don’t misunderstand me, you are my sister and you’ll always be, but how can I betray him?,” Nandini says with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Feeling bad? Same here, but what can I do? What goes around comes around, enough chit chat for today, bye, Manik must be waiting, oh and stay at Moorthy Mansion, I will be right back,” Anjali says and goes back to his cabin while Nandini palms her mouth and cries. She goes from there with slow steps and as soon as she approached her scooty, she unlocked it’s handles and went away. After sometime, she stopped outside Moorthy Mansion and unlocked the door going straight to her room. She took out an album and looked at all the photos of her and Anjali. “I would’ve never minded if Manik too loved you, but he don’t love you, I can’t see your tears,” she says cryingly talking to her sister’s photographs.

At evening, Nandini was asleep and it was time for Manik and Anjali’s comeback. “Nandini, Nandini,” she heard her name in a form of whisper and woke up. “Anjali,” Nandini said rubbing her eyes. “Yes, sorry for disturbing your sleep, but I told you I will be right back, it meant I will come alone and we’ll plan that how will I stay by Manik’s side,” Anjali said. “So tell me a plan, you always have brilliant plans right?”

Nandini looks here and there. “I take that as a no, but no problem, I have a plan, you daily have to act of walking with him towards the exit and intentionally forget something and excuse yourself, then come back inside, if you don’t, I will have to tie you with a chair in the same way I did today, when you will come, I will transform in your attire and go with Manik, deal?,” Anjali says and Nandini was like what-the-hell. “OK fine, but better find a ghost for yourself and leave humans alone,” Nandini replied pouting cutely and Anjali chuckles. “I was also a human, I died because of you, if you don’t want that I capture your body, better let me do what I said,” Anjali says creasing her eyebrows and disappeared into the thin air. Ayyappa. Nandini says in heart and held her head.

Soon she freshen up and made dinner for herself and Manik. “Hey wifey, had a great time?,” asks Manik pulling out a chair and sitting on it while Nandini dished out food. “Yes,” she replies. They ate together and as soon as they were done, they held hands and went to their room, they sat beside each other and Anjali was keeping an eye on them. “Have you been crying?,” Manik asks cupping her cheek touching her swollen eye. “No, I slept a lot,” Nandini lied and after some chit chat they slept. Anjali appeared smilingly. “Good job Nandini, that calls out for a reward,” she said and wrote something on a piece of paper and kept it on bedside table and disappeared.

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