Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry (chapter 2-The Transformation)

(A/N- changed the name of the story from alone to sister rivalry as it suited more. Don’t get confused, happy reading)

Nandini screams seeing a girl with long hair approach her in dark and runs from there. “Manik! Manik!,” she shouts while running and on seeing him she hugs him with sweat forming on her forehead. “What happen? Why are you so scared?,” he asks hugging her back. “Anjali,” she says with a quiver in her voice. “I know you miss her a lot,” he says tightening his hug. “Yes Manik, and I saw her in my room, she was there,” she says with fear. He breaks the hug and wipes the sweat from her forehead. “Relax, dead people don’t come back, watch less horror movies,” he says and continues working.

“No Manik, she was there, you come with me, I will show you,” she says and before he could answer, she started pulling him by his arm towards her room. She points beside the cupboard. “I saw her here,” she tells. “But there’s no one here,” he says and Nandini switches on the light. “I switched on and off the light again and again, I saw her every time I switched off the light, when I switches it on there was no one, I also thought it’s an illusion, but it wasn’t, she was here,” she says trying to convince him.

“Now she won’t come OK, because we will exit from here together,” he says and she haves a sigh of relief and switches off the light, they go outside hand in hand. A hand comes out from below the bed, it had long fingernails and dug it in the slippery floor coming out slowly revealing herself to be Anjali. She sits holding her knees and cries but in a low voice. “Manik, I want you, I love you, please God don’t do this to me,” she says cryingly and stands up and walks with slow steps stumblingly.

Nandini and Manik do dinner. When they’re finished with it, they go to their room, Manik goes to washroom and Nandini sits on bed. She feels someone sitting beside her on the bed. She turns to see who’s it but sees no one. While Nandini was busy with her phone, she didn’t notice the pen lifting on its own going towards the paper. It writes something quickly and the one who was writing keeps the pen back on it’s place. She keeps her phone on the table and her gaze goes on the chit. “Has Manik written something for me? I will see,” she picks the chit and unfolds it. “Hello sister, happy birthday, having fun? I have come back, your doubt was right, Manik is mine, dare you go near him else you know what a ghost can do.”

She gets scared and lays down covering herself with quilt holding it around her chest. She keeps tossing left and right and picks the photo frame of her childhood photo with Anjali and sleeps hugging it. Anjali looks on sitting on the window, Nandini couldn’t see her because she can be seen only to those to who she wants. Manik comes out of the washroom and switches off the light and sleeps cuddling to her. Next morning, they woke up and Nandini made breakfast. Remembering Anjali’s warning, she maintained distance from him. “Nandini, I am going to office, you take care,” he says after they were done with breakfast. She hugs him and he hugs her back. “Come soon,” she says. He pecks her forehead. “I will, if you want you can stay at Malhotra Mansion till I return,” he suggests. “Hmm, OK,” she says and they go out together, Nandini follows him.

She falls on her stomach and feels pulled by a force, she tried shouting but her voice didn’t come out. The pulling force stopped and she stood on her feet. Before she could go, a hand pulled her and tied her with a rope. It was Anjali. “I will go and not you,” she says and gags her mouth, she transforms in her attire as their faces were already same. She goes outside the house and sits in the car beside Manik. “Nandini, what took you so late?,” he asks. “I forgot my purse,” she says showing it to him and they drive off. Finally I got to spend time with you, she thought. Meanwhile in the moorthy mansion, Nandini struggles hard to free herself, the candle kept behind her on a table touched the rope and it opened. “How did my rope loosen?,” she asks moving her hands and she gets untied. She calls Manik. Anjali sees Manik getting a call and keeps the phone on silent disconnecting the call. “I will reach there,” she says to herself and runs out of the house taking her scooty and soon she was out of sight.

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