Manan horror ff: alone/sister rivalry chapter 1: Entering The Past

A man was working in kitchen making a cake as it was his wife’s birthday and he wanted to surprise her. After sometime the cake is ready and he writes happy birthday Nandini on it and smiles keeping it inside the fridge. The man is none other than Manik. He goes to his room and sees his wife Nandini smiling at her and Manik’s photos. “Nandini,” he says delightfully and she looks at him with a beautiful smile plastered on her face. “Nandini, wear this dress,” he says giving her a pink long gown and she smiles at him and takes the gown and goes to get ready.

He goes outside the room. “Mom, Nandini will come in sometime, everything is ready right?,” he asks. “Yes beta,” his mom replies and he smiles at her in return. They hear footsteps and switches off the lights. Nandini comes and on seeing her, they switch on the lights. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Nandini, happy birthday to you, may you have many more, may you have many more, happy birthday dear Nandu, happy birthday to you,” everyone sings and she smiles at them. She goes near the cake. “You made this Manik?,” she asks. He nods. “Before cutting it, can I write my sister’s name also with my name? She’s dead but I miss her a lot, and she will be happy that I remember her,” she says cutely and how could Manik not agree to her wish? He allows her and she happily completed her wish. On the cake it was written, happy birthday Nanz and Anjali.

“Thank you Manik,” she says and finally they cut the cake. Nandini fed it to Manik then he fed it to her. She fed everyone and became emotional recalling her sister. She keeps her head on Manik’s shoulder and cries. “Nandini, don’t cry, she’s in peace,” he assures her caressing her hair. “I hope so Manik,” she says parting away and wipes her tears. “Manik, our house is going to get renovated today, and you have allergy from paint smell, how will you manage?,” Manik’s mom Nyonika asks. “Nyo mom, can we both shift to my house till the house is renovated?,” Nandini asks and Nyonika looks at Manik for his answer. “I m ok with it mom,” he replies. “Let’s go pack our stuff wifey,” Manik says and they go hand in hand from there.

“Ranbir, that house is locked from so many days, it’s more than forty days, there can be ghosts living in there,” Nyonika says worriedly to her husband Ranbir. “Nyo, there are no such things as ghost, grow up,” he replies side hugging her. “I won’t go office, today Manik and Nandini also won’t be there, so let’s spend time together,” Ranbir says naughtily and she goes blushing hard. Nandini and Manik were finished packing their stuff. “Manik, let’s take all our photographs too,” Nandini says. “How cute, I have no problem, let’s take them,” he says and they start taking all the framed photographs from the walls and suddenly a frame slips off Nandini’s hands. Manik rushes to her. “Are you OK?,” he asks worriedly and she had a shocked expression on her face. “I am OK, but something bad is going to happen Manik, it’s not a good sign,” she says worried. “No it’s not, it’s a good sign, something bad has stopped from happening,” he says trying to take away her worry, she hugs him and he too hugs her, she was really worried.

Later, at night, they exit Malhotra Villa(Manik’s house) and makes their way to Moorthy Mansion (Nandini’s house where she used to live before her wedding). They go to the gate and sees it locked. A neighbor sees them and comes to them. “Why is this house locked?,” Manik asks the lady. “There are all the memories of your wife’s dead sister Anjali and there is Anjali too,” tells the lady. “What rubbish, give me the keys,” he says angrily and she helplessly gives him the keys. They unlock the house and goes inside switching on the light. Nandini could see her childhood moments there. “Nandu, you can’t win by me,” said a little girl’s voice, it was the voice from the past. A moment from the past of her and her sister came before her eyes. “I will tell you how to win,” says another little girl. A little girl with pigtails(Anjali) was running behind another little girl with a ponytail(Nandini). They keep running until they get tired and sit down. “Got tired?,” asks Nandini. “Yes, you’re too fast, I always lose,” says Anjali. “Koi nahi, you won, look you caught me, I m near you,” says Nandini and they laugh cutely and suddenly the little twins disappeared becoming a smoke.

“Nandini,” says Manik getting her out from the chain of her thoughts. “Hmm,” she said still staring at the place she saw her past. “Let’s go,” he says and she nods. They go to Nandini’s room and unpack. The cupboard door opened on it’s own and this didn’t go unnoticed by Nandini. She goes to the cupboard and looks inside and smiles at the toys with which she used to play with her twin sister Anjali. Happy birthday sister, she thought and kept her clothes inside and nailed the photographs on the wall. “I am done with unpacking, I m downstairs and today I will make something for my princess wifey,” Manik says to which she smiles. He goes and she too stands up from bed as she was also done unpacking, she switches off the light and could see someone standing beside the cupboard from the corner of her eye. She turned her head and there was a girl, she switches on the light but there was no one, she switches off and again sees her, she switches on the light again and there was no one. She switches off the light and startles as a girl with long hair comes near her, she screams and runs from there.

(A/N: as I promised, I updated today, but I will update further only if I get comments else this is my last update of kyy)

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