Manan Horror Ff: Alone (promo)

This is a story about a girl Nandini Moorthy who is married to Manik Malhotra. As Manik’s house is being renovated and he has allergy from paint smell, Manik and Nandini stays at her house. Soon after that, she starts getting visions of her dead twin sister Anjali who was killed accidentally. One day Manik gets to know a shocking truth, the truth about Nandini from the soul of Anjali.

A couple approaches a house which is locked. The neighbors see this and come to them.
Man: why is this house locked?
Woman: There are all the memories of your wife’s dead sister Anjali and there is Anjali too.
Man: what rubbish that there is Anjali too? I want the keys of this house.

(The couple is none other than MaNan)

They unlock the house and goes inside. Nandini sees her sister everywhere and gets teary eyed but wipes them off. They unpack and when Nandini switches off the light, she sees someone standing in the dark. She switches on the light but sees no one, she switches off and again sees someone, she switches on but there was no one. She is confused. She switches on the light and startles as a girl with long hair comes near her, she runs from there.

Nandini: Manik! Manik!

She says while running and on seeing him she hugs him. He hugs her back.

Manik: what happened?
Nandini: Manik, I saw her, Anjali, she was there.
Manik: u r hallucinating, dead people doesn’t come back relax.

He wipes the sweat from her forehead.
.      .       .        .       .       .        .           .

Nandini goes to her room to sleep and sees a girl sitting with her back towards her. She shreiks.
Nandini: who r u?

The girl turns and she gets scared as she gets a view of her face and goes unconscious.
.        .        .        .         .         .       .        .

Manik was sitting by her side waiting for her to wake up. Strong winds blow and Nandini opens her eyes and utters a ghostly cry. Manik stands up from the bed and moves away. She sits on her knees on the edge of the bed, her eyes were white, her skin completely white as if she was dead. She extends her hand towards Manik and cries in a ghostly voice. Manik gets worried. He goes near her as he never believed on ghosts.
Manik: Nandini what happen?

She gets angry and floats in the air drawing her face closer to his face.
Nandini: why did u go leaving me? Y u r blinded? Sach jaano sach (know the truth), she murdered meee! She murdered meeee!

Suddenly she falls on the bed as the ghost leaves her body.
.      .       .        .       .       .        .         .

Nandini was getting ready, she sees her twin sister’s ghost in the mirror and gets scared and tells Manik.

Manik: it’s all in your mind.
.       .         .         .         .          .           .

Manik to his friend Cabir: don’t know why she said that.

Cabir: call pandit, he will tell what is it

.             .            .            .              .

Pandit: her sister’s soul has entered her body.

Manik is shocked.

Why is Anjali after Nandini? Stay tuned.

~Chapters coming soon in february~

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