MANAN FOREVER (FF) – (intro)


Hi guys… I’m Ritika from kerala…. MANAN FOREVER! is my new ff… this is is my first try.. hope I’ll be able to entertain u guys well… sorry if it doesn’t match your expectations..

. ::::::Intro::::
In my ff Cabir has returned… he actually survived the accident but was bedridden for almost 6 months and thereby couldn’t reach fab5 nor his maa… Ranbir has shifted to be with his mom and is now working as RJ at Radio02…Navya is also working at O2 and she manages to go to college as well.. Manik is suffering amnesia but is recovering slowly.. Alya is working as a fashion designer..she is very unhappy of how her life has turned out.. Harshad has been missing once again.. Mukti is staying in a bungalow which was owned by her father…he transferred it to her name when she informed her parents that she is leaving the home…(in my story mukti has not met Abhi yet..)..she is taking guitar lessons for l children..Soha has returned home after recovering from the accident..but she has lost her memory, Aryaman is taking care of her Mr Khurana has disowned both Soha and Aryaman because he didn’t want anymore complications in his life nor career..chacha and Rishabh has gone to America for treatment.Nyonika is missing ever since Manik has my story Manik has got an elder brother Siddharth who stays with h is father in Pune,he is managing one of the Malhotra compnies in Pune…

time is 7:00pm. location:juhu
Nandini was lying down in the beach resting her head on her bag
Suddenly something struck her mind… she turned back.. she was shocked and puzzled and is now running here and there in the crowded beach.. searching for someone… she couldn’t control herself.. started crying like anything… but soon she gained some courage and dialled some number… the call was not getting connected..
is he started getting all the more tensed and panicked.. she soon dialled cabirs number
he picked up the call in the first ring..
Cabir:Y es Nandini…. bolo ab kyaa ..(he sensed something wrong…)
Nandini:(started crying all the more). wo.. Cabir woo….
Cabir:Areee aree… kyaa hua… bolo naa… stop crying nandini relax..
Nan:thum… thum jaldi aao… pls cabir… faast..
Cabir:Are kya huaa. seede bol…(sensing some serious proble m)mmm. okk. im coming… where are you now..
Nan: Juhu…. Cabir… jaldi aaoo….

Credit to: Ritika

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  1. nice continue it.please update regularly. waiting for ur update.

    1. Yeah…sure…I’ve submitted today’s episode…pls write your genuine opinions…:)

  2. Hai…ritika
    I am also from Kerala.Happy to read your ff
    Nice intro…looking forward..
    And can anyone tell me how to write ff in here…i mean how to post it .because i also wish to write one…please help me friends

    1. Thanks Ashi… You can submit your ff by going to the menu bar which is at the top left of the page..:)

  3. Nice one…

    1. Thanks

  4. It’s very nice pls continue

  5. Nice Ritika, pls continue.
    I’m also from Kerala (Trivandrum)
    Enikku oru somshayam ee kathayil Manik ituvare nandiniye kandille. Pinne Dhruv avide?

  6. Interesting ??

  7. Hey guys….I’m glad that u liked it…suspense is the name of the game….keep reading…@anakha. Keep reading dear….and I’ll try to update regularly..

  8. Nice start cont dear

  9. I’m muskan from England and I am finding ur ff very interesting already however you didn’t mention Dhuev nor Nandini, I mean what are they doing with their lives really want to know hope Dhruv is in this ff.

    1. Thanks…I’ll reveal them later on…I jst wanted to keep their lives as a suspense..

  10. Opps sorry I meant Dhruv

  11. Nice start.. Keep going..
    Keep smiling..

    1. Thanks dear…:)
      Yeah…smile is forever…;)

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