Manan forever always (Intro)

I am a big fan of manan so I am writing this ff. Already there are more than 5 ff of manan. But the concept of this ff ll be different from everyone.
The characters in this ff are

Manik: A smart and hunk guy of space academy who is every girls dream boy. But he is very arrogant but trustworthy

Soha: She is small sister of manik who is a sweetheart of the college. She is pampered by her brother manik. He is always protective towards her. She is very modern and stylish girl.

Nandini: She is a very studious girl who is studying in Mangalore. She lives with her brother aryaman and her friend navya.

Aryaman: He is the sweetest boy of the college in Mangalore. He is having a very helpful nature.
He believes in true love and he wants a girl who is traditional but he has not yet got one.

Navya: She is a typical girl who is concerned towards her health,beauty and other stuff.

Aliya: she is kind of girls who loves to do pranks with her friends which she enjoys a lot. She is in love with druv who is very good guy in doing pranks.

Charlie: she is a good friend of manik and best friend of aliya. She thinks that earning money is everything in life. Love is nothing just waste of time.

Druv: boyfriend of aliya. Who loves her very much. He is guy who does pranks all the time. He likes to eat a lot. So does charlie also

Cabir: he is a very cool guy of space academy
He changes his girlfriend like he changes his clothes. But he is waiting for a special girl to enter his life. He is good by his heart

Other charaters whom I would use is Niki,manu,abhi,kushi and some others who ll be part of all their pranks

Guys I hope u like the story. I want to hear it in the comments if u want me to continue this ff. I ll make sure I ll post my ff everyday. I ll make sure I ll not miss any day.

Credit to: Akanksha


  1. Manisha Rahman

    I am eagerl waiting waitingfor you’re ff
    Its different from other ff
    I love all the ff when it’s about manan

  2. Megh

    Sounds interesting akanksha…pls do continue… many ever ff s we have on manan,we will b still overwhelmed to have another one…

  3. hope

    Dont mind me calling u aku..plzz…as I cant call u by ur full name…as my very own best friend’s name is Akanksha…
    Sooo…I’ll stick to aku…
    D concept is d same…yet wid new twists….
    U have kept all of ’em i.e. the guys as hunks n cool…dats a common cliché…
    Whereas keeping soha n aryamaan as manan’s siblings is kinda weirdish…
    But I would love to see u make it happen…d magic of manan..wid its glitches n twists…
    Go on!!!✌?

  4. Roma

    Hi aku dearrr, I guess I’m your friend tooo, so calling you aku…very awesome intro…loved all the characters, but one question, is Charlie actually Mukti? I’m also very big fan of manan n kyy…I hope this ff will be interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode. you loads

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..