Manan forever always episode 9

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Aliy’s house
Druv. Aliya we r going to manik house for bf so get ready fast
Aliya. Ok lets leave in 15mins
Druv goes out and aliya gets ready
Kurana MANSION(aryaman room)
Nandu: bhai get up we shld go
Aryaman:oly 5 mins more nandu please
Till then u go n wake up navya please please
Nandu:navya already woke up and is having bath so u alos get up
Aryaman: don’t joke around I know MM(miss Mangalore) ll not get up so soon
Nandu:u think I am lieing ok then I ll go to $oha’s house ( in a teasing manner)
Aryaman wakes up in a jerk and realize that they have to go fast
Cabir and manik are sleeping on the couch itself (they didn’t go to their respective rooms last night)
Soha wakes up and get ready n think bhai and cabir would have got ready till now
She comes down ????
Seeing them sleeping like that she gets damn angry and frustrated so she goes to kitchen and brings cold water and pours that on them both of them gets up and before they realize what just happened soha runs away frm them manik runs behind her all three ppl have a good laugh and then cabir n manik go and get ready for bf
Soha shouts that she ll tell kaka to make something healthy today
Manik comes out in his bermudas and t shirt
Cabir in his usual look
Manik:at they vegetarian or not
Cabir:seeing her anyone can say that they are vegetarian
Soha:seeing whom???????
Cabir: wo…..wo……seeing them
Manik:guys don’t u think we r doing very much for them I mean this bf meeting is not too much right
Soha:come on bhai its ok
Cabir:as if manik…….we are just going through friendship that’s it (in mind :no friendship with navya I guess she is something more)
Just then Charlie comes out of her room and tells that she had a very bad headache last night so she ll go n meet the doctor today
Manik:shld we come with u
Cabir:yeah Charlie I guess u shld nt go alone
Charlie: no guys I am ok I ll just meet him??? I mean I ll meet the doctor and come
(Soha finds it strange but let her go)
Kaka comes out and tells everyone that bf is ready
Manik:kaka what have u prepared
Kaka:bhayyia I have prepared palak panner,,roti,,dal makkni,,,dosa,,,chutni,,,,and beverages
Cabir:oh wow!!!!!???north and south together awesome
Just then soha tells kaka to prepare lassi
Everyone goes and sits on the couch waiting for KURANA’s

Nandu comes out in a crop top and black jeans with her bag
Aryaman comes out in his usual look
Navya comes out in a long top and a half pant
Nandu;both of u don’t fight like dogs infront of them
Navya: I ll never fight but he is the one who always come n fight with me
Aryaman: ohhh plz????
I guess that was my dialogue right nandu
Navya: yeah yeah as if I ll always start it now just be quite and lets go its already 8 55
Aryaman: but now I guess I shld Start the fight
Aryaman: because miss Mangalore has started to be punctual and for the first time in her life she has said lets go its always late
Naya:but buddu I guess it’s the second time remember I had told u that I was going to my friends party and guess what I had reached there on time
(Nandu doesn’t understand???)
Aryaman: ho yeah but MM I guess we shld leave now it’s already late lets go
Nandu locks the door and comes
druv and aliya arrived and are in a shocked state coz they had seen something impossible
So guys that’s it for this week and guess what would have aliya and druv had seen
And yes happy valentines day?????????????
Be happy and spread love everywhere?????

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