Manan forever always episode 8

Hey guys and back with the new episode I’m sorry that I couldn’t reply to your comment I’m really very sorry for that but I promise that I will be replying to each and every comment from now on
***”” continuing the FF******
Manik forward his hand towards nandu for which she gives a positive response all the 3 couple dance for the song baatein kuch unkahi si song
Manik and nandu is having a very great time dancing with each other and nandu had already glanced manik while she was dancing with him
Navya and cabir are there in their own world
Both of enjoying each others company seeing into each others eyes and dancing together
Soha and aryaman are lost in themselves
Both are loving each other’s company
SAMAN,,,,,,, MANAN,,,,,, NAVIR,,,,,had a gr8 time

After the song stopped all 6 went to the bar counter and started to talk to each other but saman,,MANAN,,,,NAVIR did not talk to each other but were talking to other partners(soha talking to manik,nandu,navya,cabir but not aryaman)
All of them had a new feeling in themselves as it was all new to them
It was time for dinner so
Nandu,soha,navya went and were serving all the guests all three became ver good friends in no time
Aryaman ,cabir,manik were also become close to each other
It was around 1 am in midnight all of them had gone except for KURANA’s neighbors
All 6 of them were chatting with each other for a very long time
Soha:guys the party was really awesome

Navya: indeed and thank you very much for coming
Cabir:(winking at navya)pleasure is all mine I mean ours
Nandu:but I means a lot to us coz……….
Manik::coz we came over here and met u I mean met u all
Aryaman: exactly I mean guys u are all very good so can we do our breakfast together tomorrow ???☺☺
Soha(excitingly):: yeah yeah sure at our place
Navya:great idea ok at what time shld we come there
Cabir:be there at 9 so we all can have breakfast together ok done
Nandu:fine we ll be there at 9 am tomorrow
Manik:I ll be waiting for you……….????????i meant we ll be waiting
(Cabir,,soha were dumb struck seeing manik talking like that)
All 3 bid good bye and leave
Everyone goes to sleep but none of them is able to sleep and were thinking abt the dance
Manik was thinking about their dance
Soha was thinking about their eye contact
Cabir was thinking abt their each other company
So do nandu,,,aryaman,,,, cabir,….
Morning @aliyas house
(Druv comes in with 2 coffee mugs)
Druv:come on baby get up its already 8 in morning
Aliya:let me sleep for some more time please

(Druv gets angry because he doesn’t like ill manner humans)
Druv:aliya???just get up and drink ur coffee
Aliya realized what she said and gets up fast and sees druv who was angry
Aliya:sorry sorry sorry frm next time I won’t do it sorry baby really very sorry
Druv :???fine go to wash room, brush n come then we can drink coffee together
Aliya:ok I ll be back within 5 mins
(Gives a kiss on his cheeks for which his anger goes down)
Druv:now go n come back fast???
Aliya goes smiling

Guys I know its very short but I am really very busy in that I am writing this ff so don’t be bored as I like to write the ff very briefly like every thing I would like to explain it clearly so leave ur comments down below in ur comment box let it be good or bad I would like to change myself??????????????✊✋❤?

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  1. Its amazing dr….
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  2. Superd epi…..carry on but some wat long!!!!!! I want to see manan in their respective rooms through window……………
    I think window friendship will be good..!!!
    Thanks fr updating.

    1. Thanks I ll try my level best to write long one

  3. Good work…keep going…:)

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  9. sorry I dont think I have commented on any of ur epis but I have read each and every update! I love ur fanfic!!! Its SOO different then the otherss! I love how they are siblings! Please keep writing! U have GREAT writing skills! Also, I might not be able to comment on every one of ur updates but I promise u tht I will read all of them! They are SOOO Good!

    1. I am really happy that u liked my ff and thats ok if u don’t comment also I just want everyone to be happy and live their lives fullest

  10. plzz continue it was very good

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  12. Wowwww aku dearyyy, awesome episode, short but sweeeeeet one…loved the dance part…all pairs lost in each other n enjoying their company…lovely song…one of my favorite….now bf together in manik’s house…that’d be another amazing one…dhrulya scene was sooo cuteeee….keep it up….loving this story very much…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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