Manan forever always episode 7

?? sorry for the late update guys I had my preparatory xams going on so I was damn busy…..really very sorry
But a sad news is that it ll be my last update for this week again I ll be posting it in the next week coz I want to concentrate on my studies….
###so continuing #####
Aliya’s place
Manik and Charlie came and sat near the pool and busy with their guitars
Just then cabir enter
Cabir: wassup guys,guess what I just……

Charlie: (shouting)wait let me guess
Cabir:ok…as u wish
Charlie: you just broke up with ur girlfriend…right cabira
Cabir:?????not bad haan I must tell u ki u are very good at predicting but let me tell u the results that what u told was exactly correct???????
Charlie: dekha I told u???
(Manik just looks on and just ignores them)
Cabir:hey manik what happened to you man
Manik:nthng much dude I was just pissed off
Charlie: till now u were ok but wat happened now
Manik:you both were talking which made me pissed off (telling that he runs away to escape from their punch)
Both cabir and Charlie starts chasing him and have fun

Navya is sitting on the dinning table planning for house warming party
Just then nandini enters with Aryaman
Aryaman :wats cooking in ur mind miss Mangalore
Navya:shut up..I was planning for house warming party tonight
Nandu: tats a gr8 idea so who is going to come as our guests
Aryaman: dad had messaged me that he ll be here by 8 in evening so we shld oly call our friends no one else ok partner???
Navya nods her head winking at aryaman
Nandini:I ll call some of my frnds who live here is it OK
Aryaman: come on nandu u need not ask just call them and say that party begins at 9
Navya:ok I ll call all our neighbora also
Nandu: yeah ok but what abt the food who is going to prepare
(Both navya and aryaman look at each other and burst out laughing) nandini gets confused and irritatingly ask them what’s the matter
Navya:like seriously nandu how can u ask that question
Aryaman: exactly tats my answer
Like how can u ask abt the food when u can order it online
nandini finds it a bit annoyed and feels like a dumbo
Navya:we ll order it OK don’t worry??
Nandini :ok now I ll go n call my frnds
(Both aryaman and navya giggle and says ok)
Aryaman: ok MM(MISS MANGALORE) now I ll also go n call my friends byee?????
Navya makes faces at him and leaves to call the neighbor
Soha is still thinking abt aryaman
Meanwhile Navya enters the house and is mesmerized by the beauty
While the worker comes and asks what she wants
Navya : I wanted to invite for house warming party so who is the owner
Worker: wait I ll just call
(He goes inside and tell soha that someone has com)soha comes out of her trance and goes to attend that someone
Soha:hello please come in tale ur seat
Navya: thanks I have come here to invite you to our house warming party
We have moved in to that next house of urs so just to know our neighbors we kept a small get together please u must come
Soha:( in her mind thinks that she was talking abt aryaman house and asks her) the guy who came to take the keys is it that house
Navya;yeah that house if u don’t mind me asking that how many of ur family members live here
Soha: I live here with my brother and his friends cabir and Charlie
We r 4of us
Navya :all of u must attend the party ok please

Soha:ok we ll for Sue but tell me the timings
Navya: ho sorry it’s frm 9
Soha:ok then we ll party hard
Navya : yeah for sure k got to go bye
Soha:ok sweetheart bye see u at 9 at ur place navya: yeah sure
Aliya house
Druv:how r u feeling aliya☺??
Aliya;pretty good bit where r others
(Just then everyone enter the room)
Cabir:hey aliya what happened to u are u alright now
(Manik and Charlie laugh behind him and druv just looks down)
Aliya:yeah cabir I am fine now so where had u been
Cabir :its a long story ll tell anytime
(Cabir,manik,charlie get a message from soha abt the party)
Manik:ok guys we have to leave soha has called us to go somewhere so gotta go byee
Druv:thank god soha is my Savior atleast she thought of me now u all go byee???
Charlie: chill druv we r leaving
(All laugh at a time and 3 leave frm there)
Kurana MANSION( its 7)
Nandu:is everything done
Navya: except for the cool drinks everything is fine
Nandu: what abt the drinks
Navya aryaman has gone to bring it
Aryaman: hey guys I am back with the drinks
Navya: look nandu think of the devil and the devil appeared in no time
Aryaman: ho just shut upMM I know who is the real devil
Navya:ho really as if u know everything Mr looser
Aryaman:????navya I am not Mr looser ok u get that miss Lilliput
(Navya and aryaman glare at each other)
Nandu: stop fighting and get ready pappa ll be here in no time
(Just then Mr Kurana enters the house)
Dad:pappa is already here my dear

(Trio got surprised tht he arrived very fast)
Nandu : hai dad (she goes n hugs him)
(Both navya and aryaman hugs him)
Aryaman: hello dad how was ur flight was it comfortable
Dad : yes my son it was very comfortable indeed
Navya : dad we have kept a house warming party at 9 isn’t exciting
Dad: sorry beta I ll not be able to attend as I shld leave for new York I have conference call over the with my partner so can’t help it
(All get sad but cheers up that they ll have a party again when he comes back)
(all three enter)
Soha; hey guys go get dressed we shld leave its already 8 40
Manik:but y did they call us I mean we r not their frnds
Soha:but we r their neibours so we shld go
Cabir:chood na manik we ll get something to eat and drink so let’s go
Charlie: exactly lets go

Manik:ok chill guys lets get ready and leave
(All dress up manik comes in black shirt and white pant with white blazers)
All take a selpie and leave
Kurana MANSION(some of them has already arrived and enjoying the party)
(Nandini has alos worn white pant and black crop top look alike manik)
Nandu: guys is everything going good right I mean no problem
Aryaman: yeah baby doll everything is going good don’t worry
Navya:yeah I think it would have been good if dad was alos here
(Just then MALHOTRA’S, Charlie and cabir enter the house)
Navya go n greet them
Navya:hello guys I glad that u ppl came here
Aryaman: hey guys(looks at soha and gets relived that he can talk to her privately)
Soha:hello aryaman how r u
(Manik gets surprised that soha is soo good towards aryaman coz she doesn’t talk to strangers a lot)
Aryaman: I am good thanks
Manik hey bro I am manik MALHOTRA..

Cabir:hai I am cabir dhawan
Charlie: hai I am Charlie Gupta
Navya:hello everyone (gets impressed by cabir as he was just look at her all the while)
Manik:so where were u guys staying before
Aryaman: we were in Mangalore
Cabir:ho that’s a very pleasant place right
Navya:yeah it is u ll find it very interesting as it has got greenery all the way
(Aryaman gets surprised seeing navya talking abt Mangalore so much coz she never liked staying there)
Charlie: so guys this house is really fancy
How many of u live here
Navya :we r 4 of us
Cabir :ho but I see oly 2 of u now
Aryaman: our dad has gone to new York he had some sort of meeting so he had to go
Charlie; ho then who is the other one
(Just then nandini comes down frm the steps)
Manik looks at her and just get mesmerized by her beauty coz he had never seen a modern girl with so much simplicity)
Aryaman; there she comes that’s nandini our little girl of the family
Charlie: hello I am Charlie
Cabir :Hi I’m cabir
Soha:hey I am soha
(Nandini look at manik and she alos gets impressed by his outfit and thinks they both have worn the same thing)
Nandini:hello I am nandini
(Manik comes out of his trance)
Manik: hey I am manik MALHOTRA
(Just then romantic music starts

Aryaman puts his hands forward and asks for dance with soha which she responds positively
Seeing that cabir also lends his hand to navya which she accepts
Nandini goes to attend her friends for which manik didn’t hvae a choice but Charlie all of them dance together for the song baatein kuch unkahi si song
Suddenly Charlie had a headache for which she bids bye to everyone and leave frm the party
Manik goes and forwarded his hand to nandini for which she hesitated but gave a positive response
Same song was going on but all were looking into each other eyes and were dancing to their heart out
The episode ends with Jodi of
Guys I so sorry if it’s boring and soory coz I would be last update this week and I think it was a very long update
Do comment about ur thoughts please??

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  1. No its not at all boring yaar it was awesome finally our love birds are here

  2. awsm it was really good keep continuing

  3. but have a daut navya was nandu’s and arya’s frnd or sis

  4. nice epi at last manan met

  5. Really nice I find ur story damn interesting yaar…?

  6. It’s awesome yar just plz try to update fast n best of luck for exams

  7. Your written is awesome. And keep writing and also consentrate in ur studies

  8. I’m really happy that u haven’t forget to update. Bezz I thought that u have stopped to update ur story. Studies is ur 1sr thing. But make sure not to stop ur writings. All the best frr ur exams.
    Andddd today’s epi that tooo manan’s 1st meet was awesome. I was furious to know the reaction of nandani when she know that the room forward to her window was manik’s room.Hope to see manan scene together.

  9. Akanksha I’m in the plan of writing An ff but when I posted the intro of it today it gave less than 800 characters but i saw that u gave intro update in less than 800 char.How can i update it..Kindly let me now

  10. Akanksha I’m in the plan of writing An ff but when I posted the intro of it today it gave less than 800 characters and there was a constraint on it but i saw that u gave intro update in less than 800 char.How can i update it..Kindly let me now

  11. Nice epi

  12. nice update after a very long time…but its ok all the best for ur exams….keep updating….after finishing ur xams

  13. No no akanksha!! It was not at all boring!!! I had a hugeee grin throughout d epi!!! Loved it sooooo to the core!!! Best 1 till now! Great job!!
    Loved d manbir charlie moment so much!! Ah i miss these 3!! Dhrulya r too cute!!
    Saman, cavya n our manan rocked!!
    Aryamann navya fight lyk cats n dogs!!
    And srsly.. 1 thing cracked my mind.. Mangalore and greenery??!!! My foot!! M’lore is north pole then greenery is south pole!! There’s greenery out of d city.. Nt much.. Inside d city u literally find NO trees mangalore!! N that MM ws damn funny!!
    All the very best for ur exams girll.. I’ve my preparatory in 2 weeks bt cud nt stop myslf frm commenting 2day!! U were just too too good!! If u dont mind will u plz say in which grade do u study?? 10th or 12th?? N frm whr?? Its okay if u dont wanna say:)
    anyway i toh loved d epi a lot!!!!!!!
    Update wen ur free 🙂 no worries. N no need of sorries 🙂
    all d best 😀

  14. Wowwww, awesome episode, manan meet…awwww…it was soooooooo awesoooooome….waited soooooo looooooong for this. ..thank God you updated this story. ..I understand your situation honeyyy, don’t be sorry n take care of your studies n when find time then update. …the episode was really superbbbb. beautifully narrated. ….party n all …lovely setup…so sweeeeeet story. ..navya liked cabir…wow…manan same color dress…awwww…first dance together. ..what can be better than this…n the song my favorite one…cherry on top of ice cream…keep it up…will be waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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