Manan forever always episode 6

So hai guys I am back again with another episode of manan forever always???
I ll try and improve my writing skills and thank u so much for ur loving me guys,….
So continuing the ff
Aliya fall unconscious and then druv pick her up and takes her to the room
Manik comes to the room and says that he has called the doctor,
Charlie comes in with the hot water
While everyone is worried abt aliya
Just then the doctor arrives and asks what happened to the patient
Druv: don’t know doctor she fell unconscious suddenly
Doctor: what did she eat in the morning
Druv: nothing doctor we have eaten anything since morning
Doctor: that’s the reason she fell unconscious ??
Druv:but doctor we have done so many times
We have not eaten our breakfast but this is the first time
Doctor: did anything happen last night like did she do something
Druv( stammers) nononononononono doctor
Manik:bro chill he asked did anything happen but not what happened last night so chill and calm down
Charlie: yeah bro calm down he did not ask anything
( manik and Charlie laugh seeing each other face ?????????????”)
Druv realises tat he made a mistake by stammering?????????
Doctor: I ll write some medicines please give it on time
Druv: ok a doctor we will anything else we can do I mean should she take rest for some one week or she can do her work regularly
Doctor: it would be better if she takes rest for 3 to 4 days at least body is weak she need some rest
Druv: ok doctor thank you very much for coming
( doctors God of the room giving the slip in droves hand)
Manik: bro why did you act like that when doctor asked you the question why did you say no no no no no
Charlie: I agree Manik he should have not spoken like that in front of the doctor( again both of them started to laugh at each others face)
( Druw make the puppy face and goes out of the room to bring the medicines for Alia???)

Malhotra mansion
Aryaman goes out of the house saying
Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte
Soha blushes hearing his words
Aryaman out of the mansion and goes near Nandini and Navya who were waiting outside for him from past 20 minutes
( both of them look at him anxiously and ask him why did it take so long)
Aryaman: it’s a very long story but for now we will go inside the house and rest for some time it’s better we take some rest before Dad comes to India
Navya: if I would have been so much late you have taken the Earth on your head but when you are delayed your giving such a lame excuse what kind of a rule is that
( aryamann makes faces at her and gives to Nandu hand)
Nandini: bhai what took you so long just to bring these keys
Aryaman:? you girls ask a lot of question I told nah that I will tell you the whole story afterwards but now I think we should get inside house and rest of few minutes at least so miss India and miss Mangalore Navya Ajji can we go inside
(Navya make faces at him and just ignore same as always)
Nandini: Bhai call Dad and say that we got the keys and we are going inside the house or else he will be worried for us
( Aryaman call his dad and says everything and keep the phone)

Malhotra’s mansion
Soha he still thinking about Aryaman like how He saved her from cockroach and how he had opened the locket from her dress, she was only thinking about the I love between them )( She Smiles like an idiot thinking that she is in love with Aryaman within a moment)
She is glad that he lives next to her house oly

Alia’s house
Manik and charli all still laughing at druv
Druv: okay No you both stop laughing it was by mistake I told it
Manik: yeah yeah we agree you told it unwantedly in front of the doctor also
Charlie starts to laugh loudly and says come on yeah it was fun but now I think we should leave Alia 2 sleep for sometime as she is not feeling well we should not disturb her so let’s get out of the room come on Manik let’s go home we will leave them all alone and giggles while she is leaving the room,?????
Druv is relieved that both of them left the room and he goes sit next to Alia and cares her hair with love he starts to speak like an idiot and starts to speak about their love and he says how much he loves her and tell her I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you
For which Alia gets into consciousness and replies back telling I love you too my dear
Dhruv is happy that she is all right now and text every one that Alia is fine

Khurana mansion
Navya and Aryan get inside the house fighting itself while Nandini is busy reading her psychology book and drinking water from her bottle
( all of them get inside the respective rooms which they had chosen before itself)
Nandini goes inside her room first thing what she does was opening her window
To her surprise the room which was next 2 Malhotra’s mansion was not very much far from her room as in it was actually Manik room which she was unaware of both the room and Manik Malhotra
Nandini☺?: I hope the room is of any girl but not any boy God I beg you please
( aryamann comes inside her room and sees her looking at the sky and speaking to God)
Aryaman: come on my sister I know you will pass you r entrance exam very nicely and you need not ask God to make you pass because I know you will rock in your exams
Nandu: overconfidence is bhai so it’s better I pray to God than listening to your words
Aryaman gives a stupid expression and leave the room???)
Precap Navya ghosto Malhotra’s Mansion to invite them for their house warming party…. Alia and Dhruv have some very good and romantic time in the bedroom)
So guys I know you are all pissed off that I am not making Manik and Nandini meet so in the next episode for sure I will be making them meet .
. I know this episode was very boring but I am trying to write something you guys please don’t be bored I will be adding some more twist in upcoming episodes please don’t stop reading it and don’t think that it’s boring please please please please please please please????

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  1. No dear its not at all boring… U started improving ur writing skills… Nice update… Keep smiling and updating…

  2. Ohhhh so nice but why nandhu behaves like this

  3. I like the way nandini beg to god and stick on ur words fr the 1st meet of manan

  4. Manan story…..never ever……boring hoo hi nhi sakti…..
    But h….we all are very excited for manan 1st meeting……
    or ha….unki 1st meeting me ek cute si fight mat bhulna…….
    Manan nd unki cute cute fights hi too story me jaan dal deti h…..
    Nd thanx for such an amazing update……

  5. Nice one

  6. Heyyy…chill…
    U r dng AWESOME!!!
    Kay…d wait is actually kind of interesting…i hope u make their first meet magical…?
    I wanna ask where is cabir…???
    U didn’t include him..
    Drulya was cute…
    Saman was adorable…
    Keep it cmng..
    Love u..

  7. U r doing awesome…. Keep writing

  8. Hi aku dearrr, awesome episode, it’s superb. ..not boring at all. ..yaa I’m waiting for manan meeting but also want to know the progress of the scenes…so feel free and keep writing as you planned for..I’m enjoying it very much…it’s really superb storyline n plot. ..the comic part n depth of the character is very interesting… so keep it up . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  9. Hi, forgot to mention, I loved manan new picture with this update soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..thx

  10. Why don’t u write yaar tum bogath atchi writer ho so keep update

  11. hey di y are you not updating new episodes i am eagerly waiting please upload it
    fast please ……………………

  12. Where are you?? I am eagerly waiting for next update…… Pls update fast……

    1. Ya where are u??

  13. hey aakansha plz update further story can’t wait too Long yaar

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