Manan forever always episode 5


Hey guys whatssupp
I love you all for the beautiful comments
I love my silent readers also but I want u guys to comment about what u think abt my ff.
So continuing the ff

Manik and aliya goes upstairs
Manik is pissed off seeing them
Playing video games on cell phone
Aliya also go n sit next to druv to play
Manik : idiots I thought u would be having some real fun but u guys are such a…….( he stops seeing Charlie play the game without listening to his words)
Manik:yaar Charlie I am scolding each one of u but u guys are not even paying attention to my words
(Druv is shown wearing his cap and playing the game)
Druv:bhai be quite don’t disturb us while playing

Manik:omg???what has happened to all of u
Aliya:this piano tiles game has happened to us
Manik:like seriously aliya tat ?game
Y don’t I guys just grow up
Charlie :be quite or else I ll get out in the game because of u
( manik goes and switchs off the charger plug
After 2mins everybody’s mobile switches off as there was no charge in it)
Druv?:ye tune kya kia yaar
Manik:I just pulled out the plug tats it
Charlie: ho really being smart in front of us aaaa??
Manik:no yaar I was wondering that we didn’t go swimming all week so shall we go today
Druv:Abbey!Saturday we had gone right
Manik:it was last week not this week
So pack ur bags lets go
Aliya:I am not going to come
My skin would get rough if I swim more than once in a week
Druv:then even I won’t go baby???
Manik:u both stop ur romance and pack ur bags atleast lets go to gym
Charlie :that’s a good idea we haven’t gone to gym for ….
Aliya:for ……what Charlie
Charlie: for I don’t know

Manik: ok now lets leave
Druv:kk I ll take out the car
( everybody start to live then aliya falls unconscious] Druv concerned for her. So he picks her up in his arms and goes back to the room while manik calls the doctor and Charlie goes and brings hot water for her
when soha was about to fall aryaman see her falling but but but before going to catch her she fall down???ooch ooch!!!!!!!!
Soha is hurt and aryaman goes to help her
And take her in his hands in full filmmy style
And goes to SOHA’s room he keeps her in the bed
See the beautiful room he compliments her saying
Aryaman: u keep ur room so tidy and need not bad
Soha:I am hurt and ur talking abt this?room
Aryaman :sorry
Are u ok now shld I call the doctor

Soha :no its ok I ll falling everytime like this nthng won’t happen I ll be OK within 5 mins
Aryaman: tats good to hear
Seeing the time he remembered that nandu and navya are waiting for him ⌚
He starts to shout and asks for the key??
Soha :calm down I ll give u the keys
Aryaman: make it fast please

Soha is unable to get up so aryaman takes her in his arms and goes to the hall and while keeping her on the sofa his locket get struck to her dress but both don’t notice it
On the road outside MALHOTRA’S MANSION
Navya:where is this idiot why hasn’t he come yet
Nandu:it’s ok navya he ll come soon
Navya:I hope it shld not be a girl for this lace coming reason
Nandu:I didn’t understand please explain it to me briefly
Navya:meri maa its ok u don’t talk abt bay and girls matters its better
Nandu:I know but now where is bhai just call him once
Navya:he has kept his phone on silent
Nandu :ok then lets wait for 10 more mins

Navya nods her head
when aryaman puts soha down on sofa
While he is going to get up he sees that the locket has been struck so he goes to remove it while touching soha
Soha doesn’t know tat locket is been struck she starts to look wierdly at aryaman
But he says
“Chill I am just removing my locket frm ur dress?
While removing it the photo inside the locket come down which soha see it and asks
“ who is the lucky girl inside ur heart
By saying this aryaman becoms emotional and starts to see in soha’s eyes
She also sees him like that itself
It’s already 2mins after their eye lock both of them are unable to take off their eyes f each other
But the worker interrupts
Both come to their senses and aryaman gets up frm there
Soha tells that keys are behind the wall hanging
Aryaman takes the keys and leaves frm there without even saying bye to soha
Soha:hello Mr aryaman bye bye
Aryaman: he says”phir milenge chalte chalte”
Hearing it soha blushes

That’s it for today it was very long
Hope I guys loved it????????

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. superb
    keep doing

    1. Thank you very much megha

  2. manik friends and they childish behavior superb…

    1. Thank u very much?

  3. Hiiieeeee….
    As usual u r dng gr8!!!
    It seems u r new at dis..writing ff’s
    No offence….but…i would like to give u some advise…u seem to b in a hurry in some of d scenes n dont likely explain ’em…take for example d alya falling unconscious scene…it just went in a blur…
    Yeah..we do want lengthy updates…but not in a hurry…
    Sorry if u find dis I m just being honest..
    On gng to d next part… d focus on saman Is ssly sweet…n cute…
    N just for d record saman is a cute name…just like our manan??
    N yeah..there is no sync in ur dialogues…it would b gr8..if u could work dat out..
    I know I m sounding really rude n obnoxious..sorry I cant help it..
    I believe in correcting my friends mistakes dat I consider of my pen friends…
    N yeah..last time u asked my name its sanju..short for sanjana…??..(d common cliché)??
    In all..u r dng gr8!!awesome!!fab!!!
    Sorry if I hurt ur feelings!!!
    Love u!!!Keep Gng!!!!

    1. U said I ur friend
      Then no sorry in friendship?get that first??
      And thank you very much for ur suggestion
      Which I needed a lot ? I expect more suggestions so that I can work on myself

  4. Ohh so sweet dr

    1. Thank u dear?

  5. Akanksha super dear..really luvng ur ff…nd u update quickly which I felt is the best part in u…luv u..keep writing

    1. Thank u very much

  6. It’s just amazing dr…..
    Love it…..
    Keep going….

    1. Ur welcome

  7. Get epi

    1. What?

      1. Oh sorry by mistake I meant grt epi

  8. Hy akanksha? …so I had just complete reading today for the first time I had started reading ur all ff…and it was so dam interesting ur story is having new concepts which is very well description ✌…keep posting dear on will keep loving ur work…❤…every thing has it new beginning so don’t think too much about was the epi was convenient or not cuz every single thing has their own special power to I think your story is having that power…so chill??…n keep writing

    1. Thank you for ur support alifya????love u loads

  9. Awesome episode dear, loved it very much, manik’s friends so childish n he’s so annoyed. ….poor soha got hurt…saman eyelock, so cute but whose photo was in the aryaman’s locket? some bitter past ? Keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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