Manan forever always episode 4

I thank everyone who has read myy ff I love u all for commenting I know u guys are waiting for manan to meet but guys there is still time before they meet!!!!!!
I love my silent readers also but please comment down
If u don’t like it pls tell me so that I can improve it
So continuing the ff
Manik is eagar to see what are they up to
He reaches aliy’s house and rings the door bell
But aliya take almost 5mins to open the door
When she opens the door she sees manik
Aliya?:hai manik
Manik:what took u so long
Aliya:we were having fun inside
Manik:what are u guys up to
Aliya:first u come in
( manik and aliya goes inside but there is no one in the hall)
Manik:where’s everyone
Aliya:they in our room
Manik:come again OUR ROom
Aliya:(blushes)sorry me and druv’s room
Manik:ho ho look who’s blushing
Aliya:now stop it lets go upstairs
Manik:but tell me what u guys are doing please tell me
Aliya:have some Patience and just come up with me
(Manik and aliya goes upstairs)
Manik is pissed off seeing them ????????
soha shouts and aryaman goes inside the kitchen
Seeing her he starts laughing
Soha:stop laughing and help me
(Aryaman sees her holding the window and she shouted coz she saw a caterpillar and she was scared of it)
Aryaman :don’t be scared I am there to help the caterpillar from clutchs of ms**** what
Soha: my name is Soha…SOHA MALHOTRA
aryaman:ok ms soha….soha MALHOTRA wait there I ll take the cockroach and put it out
( he takes it and throws it away)/(,$oha is relived )
Soha:thank you very much Mr……
Aryaman:my name is aryaman
Soha:thank you aryaman
Aryaman :(in a jokey manner)ur welcome soha,…soha MALHOTRA
Soha:now stop irritating me come I ll give u ur house keys
Aryaman laughs at her
(When soha was scared of cockroach she makes the water to fall on the floor unintendedly she keeps her legs on the floor she is about to slip)
Aryaman see it……
Guys that’s it for today again I ll post tomorrow that what happened to soha???????dont be impatient wait n read wat happens??????
Guys I know its a bad story but if u don’t like it please write it in the comment section I really want to make it up to the mark??

Credit to: Akanksha


  1. Plumpyyy

    Do u want a cabira punch frm me akanksha??
    Ur doin gud girl… Dont worry.. Evrythin will go smooth n better ahead 🙂 its just d starting na so chill..!
    Saman were awesomeeeeeee
    Aryamann mocking soha ws damn cute!!!
    And hurrah!! I ws ryt!! It ws creepy creature cockroach!! Yuck.. I wud jump outta d window only..!
    Wanna kno wt happened to soha..
    U naughty girl.. Ek chotu sa precap bhi nahi hai.. *puppy face*
    btw.. If u dont mind.. Cn u plz say wt do u study.. I mean in which class??
    Update real soon!!
    ManLya were nice too.. Aww alya blushing.. Y ws manik pissed off??

  2. priya

    hey akanksha… being in 11th u r writing this… this shows how grt fan u r and ur imagination process….its awesome yar…

  3. Roma

    Awesome, hilarious episode, loved it very much…story getting more and more interesting with each update, what are manik’s friends doing…me too very curious to know. ..enjoying this story a lotttttttttt…I hope manan meeting will be very exciting…keep it up. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.