Manan forever always episode 3


Hai everyone
I hope my ff is making everyone feel joyful
So thank you very much for the comments my lovely people
So now going back to ff
Manik leave the house. He goes out of the gate in his Ferrari car
Just then nandini and family enter Kurana MANSION
Navya: dad told the keys are with the pple who live in MALHOTRA’S MANSION. Aryaman go n get the keys
Aryaman: y shld I go can’t u go and bring them
Navya: boys shld do some work then oly u ll get ur perfect match
Aryaman: so ur putting ur old traditional logic on me ha!!!!
Navya: think however u want now just go n bring the keys don’t waste time talking to me
Aryaman: at last u came to know that talking to is a utter waste???
( navya gets annoyed with him and make faces)

Nandu: ok both of u don’t go I ll oly go u wait here.ok
Aryaman: nandu y ll u go when ur ELDER brother is there to help u??????
Navya: I told the same thing in a different manner aryaman what makes the difference.
Aryaman: navya u ll never understand it so let it be OK????ur a kid so be a kid
Nandu: enough of talking go n get the keys fast I want to keep my luggage in before lunch
Aryaman: I ll come within 2 mins wait here till I come
( both navya and nandu just nod their heads)
Manik enters the restaurant and hugs some guy
Then it’s shown tat was cabir
Manik: whatssapp bro how are you
How was it goa trip with ur girlfriend or ex girlfriend
Cabir: no-no she’s still my gf I am here with her wait let me introduce her to u
Manik: please I wanna see who is that bechari???
( cabir points towards some girl and says manik)
Cabir : so this is my gf Niki
Manik: hello Niki how was ur trip to goa
Cabir: ahem ahem please be quite she is not the one with whom I had gone with???
Manik: cabir I meant that how was ur trip to goa
Cabir: yeah manik it was good and now I think u shld leave I want to spend time with my baby
Niki: aww!baby ur so romantic

( manik starts to laugh and thinks u come to know after few days Niki?????)
Manik:ok cabir I wanna go to I have some work to do
Cabir:kk bro bye take care??(in a naughty manner he smiles and turns to Niki)
Manik come out of the restaurant and calls Charlie
Manik : hey Charlie where are u guys are u in college right now
Charlie : no bro we are at aliyas place come over here we are having some fun
Manik:what kind of fun
Charlie :if u come u ll get to know what we are doing
Manik:I am coming right away bye
Charlie :take ur time we ll be having fun
Manik:now I come even faster bye!!!!!
(Manik gives a wicked smile??? and leaves frm there )
aryaman see the door bell but the door was open so he just go inside
Worker: who are u?what do u want

Aryaman :AAA!!actually I wanted my house keys
Worker: this is not ur house
Aryaman :I said I want my house keys not this house keys,
Worker:why shld I give u my house keys I ll complaint to the police if u take my house keys
Aryaman :OMG (thinks#what kind of creatures live in this house )
Ok who is the owner of this house can I talk to him
Just then soha enters
Worker: this stupid is asking my house keys mam
(Aryaman was mesmerized by soha but comes to his senses and says)
I came here to take my house keys
Not his house keys I am unable to understand what he is understanding now I want to understand what he is understanding of my talks u are the owner so please make me understand that what he is understanding
( soha herself gets into trouble of understanding his talks)
Soha:hold on please calm down
I ll get u some water
Aryaman:yeah sure please?????
(Forgetting abt navya and nandu are waiting for him he is enjoying his company with his darling soha✌)
Just then there is a shout frm kitchen
It was soha’s voice ( hearing that aryaman runs to kitchen but seeing her????????)
***** what has happened??????lets see that in next episode??????
Precap: nothing????????

Guess what might have happened???

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. Plz yar…..don’t doo this too us…..
    U must give us a swt precap……
    well….thanx for such an amazing update…
    It’s just lovly..

    1. Everything is fair in all????

  2. Hey akankasha its really lovely yaar..but WO tho precap mein kuch nahi…. Yeah accha nahi … the way…keep writing

    1. Everything is fair in love and war but we ll change it as everything is fair in manan ff’s???

  3. Haww.. It ws too small… :/ no worries as it ws niceee…… Navya-aryamann.. What shud i call them? NavMann or ArYa?? Lazy to type u c 😛 they fyt lyk cats n dogs!! Nandu bechari inn sabko sehti hai.. ArNi r always cute n admired!
    Saman were good.. Was d worker mad?? Plus he made aryamann also mad resulting to soha going mad! Understand talk! You wrote it very well akanksha! 🙂
    Umm.. Very stupid guess.. Dunno if its ryt.. Writers hav become super talented.. Cockroach lol.. Kya pata cockroach ws lingering on her s*xyyy legs 😉 😛
    loved it…
    Update soonishhh

    1. Let’s see plummpy what it might be
      Glad u thought something atleast???lol?

  4. i think soha sees something so she shouts,please arrange manik nandini meeting in next part…?

    1. Tabassum manan ll come in front of each other still after some of 5 episodes atleast first let me introduce all the characters then everything ll happen

      1. i am waiting that desperately….i like both manik nandini in their characters so i am thinking how they will meet…

  5. Hey its too good I’m so happy with ur Ff but don’t know when parth n niti will be meeting
    So just be hurry
    See u soon
    Take care

    1. Have patience dear?

  6. Superb ya.. I like ur precap
    I’m so crazy fr the 1st meet of manan
    I think it might be with fight..
    . And I would like to know about Nandhini’s carrier..bez in ur story u noticed that she often reads ..
    And another doubt …. Navya is nandu’s friend. But I don’t know how she can be with her always. Don’t she have family…
    Plzzzz clarify my doubt!!!!!

    1. Actually navya is sister of nandu
      Nandini is not interested in psychology
      And have patience

  7. Nice yar… May be some creature is there in sohas kitchen else she slipped… Keep updating.. When will be manan first meet

    1. Patience

  8. Awesome episode, hilarious. ..naman (navya n aryaman) cute fights…manik convo very funny. ..manik n Charlie convo was very cuteeeee. ..n last scene, saman very funny…soha screaming…maybe saw a cockrochhhhh or lizard or mouse in the kitchen. …waiting for manan faceoff…love you loads

    1. Have patience all will come to know abt it

  9. Ayo nandhu navya

    1. Yeah hehehehh

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