Manan forever always episode 2


Hai everyone I am glad that every one like d myy ff
So continuing the ff
Navya,nandini,aryaman board the flight and get inside the flight
Nandu: Now I ll start reading both of u don’t fight and don’t disturb me ok
Aryaman comes to say something
Navya interrupt saying
“Ok nandu I ll irritate u . me and aryaman ll not fight in fact we ll be friends in this flight..ok aryaman “ saying that she winks at aryaman
Aryaman also joins with navya
Aryaman: yeah navya ur right we ll be friends in this 1 hour flight
It’s a deal ok navya
Navya: ok partner aryaman deal is a deal
Nandu had already slept in between this talk
Both navya and aryaman starts to laugh
manik comes out of the washroom and gets dressed with his clothes ( sorry guys I am not that good at dressing sennse so can’t help it)
Manik: soha!!!!! Where is my watch I am not finding it
Soha: I have kept it on the breakfast table so come fast ($houting)
Manik: ok baba I am coming now don’t shout at me.I am scared and he starts laughing ????
( at the bf table)
Soha: bhai today we shld eat something tasty
Manik: do we eat bad everyday
That ur telling we ll have something good
Come on sweetheart whatever u say
Soha: kk love u bhai so today we are going to eat sandwiches and salads
Manik:( shocked) nononononononono
U know na I don’t like it so I am not going to eat it that’s all
Soha: bhai u just said me u ll eat whatever I say so ur going to eat salads oly
Manik: no I won’t eat it that’s it
No don’t argue with ur ELDER brother
Soha: bhai I am ur sister then even I know how to make u eat.
Manik: so ur black mailing me haa!!!!!

Soha: no bhai I am just saying that I ll tell cabir that you were the one who broke into his house for stealing the drum sticks
Not oly that I ll tell Charlie that u were the one who madee to tell them that there is no class today and yes I ll not forget to tell druv that u were the one who broke his capo of his guitar just because u didn’t want to practice
Ok bhai don’t eat if u don’t like it ok
Manik was stunned that soha knew so many things abt him
Manik: how come u know abt druv and cabir thing
Soha: told na bhai I am ur sister not anyone else
Manik: ok meri maa I ll eat the whole thing which tasts yak???
I love you sissy please don’t tel them??
Soha: now stop acting and eat ur breakfast
Manik makes a puppy face and eats his breakfast???
Nandini and family reach Mumbai and gets shock that their dad had gone to his business meeting in Paris and he was not there in Mumbai so they just take a taxi and goes to their house where their own father lives
Nandu: bhai didn’t u tell papa that we are coming to Mumbai.
Aryaman: I had called him but his phone was switched off when I had called.
Navya: yeah yeah dad no work to do than answering ur calls right.its because of u we took a taxi rather than coming in our own car
It’s all because of u that we were not able to meet dad today. Stupid
Aryaman: enough enough

God has given u mouth that doesn’t mean u speak all the time
U have nose that doesn’t mean u poke it everywhere. Be quite and play it game..
( navya was pissed off so she kept quiet)
Nandu: bhai is anyone living in the other house which is next to ours
Aryaman: yeah dad told me that two ppl live in there
Nandu: u have any idea who are they I mean u know them who are they where have they come from.
Aryaman : nandini I know God has given mouth to u also but please be quite honestly I don’t know anything
Navya: yea yea u don’t know anything right???

Aryaman: shut up nandini is very good girl she is not understanding what ur speaking abt so its better we don’t talk abt these things.
Nandu: what things bhai????
Navya: he is talking something nonsense ignore him.
Now we shld decide our rooms so I am going to take the room which is next to kitchen
Aryama: bukkad I knew it u would choose that nandu which one u want
Nandu: bhai I want the room which is upstairs frm there we get to see the stars so I ll be there
Aryaman: ok its final I ll be taking the room which is next to nandu room
( all three are satisfied by their choices)
soha: I forgot to tell u bhai
The uncle who lives next to our house has given his house keys saying that someone is coming to live so he asked me to give the keys to them
Manik: kk I hope they are good people who can give me breakfast every day rather than eating this ? stupid thing
(Soha beats him but he escape)

Manik: and yes don’t forget ur pills take it on time I am going out to meet someone
Soha: come back by 9 pm ok bye
Manik: and one more thing
( soha curiously hears it)
I ll try my level best
Soha: for what
Manik: to come back at 9
( saying that he runs away)
Soha laughs and closes the door
Precap: nandu and family reach KURANA MANSION.aryaman goes to bring the keys frm soha.eyelock between saman( soha- aryaman )

Credit to: Akanksha

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    1. Thank you mega

  1. Ohhh love between these soha and aryaman

    1. I hope u like it

  2. Uh-oh….Saman!!!
    This is gonna b interesting!!!!
    Can’t wait to see manan’s first meet…
    I hope u make it happen…like magic!!!?✨✨✨✨
    I just loove d way u use emoticons to describe facial expressions….dats cute…
    Keep continuing…
    Love u…take care…

    1. Even I like u hope
      Please tell me ur real name
      Is saman not good?????

  3. Oh my! I so loved it akanksha dear!!!
    The cuteeeeee n adorableee bonding of soha n manik is soooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!! They’s sooo damn amazing as siblings!!!
    The last part ws funny.. Manik will try to come back within 9!!! Lol.
    ArNi were nice.. Aryamann n navya just rocked d epi!!! The argument b/w ArNi was supah adorable!!!
    I’d actually forgotten that aryamann n soha were siblings onscreen XD You rock girlll!!!
    And the name saman is nice.. Saman’s a female name n she’s my friend! The eyelockkk!!! Ahah this is unique…
    Love it..
    Keep going higher n higher girll 🙂

    1. Thank you very much plummpy I am really happy that u like it and saman is a good name I knew everyone would like it? actually even I forgot abt aryaman and soha were siblings??

      1. And i forgot to ask.. Are ArNi khurannas??
        And you’re most welcome dear 🙂

      2. Yes they are the khurana

  4. It’s interesting n amazing yar

    1. I glad that u found it interesting aalia ???

  5. Its really interesting. Super concept. Plzzzzzz continue..
    All the best!!!!!

    1. Thank you very much nandini I am feeling good that u liked it and found it interesting

  6. Saman……really yar……
    It’s awesome dr…..
    Love it….

    1. Thank you very much kavya I am glad u liked the name SAMAN??

  7. Its very nice dear
    A very good start n its interesting pair saman ?
    but I have a confusion is it MALHOTRA mansion ya KHURANA mansion???

    1. Hey isha
      Manik lives in MALHOTRA’S MANSION
      Nandu lives in khurana MANSION
      Even I am Jain????

      1. Okay thanks for clearing ?

  8. hmm going well, saman seriously nice name good to see that manik and soha are siblings u know what before reading the precap I was thinking that something will be there btw soha and Aryaman and look its already true
    and emoticons used for expression so cute…….keep up the work??

    1. Thank u very much aena its good to know that u have liked it a lot and even my expressions?

  9. Awsum

  10. Superb yar

  11. Wowwww aku dearyyy, awesome episode, it’s very interesting. ..the siblings talks, cute fights r very good. ..nandu so simple n sweeeeeet. ..manik very naughty. ..precap very exciting. ..Saman eyelock…wow…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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