Manan forever always episode 10

Okie okie guys I got to know that my ff is really boring so I thought to put some interesting so I guess u all would love it
????cross fingers✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌
Khurana s leave their house
Drulya were astonished seeing something
Aliya:druv did we see it happen
Druv:even I am not able to believe that just happened
Aliya :I guess we shld tell this to remaining fab 2
Druv:yeh lets hurry come lets go
Aliya and druv enter MALHOTRA’S MANSION
Manik:hey guys how was ur sterday
Druv:u can’t imagine what we just saw
Cabir:bhai don’t tell me what u saw sterday we are not interested????
Aliya:shut up cabir??u can’t imagine what we saw outside
Manik:guys calm down and tell me what happened
(Just then KURANA’s enter expect nandu )
Cabir:hai guys good morning
Navya:gooooodd morrrrng???
Cabir:yeah I guess it was a long one navya
Navya:I like to irritate ppl u know cabir
Cabir: exactly I know coz even I love irritating ppl
Navya:so I guess u got a friend (winks at him)
Aryaman: MM I guess it’s enough u can talk to him later let us also talk
Soha:yeah cabir stop it they have come here to eat bf
Manik:hey guys this is aliya and druv
(All 3 wave at drulya)
Soha:so guys lets have bf
Manik:but wait where’s nandini
(Just then nandini enter)
Nandu:I am here
Cabir:where were u
Navya:$he had gone to do something
Nandini: nthng much I called dad that we r going to have bf now
Manik:like seriously
Aryaman: bro can’t help it its her daily basis to call dad n say everything
Soha:that’s really sweet that u love ur dad so much
Navya:it oly consist of nandini not us
Manik:why so????
Aryaman: she is the reason we don’t go to late night parties coz mam says everything to dad so u understand right???
Soha: I do ??pity ur situation
Aryaman sees soha and gets some feeling but keeps it to himself??
Cabir:ok guys lets go
Navya:yeah ok
Manik:please come this way
(All 8 sit on the table and kaka serve everyone)
Manik observe how nandu eats and see her behavior that it’s really different frm other modern girls
Navya shows everyone their Mangalore photos
Cabir sees her expressions when she was describing all the photos which he likes is that is very cool and broad minded
Soha and aryaman get to see some glances and both of them think that they have feelings for each other or what
When they were seeing the videos there was a video which was almost 2 years old
Navya plays that video
In that nandini is partying hard with Aryaman and navya
All r stunned seeing that nandu was so cool than seeing her now
Manik is shocked that she was in a disco partying
Nandu tells navya to change the video and goes frm there
Manik feels that nandu was hurt
So he also gets frm there and goes behind her
Recap:nandini’s past is reveled to manik and he is shocked to know the bitter truth of nandus life????
So guys guess what would be nandu past
Leave ur comments below even if u don’t like the ff I would like to impr myself and give u all a better stories in future

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  1. What happend yaar what suspense

  2. It’s also good dr….
    Prefect concept…..
    Keep going…..

  3. oh my god…… seriously I’m speechless…… waiting 4 the next epi

  4. Awesome episode…U are doing well..make the updates a bit longer..

  5. superb yar but whats the checret……… pls reveal it soon…….don’t drag like daily soaps…waiting for next episode… wheres mukti?….. keep updating…its not at all a boring one……storyline is superb and its going good……

  6. gd one akansha ua gng good its nt at all a boring ff n pls update d nxt ff soon …

  7. Nice epi can’t wait 4 next one

  8. Awesome episode, nandini is having bitter past…that’s a big twist. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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