Manan forever always episode 1


Thanks for your comments every one.. My silent readers also
The story starts frm Mangalore
It’s 6 in morning
A girl come out frm her bedroom then navya is shown in her night shorts
She is in still sleppy condition. She goes to one more bedroom and enters it
There a girl ll be reading a big book wearing a nerd kind glass thts our nandini?
Navya: how much do u read.enough of it ,we have a flight at 11 in morning.I want ur help in packing my clothes
( suddenly sees 3 packed bags in nandu room)getting surprised???
Nandini: don’t be surprised .I knew no one would have packed their bags so I packed it yesterday night when u both had gone to the party. So don’t worry I have kept all ur things which u need while traveling.
Navya: kaise kar leti ho tum( how do u even do it)
Just then a smart boy comes in stretching his hands
Of course it has to be aryaman
Nandu: good morning bhai
Aryama: good morning sweetheart and you self obsessed creature ( navya)I have prepared coffee for u go n get it
( he gives a cup of milk to nandu)
Navya: can’t u bring my cup mean are you. Go I won’t talk to you.
Aryama: hey chill I am not doing any offence by not bringing coffee. It’s just that I don’t like the smell of coffee.
Navya: yeah yeah …whatever I like u ll never like it in fact u hate the things which I like
Nandu: now u both stop fighting and go ….get ready or else we ll get late for the flight
( aryaman and navya make faces at each other and leave the room)
Nandu is relived that both left the room

In Mumbai
A bigmansion named MALHOTRA’S MANSION
( which is extremely attractive and awesome)
A girl gets milk in a glass which is same as nandini glass but its written N on it. In nandu glass its written M)
The girl is introduced as SOHA MALHOTRA
Who is wearing a posh short dress She gets into a room telling” good morning brother”
Boy: y do u wake me up so early in the morning
Soha: bro its 8 20 already and ur telling me not to wake u up early.
Just then the boy wakes up fastly and runs towards wash room and comes out after few seconds
MANIK MALHOTRA is shown in his as usual bermudas
Soha: y did u go inside the washroom to come out so fast
Manik: I went in to bring my cell phone
Soha: why don’t u act like a big brother with me. U r like a kid in front of me like seriously who lives his cell phone inside the washroom
Manik: sweetheart I am ur big brother so oly I act lik tht but remember its oly in front of u I act like this not others
Soha: I know bhai so oly I love u so much. Now it’s already late take ur milk drink it fast and come to breakfast table I want to talk to u.
Manik: ok madam as u say( soha beats his stomach and runs away) manik laughs and goes to bath
Precap: nandu and family reach Mumbai
Soha speaks to manik abt her neighbor who has just got in to the house

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. Good start dear…thought of manik and soha as bro and sis is superb… So manan are neighborhood… Nice dear… Keep updating…

    1. Thank you Priya ?

  2. It’s nice start liked ur update manan n neighbour wow! Superb keep it on God bless u♡

    1. Aalia thanks u for liking my ff I ll make sure I ll keep it up to the level which everyone require and yea thanks for the blessings???

  3. Interesting start……
    Keep it up yar…..
    Waiting for next update….
    tb tak ke liye…..miss u…..

    1. Miss u to kavya and I am going good that u liked the ff?

  4. Is soha neighbours are our nandhu family

    1. Yes sweetie they are

  5. Sweet start!!!
    D siblings affection n bonding n all…
    Looved d geekish side of nandu!!!
    Wid all d specs n books n all…
    N Manik as usual our hunk!!!
    Keep it cmng!!!?

    1. Thank you very much I am glad that u liked it

  6. Hey dear! When i read the intro.. The thing i loved a lot was that manik-soha are siblings!!!!!! Out of so many FFs this is the 1st one i read they’re siblings and soha’s not a psycho!
    You’re doing well dear 🙂
    keep going on n on

    1. Thank u plummpy
      To be frank I was actually waiting for ur comment?

  7. Awesome start aku dearyyy…nerd nandu with books n specs..woww…nandu, navya n aryaman cute fight…awww so cutee…soha n manik sibling nok-jhok…super cute. ..nandini n manik’s milk glasses letters N & M…superbbbb storyline n plot…precap is very interesting. ..manan going to be neighbors…wowww. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks roma

  8. Nice strt 🙂

    1. Thank u

  9. Medhavi Thakkar

    Great start…seems really interesting…good luck…!

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