Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (prologue)


It’s You ~ my firefly

Manik Malhotra : A hot,young,handsome & fun loving boy who blvs in true love & love to play guiter..Owner of Malhotra Industry.. Mother Nyonika & Sister Mukti..Lost his father at childhood.. Love his mom & little sis to d core..Best frnd Cabir
Nyonika Malhotra : Mother of Manik & Mukti..A social worker & also help Manik in his business.. Loves her children lyk anything..stays at Shimla with her son Manik..
Mukti Malhotra : sister of Manik & daughter of Nyonika..currently staying at Mumbai..Good frnd of nandini & navya..Boyfriend Abhimanyu..
Cabir Dhawan : Best frnd of Manik..Lost his parents at childhood.. A fun loving jovial person..RJ at radio2..girlfriend Navya..

Nandini Murthy : A cute bubbly girl who loved to enjoy her lyf..but after some tragedy forgot her smile totally..Lost her parents some years ago..stays with her uncle (mother’s bro) frnd Navya..Also a good frnd of Mukti..
Navya Naveli : Best frnd of Nandini..knows her inside out..dramatic girl..girlfriend of Cabir & a gd frnd of Mukti..

Abhimanyu Khurana : Cousin of Nandini..Loves her very much..treats her just lyk her own sister..he is a successful doctor..only son of Kishore Khurana..his dad wanted him to join his business.. But he choosed to be a doctor which annoyed his dad very much..Girlfriend Mukti..
Kishore Khurana : A successful businessman..only business is important for him..He can sacrifice anything for his business.. Nothing else matters to him..Father of Abhimanyu & uncle of Nandini.. Nandini stays at his house after the death of her parents…

More characters will be introduced if needed…

This story is about love,frndship & pain..
What will happen when a fun loving boy will fall for a girl whose lyf is already fill with darkness?! Who is in some kinds of big tragedy?! Will he be able to remove the darkness & fill her lyf with the light of fireflies?? What will happen when a simple & innocent girl will become a victim of his own uncle’s greediness?!!

So this is it..If u lyk it only then I will continue.. Give me ur original feedbacks..
Till then..bye bye

#B_happy_n_stay_safe_&_spread_Love 🙂


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  1. Amazing intro pls update first part soon

    1. Nishita

      Thnk u piya..I’ll update it as soon as possible

  2. Nice continue please

    1. Nishita

      Thnk u..I’ll continue

    2. Nishita

      Thnk u piya..I’ll update it as soon as possible
      Thnk u so much.. I’ll surely continue

  3. Sindhu_Varma

    Plz continue ???

    1. Nishita

      Thank u..I’ll continue ?

  4. Wow its different cont dear…

    1. Nishita

      Thank u so much dear..I’ll continue ?

  5. Supeerrbb yar please continue…..

    1. Nishita

      Thank u..I’ll update soon

  6. Plz plz continue….

    1. Nishita

      Of course..thank u

  7. The first thing that caused me to open this was the title. Loved it???
    Woah manik believes in true live n nandu in darkness!! This seems freakin interesting!!
    I love it.
    Cont soon?

    1. Nishita

      Thank u so much plumply ???

  8. awesome , update asap

    1. Nishita

      I’ve already sent the nxt epi for publishing.. Thank u 🙂

  9. Now this is what is different”…really Manik is fun loving n Nandu in darkness…ll be really interesting to read..plzz do continue

    1. Nishita

      Thnk u so much tash ☺

  10. Nyc start…keep going

    1. Nishita

      Thank u anjali 🙂

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