Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 9)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Khurana Mansion :

Abhi & nandini both had a great tym together.. After many days nandini was genuinely happy..
Abhi : It’s quite late..I think u should go now..everyone is waiting 4 u there..
Nandini : r u sure bhai?? U’ll manage here?? Alone??
Abhi : who said I’m u r also with me.. We can talk whenever we want r8?? Moreover.. Mukti..she doesn’t leave me alone even for a moment.. Every now & then she will call & talk to me…
Nandini : she really loves u lot..
Abhi : yeah..bdw I’m sorry on behalf of her..she was tensed for me that’s why she behaved lyk that with u…
Nandini : I didn’t mind at all..she is also my frnd & I know how she fact I felt good that someone is there to take care of my bhai…
Abhi hugged nandini…
Abhi : so let’s go…otherwise it’ll b late…
Nandini : ok…
Abhi & nandini left for Malhotra mansion…
They reached there & entered inside..nyonika was sitting at the hall waiting for nandini…
Nandini : aunty..u r sitting here at this tym?!
Nyo : I was waiting 4 u…actually I’m habituated with was feeling empty without u…
Abhi : waah baby doll .u have spell ur magic here also ?!
Nandini : bhai !!!
Trio laughed…
Abhi : seriously aunty..thank u so much for taking such good care of nandini…
Nyo : nandini is also my daughter.. So u don’t have to do this formality…
Abhi smiled..
Abhi : ok then..I’ll take ur leave now..
Nandini : first meet mukti..otherwise She’ll cmplnt that u have forget her..
Abhi : yeah..r8..where is she?
Nyo : she is upstair in manik’s room…let me call her..
Nyonika called her….

In manik’s room:

Manik & mukti both were sitting in the bed..
Mukti : why mom is calling me?!
Manik : may b ur abhi has come…
Mukti : & ur nandini…!!
Manik : whatever.. But don’t tell anyone about it…
Mukti :’s our top secret..
Manik : gd…now go else ur abhi will leave…
Mukti : yeah r8..coming mom !!
Mukti went downstair…
Nyo : woh…abhi & nandini has come..if abhi had left u would cmplnt that he didn’t meet I called u..
Mukti : thnks mom..
Nyonika went to her room…
Nandini : umm…I think I should leave also…
Mukti & abhi blushed…..
Nandini : cute…
Abhi : dollaaa !!!
Nandini : ok ok..I won’t dstrb u…u carry on..
Nandini hugged abhi & said bye to him..she left for her room….
Mukti : so how was ur day?? Happy now??
Abhi : was great..I’m really happy…
Mukti : let’s go to outside..
Abhi : ok..
Mukti & abhi came outside…
Mukti : I missed u abhi..
Abhi : I missed my baby too..
Both hugged each other & then kissed each other…
Abhi : mukti..if u will do these things na…I won’t b able to go then..
Mukti : shut up..go…
Abhi : r u sure???
Abhi came close to mukti..
Mukti pushed him..
Mukti : very sure..
Abhi : ok..bye…
Mukti : bye…
Abhi left & mukti also went to her room…
Nandini was going to her room & suddenly she thought to meet she went to his room…
Nandini : may I come in??
Manik : nandini !! Of course..come…
Nandini : what r u doing??
Manik : nothing important.. I was just checking mails..
Nandini : ohh..ok..
Manik : so how was ur day??
Nandini : fantastic just bcz of u..
Manik : thank u..
Nandini : I should say that..
Manik : no..u shouldn’t…
Nandini : why?
Manik : bcz…leave it..u r happy na??
Nandini : yes..I’m happy..
Manik : Gd..did u eat dinner?? & medicines??
Nandini : yea Dr. Manik Malhotra I have eat my dinner & I have also took my medicines..
Manik : gd..bdw ur face is telling me that u missed me a lot…
Nandini became startled..
Nandini in mind : yeah..I missed him..but what should I say now ?!
Manik :’s written on ur face..
Nandini became nervous…
Manik : duffer..I was joking..
Manik laughed at nandini’s reaction..
Nandini : u love to tease me r8??
Manik : no actually… I love…
Manik looked at her eyes & came close to her…
Manik : I love….
Nandini was getting more nervous.. She shivered feeling the moment..manik noticed that & smirked…
Manik held her waist & went more close to her…
Manik : I love…
Nandini was lost in his eyes…
Nandini : u… love….
Manik came close to her lips..nandini closed her eyes..manik smirked a little & whispered in her ear that I love to make u angry….
Manik left her immediately..
Nandini was cmpltly surprised.. She took a minute to understand everything… After understanding she looked at manik..he was smirking & smiling…
Nandini : u r really bad manik..
Nandini took a pillow & started to hit manik with that…Manik was trying to defend himself..but they both lost balance & directly fall on bed…
Nandini was on top of manik..both were laughing but suddenly both of their eyes met..they shared an eye lock… Both were lost in each other’s eyes..manik’s hands were on nandini’s waist & nandini’s hands were on manik’s chest..
Suddenly manik’s phone rang & both came to their senses…both left each other & got up from bed immediately..
Nandini : I think I should go now..bye..
Nandini left the room & went to her room..
Manik was staring at the door.. His mbl rang again & he checked the caller id…Cabir…
Manik : what a tyming !!!
Manik took the call…
Manik : yeah..who died now??
Cabir : hi no hello..directly taunt?!!
Manik : u r worth of it..
Cabir : why ?? What did I do?! U r talking as if I have interrupted in ur & nandini’s romance?!!
Manik was shocked to listen this from cabir…he started stammering..
Manik :!
Cabir : what?!! Seriously?!! U were…hold a mint..did I miss something???
Manik : cabir.. Woh..actually.. I think I love nandini…
Cabir : u think ???
Manik : no..actually.. I I’m sure about it…
Cabir : wow !! Finally ?!! She must b really special..Manik Malhotra first tym loved a girl !!! Now I really have to meet her…
Manik : shut up cabir..
Cabir : did u tell her??
Manik : can I tell her?! U know na what happened with her..
Cabir : yeah..but what do u think??does she also love u??
Manik : I don’t know..I think she lyks me..but she doesn’t love me lyk that..u know..she consider me as her frnd…
Cabir : do u want to tell her??
Manik : no..not now..I want to give her some time.. First I want to make her normal as a frnd….
Cabir : waah….
Cabir threw some fake tears..
Cabir : I wish someone would love me lyk that !!!.
Manik : ohhh…should I tell this to navya?? She will definitely find someone for u…
Cabir : noooo….r u crazy?! Madhubala will kill me…
Manik laughed at cabir’s reaction..
Manik : cabir..why don’t u & ur madhubala come to my place…Nandini & mukti will also have some company & we can also spent some great tym.. Moreover u will b able to meet with Nandini also..
Cabir : looks lyk Manik has become majnu in nandini’s love !!
Manik : shut up cabir..
Cabir : ok..f9..we’ll come tomorrow at 5pm…
Manik : that’s gd..then c u..bye..
Cabir : ok..bye..
Manik hanged up the call…

Nandini was in her room lying in the bed..she was unable to sleep..she was remembering her & manik’s moment…

Nandini’s POV
Manik was just doing fun..but why did I took it seriously ?!! Why I’m still feeling restless remembering it…what did I expect? He will kiss me ?!! Why didn’t I move?! Was I lyking the closeness?! If he would’ve kissed me then…I would’ve let him do that?!! But why?! Do I love?!! No no no..I can’t.. I just can’t… Just shut ur mind nandini & sleep…
End of POV

Manik’s POV
Nandini.. U r lyk a magnet..whenever u come near me..I can’t control myself… Today I was about to kiss u..thnk God I controlled myself.. But why didn’t u stop me nandini?? Why didn’t u move away?! Why did u let me do whatever I was doing?!! Do u also love me?? Or it’s just a mere attraction for u?! But whatever I saw in ur eyes it can’t b just attraction..
End of POV

Manik & Nandini both were lost in each other’s thoughts..sleep was far away from them..they both were confused… Manik decided to play guitar…he took his guitar & started to play it…nandini listened the sound.. She wanted to go but remembering the moment she didn’t have the courage to she decided not to go…
Manik started to singing….

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

(Manik remembered how he met with nandini at highway.. How he took nandini at his home & admired they talked first they talked at the tarrace & made dinner..)

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

(Nandini remembered how manik told her to leave everything on he took care of he understood her every prblm & solved her prblm)

Keh De Mujhse Dil Mein Kya Hai, Aisa Bhi Kya Guroor
Tujhko Bhi Toh Ho Raha Hai Thoda Asar Jaroor
Yeh Khaamoshi Jine Na De, Koi Toh Baat Ho
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

(Manik remembered their eyelock in the kitchen.. How nandini hugged him for the frst tym while nandini & manik had a pillow fight then how nandini reacted when he was about to kiss her..& then their eye lock..)

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

(Manik also remembered how they fought with cushion at abhi’s house.. Nandini’s laugh..her angry looks..her smiles & cute pouts…their eyelock..)

Tu Hi Meri Roshani Hai, Tu Hi Chiraag Hai
Dheere Dheere Mit Jaayega, Halka Sa Daag Hai
Yeh Zeher Bhi Yuun Piya Hai, Jaise Sharaab Ho
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

(Nandini remembered how manik consoled her manik supported her & understand her…how manik cared for her…she also remembered when he was about to kiss her..when he cupped her face & wiped her he hugged her..their eyelock..their fights..)

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)

(Nandini & manik both were remembering each & every moment spent with each other..nandini fell asleep remembering them..)

manik finished the song..he also felt relaxed after playing he also went to bed & slept peacefully…

So it was chapter 9..hope u lyk it..if u have any suggestion don’t hesitant.. & 1st tym I’ve write a whole song..I don’t know u’ll lyk it or not..if not u can tell me…plzz share ur views & feedbacks… Till then…

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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