Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 8)

Thank u so so much all for all ur cmnts..I was really tensed if u lyking the track or not..if anyone have any suggestion feel free to tell me..I’ll surely think about it…

Story continues –

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Manik was thinking what to do to make nandini confess the truth..
suddenly nyonika came & told him that she is going to khurana house with mukti to meet nandini as mr.khurana is in london for some business deal…
Then he got a plan..

manik’s pov
yes.. u have to confess the truth in front of abhi..u won’t b able to hide ur feelings anymore..
end of pov

Nandini came out of her room..she found no one in the house..she was wondering where everyone went all of a sudden…
Suddenly he noticed manik coming running to her…
Nandini : manik..what happened?? Is everything alright..why r u running lyk that?!
Manik : nandini..we don’t have much tym..we have to go..come..
Nandini : but where?? What happened?? At least tell me something…
Manik : woh..abhi..
Nandini became restless…
Nandini : abhi what manik??
Manik : woh..abhi’s condition was not gd at all..he was blaming himself for everything.. He was driving the car thinking all these & then…
Nandini : then what???
Manik : woh..then..suddenly he had an accident…

Nandini : what?? How is he now?? Where is he??
Manik : he is at his & mukti went to see him..
Nandini : let’s go..
Manik : but nandini.. U…
Nandini : shut up manik..don’t waste tym..I want to see him…
Nandini went running towards the car & got into the car.. Manik also got into the car..nandini was crying thinking about abhi’s accident.. She was getting impatient & was telling manik to drive fast…
At last she got frustrated & told manik to stop the car..manik was confused..he stopped the car..nandini got down from the car & told manik to also get down..he also got down..
Manik : what r doing nandini??
Nandini sat into the driver seat & told manik to seat in the passenger seat fast…manik sat…
Manik : r u sure u will drive??

Nandini started the car & drove it in a very high speed…manik was shocked..he told nandini to slow down the car or they’ll have accident.. But nandini didn’t listen & told him to shut up & keep quiet.. Manik was praying to God..nandini stopped the car…
Manik : what happened??
Nandini got down from the car immediately & said that we have reached… She went inside running…
Manik : what ?? How?! Nandini murthy crossed 45mints route in only 15mints !!!! Thank u God that I’m alive !!
He was really shocked..he got down from the car & went inside…

Nandini went to abhi’s room & without noticing anything he hugged abhi immediately….abhi was shocked..he also hugged her..

Nandini : I’m sorry bhai..plzz forgive me..thnk God u r alright..nothing happened to u..why can’t u take care of urself! If anything happened u then?! U know na I can’t live without u..I love u so much..I’m sorry..I lied to u..I thought if I stay in front of u..u will always feel guilty seeing my condition.. Just bcz of me u will have to suffer a lot…I thought if I stay away from u..u will forget everything & stay happy..plzz forgive me..I didn’t wanted to do this..plzz don’t leave me alone…
After listening these abhi became numb & hugged nandini tightly & cried…mukti & Nyonika also became numb.. Mukti also felt guilty for misunderstanding nandini..manik came to the room & watched the scenario & smiled…
Abhi : I’ll never leave u dolla..I love u too.. I knew u can’t hate me..
Both left each other & wiped each other’s tears…
Abhi : but I’m angry with dare u to think lyk that..u know na u r my smile..u r lyk everything 4 me..I can never forget u & without u I can never be happy..
Nandini : I’m sorry bhai..plzz forgive me…
Abhi : itz ok but don’t u dare to think lyk this again…okay??
Nandini : ok..nandini promise !!
Abhi smiled & hugged her..
Nandini broke the hug…
Nandini : but.. Bhai…u had accident na?? How come u r absolutely alright?!!!
Manik palmed her face…
Manik : I’m gone now…
Abhi : what?! Who told u ?!! There’s nothing lyk that..I’m f9..nothing happened..
Nandini : but….
She got it..she made an angry face & looked at manik…
Manik smiled nervously…

Manik : woh…I…nandini…actually..
Nandini : manik..u r dead…
Nandini started throwing pillow to manik..manik started running.. Nandini also ran behind him…nyonika,mukti & abhi were confused…
Manik went downstair..nandini also ran behind him & came to downstairs… Nandini threw a cushion on manik ..manik also took it & threw it on nandini..both were fighting, laughing & talking..
Nandini : why did u lie manik?
Manik : bcz u r dumb..

Nandini : what???
Nandini became angry & threw a cushion directly on manik’s face & laughed…
Nandini : now say who is looking dumb???
Now manik became angry & ran behind her …he also threw the cushion on nandini’s head..
Manik : if I had tried to make u understand u would never it miss lady vim??
Nandini : whatever…
Nandini took a cushion again & threw it on manik’s face again..& laughed loudly..
Manik : now u r dead miss nandini murthy…
Both had a little cushion last they both got tired & rested in the couch…both were panting & laughing…
Manik stopped laughing & nandini was still laughing.. Manik was staring at nandini & smiling… Nandini stopped laughing after sometime..
Nandini : thank u manik for whatever u did…I was wrong & u corrected me..thank u…
Manik smiled : mention not..
Both were smiling & had an eyelock…
Abhi,mukti,nyonika came downstair..
Nyo : if ur fighting session is over may we know what was happening here??
Their eye lock broke by nyo’s voice..
Nandini told them everything…
Abhi came to manik & hugged him..
Abhi : u don’t know what u have done for me..nandini is lyk my world to me..I’ll always b thankful to u..when everyone failed to understand her..u understood her & supported her..thank u so much manik..

Manik : yaar…don’t b emotional..we r one family r8?? So it was my duty..
Mukti went to nandini…
Mukti : I’m sorry nandini..I’m ur frnd still I misunderstood fact I also behaved badly ..I’m really sorry..
Nandini : don’t b sorry’s not ur was ur love for abhi…
Both hugged each other..
Manik : now enough of emotional scenes.. Itz looking lyk a family drama…now stop it yaar…
Everyone agreed & smiled…

Nyonika : I think we should go now..
Nandini was lost somewhere.. Abhi tapped her shoulder…
Abhi : don’t worry dolla..u won’t have to stay here..u can go with them..
Nandini was confused what to do..
Manik : nandini..u should come with us as it’s not safe to stay here..first we should slv the prblms & punish ur culprits..after that u can stay wherever u want..
Nandini looked at abhi…abhi smiled..
Abhi : manik is r8..don’t worry.. I’ll come to meet u there..

Nandini hugged abhi..
Nandini : bhai as uncle won’t come today can I stay here for some more time with you ???
Abhi : u don’t have to ask permission for that..u can but only if u r comfortable…
Nandini smiled..but manik was feeling tensed for nandini..
Nyonika : but how’ll nandini return alone?
Manik was about to say that he’ll come to take her but was interrupted by abhi..
Abhi : I’ll drop nandini..don’t worry aunty..

Nyonika : ok..then it’s fine.let’s go..
Mukti & nyonika left..abhi also went to see off them…nandini & manik was left alone in the hall..nandini came to manik..
Nandini : won’t u go??
Manik : r u sure u r comfortable??
Nandini : don’t worry manik..I’ll b f9..
Manik hugged her..first Nandini hesitant to respond but after a while she also hugged him back..
After sometime both left each other..
Manik : bye nandini..
Nandini : bye manik..
Manik left & nandini was looking in the way until he vanishes in front of her eyes…
Abhi came inside the house after they left..
Abhi : so what’ll u eat???
Nandini : umm…let’s make pasta..
Abhi : when did u started eating pasta?? As far as I remember u always preferred to eat sandwiches.. R8???

Nandini : tastes chng bhai…
Abhi : let’s go & make them by ourselves..
Nandini : Gd idea ..
Both went to kitchen.. Both were making pasta together with a little chit chat…
Abhi : nandu..pass the salt plzz…
No response… So abhi looked at her..she was smiling & lost somewhere…actually she was remembering her & manik’s moment in the kitchen while making pasta..abhi found it fishy..
Abhi : thinking about manik??
Nandini unintentionally said yes…
Then suddenly she realised it & looked away…Abhi smiled..
Abhi : so…do u love him??
Nandini : there’s nothing lyk that’s just he understand me really well & he helped me a lot…he is really a gd frnd..
Abhi : he is indeed a gd frnd & very nyc guy…but is there something more than frndship??
Nandini : no bhai..I don’t think so..I just lyk him… a frnd…
Abhi : ok…but if there’s something more then u’ll have to tell me..ok??
Nandini : of course…

Nandin’s pov :
after whatever happened with me I don’t think I’ll b able to move on & love anyone.. I just can’t trust anyone so easily & blindly …in fact I don’t want to think about love…
End of POV

Both prepared pasta & ate them together.. Abhi also made some sandwiches & juice…after that they gossiped a lot & refreshed the memory of their childhood.. In short they spent a great tym together…

Malhotra Mansion :

Manik was sitting in his room thinking about the day…

Manik’s POV
Today was a great day…after I met nandini I saw her laughing genuinely today..she was looking beautiful.. I was mesmerized by seeing her…today I saw happiness in her eyes for the first tym..& all the misunderstandings also cleared..I guess now it won’t b so difficult to make nandini’ll take some tym..but anything for her…
End of POV

Manik’s thoughts were disturbed by a knock on the door…it was mukti..
Mukti : may I come in??
Manik : of course princess..
Mukti came inside the room & sat beside manik…
Mukti : actually I was getting thought of talking to u..
Manik : anytime princess..
Mukti : thnks bhai for everything u did today..

Manik : now u’ll say thnks to ur brother?? Seriously??
Mukti : oops..sorry..bdw what’s cooking???
Manik : means??
Mukti : what’s happening between u & nandini??
Manik : nothing mukti..
Mukti : tell me the truth bhai ..
Manik : ok f9..actually I don’t know how but I’m falling for her..i don’t itz really love or not but i really lyk her..the way she care for her loved ones,the way she talk,the way she look..everything is just amazing about her..but I don’t know what does she think about me..after whatever happened with her I don’t know she will b able to become normal again or not..but I’ll try my best to make her normal…
Mukti : OMG !!! Though u r really friendly & fun loving person I never saw u to praise any girl lyk this.. She is really special.. & Manik Malhotra is definitely & finally in love…
Manik smiled & looked down..
Mukti : aww…it’s so cute.. U r blushing…
Manik : shut up..I’m not..ok??
Mukti : yeah..I can see that..
Manik : whatever…
Mukti : why don’t u tell it to nandini??
Manik : no…not now.. I want to make it slow so that there will b no confusion..First I want to heal her as a frnd..
Mukti : ohhoooo..keep going !!
Manik : thank u !!!

Both laughed & chit chat for sometime & teased each other…

So it was chapter 8..plzz give feedbacks how it was…& I told u about suggestions feel free about it. Don’t hesitant.. I’ll b waiting for ur feedbacks.. Till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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