Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 7)


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Story continues –

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Nandini was looking at Manik.. She didn’t say anything..
Manik : Plzz tell me..I really want to listen it from u…
Nandini : I told everyone why I don’t want to see him..his dad….
Manik ssshh her by keeping his finger on her lip…
Manik : I want to listen the truth..
Manik cupped her face..both were looking at each other’s eyes..
Manik : I want u to share it with me…
Nandini : ok…
Manik left her face & kept his hand on her hand…
Manik : so tell me …
Nandini took a long breath & looked down…

Nandini : I know bhai loves me a lot..I know him in & fact I know him better than he knows himself..I know whatever happened he will blame himself… If he see me in this state regularly he will die everyday..he won’t b able to forgive himself..I don’t want him to suffer the pain..he will b able to tolerate my hate towards him as he will think that I’m fine..but if he see me in this condition everyday he won’t b able to tolerate fact that’s why i made him promise that he won’t come to meet me..I just want him to b happy..if I won’t b there in his lyf he will forget everything with tym..he will b nrml & happy with tym..but if I stay in front of him he will never forget anything & he will b guilty always..I don’t want it to happen..just for me he’ll break his rlsn with his father..i know the pain of losing parents..just for me he will have to suffer this seeing my face he will feel shame & guilty..I’m lyk a curse in his I want him to forget me..I want to stay away from him so that he can b happy…

Nandini was crying badly..Manik could feel her pain..he immediately hugged her..nandini also hugged him tightly…she was continuously crying..after some tym manik tried to break the hug but nandini held him more tightly…so he also hugged her tightly..after crying for some more tym nandini left him & stopped crying… Manik wiped her tears & gave her a glass of water…
Manik : nandini…abhi is lucky to have a sister lyk u..u can’t b curse in anyone’s lyf.. U r lyk a blessing.. U r just lyk ur fireflies who only knows how to shine in other’s lyf…
Nandini : manik..promise me u won’t tell anyone about it..plzzz
Manik smiled..
Manik : I promise..But u also have to promise me one thing..
Nandini : what?
Manik : That u’ll take care of urself…

Nandini : ok..promise..
Manik : gd sleep & take rest..
Manik made nandini lay down on bed & told her to rest..nandini slept & manik went to his room…

Manik took his guitar & started to tuning it..he played guitar for sometime with a smile on his face remembering nandini…he stopped playing after some while…

Manik’s POV :
The more I know u the more u impress me..what kind of a person u r nandini?! Even in this state u thought about abhi’s pain forgetting urs..i knew that u were acting of hating abhi for some reason..i saw that in ur eyes..but i wanted u to tell me bcz i wanted to make u feel comfortable with that it becomes easy for me to help u & make u normal..u did that just bcz of ur brother’s happiness!! I don’t know how but I’m just falling for u..I won’t break my promise but I’ll do something that u will tell the truth to abhi by yourself.. I won’t let u stay in darkness…
End of pov

Khurana mansion :

Abhi was crying remembering nandini’s word..mukti was trying to console him…
Mukti : abhi plzz..she was angry that’s why she behaved lyk that..I’m sure she will call u by herself after sometime..
Abhi : no mukti..she hates me..she won’t forgive me.. In fact she doesn’t want to see my face…
Mukti : it’s not lyk that..everything will b alright.. Plzz b strong…
Mukti wiped his tears & made him sleep…
Mukti looked at abhi’s pale face..

Mukti’s POV :
Why Nandini?! U were never lyk this..the nandini I used to know it can’t b could u do that?! U never tolerated a single tear in abhi’s fact u also scolded me for fighting with abhi..but now how could u give these pain to abhi ?! Now u didn’t feel bad ?! I won’t forgive u for this..u have give me answer for such behave…
End of POV

Mukti called Manik..
Mukti : hello bhai..did u talk to nandini??
Manik thought for a while about nandini’s promise..
Manik : no..she was very disturbed.. So I didn’t ask anything.. She is sleeping now…how is abhi ??
Mukti : his condition is really bad bhai…he was crying a lot..somehow I made him sleep…
Manik : oh..oky…
Mukti : how could nandini do this ?! I never expected this from her..
Manik : don’t blame her..she must’ve had her reasons..she also love abhi the way abhi loves her..
Mukti : may b..but no reason can b so big that nandini had to behave that way..
Manik : tym will say that..u take care of abhi..

Mukti : yeah..woh bhai i won’t b able to come home today as abhi will b alone & he needs someone…
Manik : yeah..I understand…I’ll tell mom..u don’t worry about that..
Mukti : thanks bhai..bye..
Manik : bye..
Manik cut the call..

Manik’s POV
Everyone is misunderstanding u nandini..I won’t let u make urself bad in front of others just bcz of their happiness..
End of pov

Mukti’s POV
What happened to bhai suddenly?! Why is he taking nandini’s side so much !!!
End of POV

Nandini woke up at evening…nyonika came to her room…

Nyonika : gd evening !! How r u feeling now??
Nandini : much better..
Nyonika : gd..u go & freshend up..I’ll bring something for u to eat..
Nandini : ok..
Nandini went to washroom & nyonika went to kitchen… She made sandwiches & juice for nandini…she was about to go to give Nandini the foods but her mobile rang..she called manik & told him to give the food to Nandini as she will have to take the call..manik took the foods for nandini..

Nandini : u didn’t go to office?
Manik : no actually I took leaves for some days as I planned to spent some days with mukti..
Nandini : I’m sorry..bcz of me ur plans get spoiled..
Manik : shut up..don’t start crying again..otherwise there will b flood in our house.. & I love my house very I don’t want it to spoilt..
Nandini gave him lyk seriously look..
Manik : what ?I’m serious… Do u know how much u cry?!
Nandini : whatever…
Manik : now eat the food..else u will faint again & my house will get hurt by ur sudden attack …
Nandini throwed a pillow on manik’s face..
Nandini : shut up manik…
Manik : don’t attack me..attack the food…
Nandini : whatever…
Nandini ate the food & took medicines…
Nandini : manik..did u talk to mukti??how is he??
Manik : he was crying.. But mukti made him sleep..

Nandini became sad…
Manik : don’t b sad nandini..Everything will b ok…
Nandini : hmm
Manik : if u don’t mind can I say u something??
Nandini : ok..

Manik : think about it again..I also have a I know..if something bad happened with her I wanted to b with her..I wanted to share her pain.. That’s how I would feel better..I know u r doing this for abhi which is also difficult 4 u..but just think about it for once… Plzz…
Manik left the door leaving Nandini in her thoughts…
Mukti came home..she went to nandini’s room…
Mukti : nandini..why r u doing this?? If there is anything plzz tell us..but it’s wrong to bhv lyk that..
Nandini : mukti..plzz..I don’t want to talk about it …
Mukti : u have to talk nandini..u can’t just keep quiet..did u see abhi’s condition… What happened nandini that it chng u so much?!

Nandini : u know what happened..
Mukti : still u can’t blame abhi..u have to answer me…
Nyonika came there listening mukti’s voice..
Nyo : what’s going on here?! Mukti..I told u na not to talk nandini about this now…
Mukti : have to talk..
Nyo : mukti..just go to ur room…now !!
Mukti left becoming frustrated..
Nyo : nandini I’m sorry for mukti’s bhvr..
Nandini : u don’t have to b sorry..I didn’t mind..
Nyonika smiled & left
Nandini’s pov

Mukti is not I can’t b angry on her.. She just care for abhi…but what manik said is r8?! Did I do anything wrong ?!!
End of pov

Manik watched mukti & nandini’s conversation from outside…

Manik’s POV
It’s not r8.. Everyone is blaming Nandini.. It’s high tym I should do something…
End of pov

So it was chapter 7..
What do u think what will manik do ?!

I don’t know if u r really lyking the track or not.. Those who commented & liked thank u very much…if u r not lyking it feel free to share..plz share ur genuine feedbacks..
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