Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 5)


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Story continues –

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Manik was unable to decided to talk with his one & only best frnd Cabir…manik called cabir..

Manik : hello Cabir
Cabir : least u remembered me…
Manik : sorry yaar..I was really busy..
Cabir : what?? Don’t say that u married !!!
Manik : what !! Obviously no..what r u saying?;
Cabir : u r didn’t marry then where were u that u forgot ur own best frnd?!!
Manik : don’t start ur drama again yaar..I’ve already a lot of prblms..
Cabir : oky..then tell me what is ur prblm?? Cabir baba is here to slv all of ur pareshani..
Manik : shut up..woh actually when I was coming from a party suddenly my car hitted a girl who immediately fainted & I took her with me at home..then…….
Manik told cabir everything whatever happened…
Cabir : oky…manik…is she hot??
Manik : cabir !!!
Cabir : no I was just asking how she looks…
Manik : she looks beautiful, innocent & amazing…
Manik was lost thinking about Nandini…
Cabir : ohhhooo….she is sooo much !! What’s cooking dude?? R u in love with her??
Manik : u r joking.. R8 cabir??
Cabir : yeah..may b..actually…..
Manik : cabir do u know what is the benefit of being a joker???
Cabir : ahh…nooo
Manik : when they r really getting killed they never realised it as they stay busy in joking around…
Cabir : haha..well said..but I didn’t scared..
Manik : whatever.. Bye..
Cabir : yeah..bye..have a swwwttt drm with ur nandu 😉
Manik : shut up..bye..
Manik cut the call without giving cabir a chnc to talk…
Cabir’s words were echoing in manik’s mind…’r u in love with her?’

Manik’s pov :
Cabir asked me if I was in love with nandini ?! But how is it possible?! I have just met can I love someone whom I just met !! But though I didn’t met her before I used to admire her..I used to feel that I know her…but that isn’t enough for’s just an attraction.. Yes..just attraction…
End of pov

Manik tried to sleep but sleep was very far from him..he couldn’t sleep..his mind & heart didn’t let him to decided to do his fvrt
Manik took his guitar & started to make some music.. But today’s music was really dfrnt as manik was making it only thinking about nandini..
Otherside nandini was also unable to sleep…
Nandini’s POV :
I’m tried so much to sleep but I’m unable to..this manik is not going away from my mind..he talk to much !! But still I felt good spending tym with him..he was lyk a frnd..looks lyk he is really a nice person & good at heart..what nandini !! U shouldn’t think so..u don’t have tym to think about these shit..& after that incident u just can’t trust anyone..what if manik turns out lyk them ?! When my own uncle did this with me how can i trust others??now I should think what is going to happen tomorrow as mukti is going to come…I have to think some way..
End of pov

Nandini was in her thought when she heard some was guitar’s sound..

Nandini : who is playing guiter ?!’s so melodious…
Nandini followed the sound & reached manik’s room..she was standing at the door but manik didn’t notice her as his eyes were closed..

Manik started singing…

Anjane ho tum begane ho tum jo
Pehchane lagte ho kiyuu…
Tum gehri nindome jab soye soye ho
Kiyu mujh me jagte ho kiyuu..
Janu na mai tujhse mera rishta hai kyaa….
Paar ajnabi apna mujhe tu lagaa…
(I can’t write the whole’s apna mujhe tu laga from 1920evil returns…if possible u can plug it on earphone..)
Nandini was lost in manik’s beautiful song & voice…she didn’t realised when it finished…
After finishing manik opened his eyes & saw nandini..he was startled seeing nandini there as he didn’t even realised…
Manik : nandini..
Nandini didn’t respond..
Manik went near nandini & called her…
Manik : nandini..what r u doing here ?? U didn’t sleep?? Do u need something??
Nandini : I was going to sleep then I heard I came here..
Manik : ohh..I’m sorry 4 disturbing u..
Nandini : no no..not lyk that..u play really well…honestly it was amazing..
Manik smiled..
Manik : thanks nandini..I’m glad that u lyk it..if u r not sleepy then we can talk..
Manik knew that nandini needs someone to talk & share her feelings so that she can b nrml lyk b4..but he also knew that nandini won’t share her feelings he has to be befriend with her…seeing nandini’s silence manik said : only if u r comfortable then..otherwise u can go & sleeo..itz perfectly f9…
Nandini : no…itz not lyk that..but I hope I’m not disturbing u..
Manik : come on nandini..u don’t have to b so formal..aahh..let’s go to balcony.. What say??
Nandini : ok…
They both went to balcony..
Manik : would u lyk to take some coffee??
Nandini : now? Who will make it?!
Manik : I’ll make it..don’t worry..I often make it at this tym as I lyk it..
Nandini : oh..oky then…
Manik went to make some coffee..
Meanwhile nandini was watching manik’s room…

Nandini’s pov :
I don’t know I should b frndly with manik or not..but it feels gd to b with him..I don’t know fact I don’t want to know..I should go to the room…wow !! It’s really nice room..I didn’t notice it at 1st..his choice is really nice..this red & black wall gives a dark shade.. & this white wall it gives a light shade..I really liked his I loved his room..he is just perfect…
End of pov

Nandini’s pool of thoughts were disturbed by manik’s voice..
Manik : so lyk it ???
Nandini : what??
Manik : my room…
Nandini :’s really nyc..u have a gd choice..
Manik : thnks..
Nandini went to balcony again..manik followed her..manik gave her a mug full of coffee & he took the other..nandini took a sip..
Nandini :’s really nyc..
Manik : thank many compliments at a day !! Waah…I’m lucky..
Nandini just smiled & then looked at the sky..
Manik : missing ur parents..
Nandini : hmm…
Manik : u know I have also lost my may b I understand ur feelings..
Nandini : u have ur mom..
Manik : yeah..that is also r8..she fulfilled almost all my responsibilities… But still I can feel it..
Nandini didn’t reply..
Manik : u know nandini..ur parents were really swt..they loved me lyk their own child..I got father’s love only bcz of ur dad…
Nandini : hmm..they were the best..why did they left me alone ?! They should’ve took me with them..
Manik immediately said no & sshh her by keeping his fingers on her lip..
Manik : never say that again…
Nandini was startled by his sudden behavior but somehow she also liked it…
Both were looking at each other..they shared a cute & long eye lock..
Suddenly both came to their sense & looked away from each other..there was an awkward silence for sometime.. It broke by manik..
Manik : I think u should sleep now as doctor said that u r weak & u need proper rest..
Nandini : yeah..I should go..this mug…
Manik : give it to me..I’ll keep it in the kitchen..u don’t worry & now go & sleep properly.. If u need anything just call me..I’ll be there…
Nandini : ok..thank u…gd n8..
Manik : gd n8…
Nandini went to her room..

Nandini’s pov :
Manik plays really well..I was lost in his music..everything is so nice about him..why did he behave lyk that in the balcony ?! Does he really care 4 me ?! No nandini..u shouldn’t think lyk that..may b he is a nyc out of sympathy he said that..but I don’t need anyone’s sympathy…in fact why I’m thinking about it..I should think how will I escape from mukti..yeah..I should think that…
End of pov
Manik’s pov :
It feels nyc talking with her..she is really cute..but why did I behave lyk that?! Am I really… ??!! No’s not lyk that..then what is it ?! Is it really attraction ?!!!
End of pov

Both manik & nandini were busy in their thoughts but they also felt relaxed & better after talking to each they slept peacefully….

The next morning :

Next morning was really dfrnt for both manik nandini..bcz somehow there was a little frndship between manan which was not confirmed officially… But both had some feelings.. Moverover…one side nandini was tensed about mukti’s arrival & on the other side manik was very excited about mukti’s arrival…

This morning nandini didn’t dare to join them for breakfast.. She locked herself in her room & started thinking what to do…but manik & nyonika didn’t let her stay at her room..Nyonika knocked nandini’s door….
Nyo : nandu…get up..come for breakfast..we r waiting..
Nandini : I’m not feeling lyk eating aunty..u have ur breakfast.. I’ll have it later…
Nyo : no nandu..this is not done.. 1st come out..till u don’t come out I’m not going to leave..
Nandini opened the door…
Nyo : what happened? Why u don’t want to eat?!
Nandini : nothing.. Just I’m not feeling lyk..
Nyo : r u f9 na beta?? Should I call the doctor if u r not feeling well???
Nandini : no’s not lyk that..
Nyo : ok..then u have to join us..otherwise I won’t eat also..
Nandini : it’s blackmailing !!!
Nyo : whatever it is..u have to come..

Having no other way..nandini joined them for breakfast..she was wearing a blue top with black jeans..she left her hair open & also applied light pink color lip stick & a little make up..she was looking stunning….
When she reached at the table manik saw her…

Manik’s POV :
Wow !! How does she manage to look stunning always ?!! She is just looking awesome.. No words to describe her simple yet gorgeous beauty..
End of POV..

Manik’s dream land was disturbed by nandini’s swt voice…
Nandini : Hi morning !
Manik : Gd morning nandini..u r looking beautiful..
Nandini smiled & thanked him..
Nyonika brought breakfast..she served breakfast & nandini helped her…they completed their breakfast with a little chit chat..but most of the tym nandini was just silent…
Manik was about ask what’s bothering her but calling bell rang..nandini became tensed…Manik went to open the door…he was surprised & happy as it was mukti…both hugged each other tightly…
Manik : mukti.. U !!! U were going to come at night..r8?? Then how ?? & why didn’t u tell me I would’ve come to rcv u…
Mukti : come on bhai..if I would’ve tell you then I couldn’t be able see ur surprised wala face..
Manik : u didn’t chng a bit…
Nyonika asked manik from dining room that who is it ?? Manik & mukti went there & surprised Nyonika… She was really very excited.. Trio had a cute little family tym…
Manik : princess.. I forgot to show u someone..
Mukti : hawww bhai !! U married without me ?! That’s not fair !!
Manik : mukti..u know what it’s not fair…u guys always jokes about my marriage..
Mukti : yeah..bcz it’s ur age to get married but u still don’t have a single gf….
Manik : whatever.. Leave nandini….
Manik turned but there was no one..
Manik : where did she go ?! She was here some time ago..
Nyo : may b she went to her room..she told me she was not feeling gd…
Manik : oh..oky..
Mukti : whom r u talking about??
Manik : woh..actually.. Leave it now..I’ll tell u sit & have something..
Mukti : ok..but only on one condition…
Mukti & manik together : mom will feed us…
Nyo : I knew it was coming..
Trio hugged each other,had their breakfast together & then spent some family moment…

Nandini was getting to escape from here ?!! she thought she should leave before anyone comes to search her…
Nandini silently came to the hall..she was walking silently towards the main door…but she was not that lucky..mukti saw her ..
Mukti : nandini ?!!!!!!
Nandini in mind : why me ayiappa !! Shit !!

Nandini turned..mukti was happy to see nandini..but she was more shocked as she didn’t expect her there…
Mukti went towards nandini & hugged her tightly….
Mukti : OMG nandini !! I never thought u would b’s so nyc to see u…
mukti left her..
Mukti : u know abhi would be so happy to see u .he is so much tensed for u…
Manik & nyonika came to hall…
Manik : mukti..nandini..what’s happening?? Do u know each other??
Mukti : yeah bhai..remember I told u about my frnd who went missing..she is none other than nandini..abhi’s cousin sister..whom he love more than his lyf..
Manik : what?? Nandini is abhi’s cousin !! it true??
Nandini : yeah..
Mukti : u know..he will b so happy…let me call him…
Nandini screamed : nooooo…don’t call him…
Mukti : what?! Why??
Nandini : bcz I don’t want u to call him & I don’t want to talk him..that’s it..
Nandini left the hall & mukti was startled watching her reaction…

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