Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 4)


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Story continues –

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Nyonika hugged nandu..nandu was crying badly…nyonika wiped her tears & told her to b strong.. Manik gave her some water..nandini drank it..
Nandini : I’ve to go from here aunty..I can’t stay here as they will find me & then…
Nandini was interrupted by manik
Manik : nothing will happen to u..u don’t worry..u will stay here with us..& no one will b able to do anything wrong with u..I promise nandu i won’t leave ur culprits..
Nandini : but…
Manik : no if & buts..end of the discussion.. Now go to ur room & take some rest as u need it..we will talk later about it
Nandini was going towards her room..suddenly manik called her..
Manik : nandini
Nandini turn towards him & he came to nandini..
Manik : nandini..plz don’t worry..everything will b fine..u just take care & don’t think about this shit..just leave that on me..u plz don’t think about it & just sleep ..ok??
Nandini was staring at manik…
Manik : plzzzz
Nandini : ok..
She smiles at manik & left…manik also smiles & keep staring until she goes inside her room…

Nyonika watched the whole scenario.. She teased manik for it but manik avoided her teasing & went to his room..
Manik pov

Oh my god!! How can anyone do this to her own niece..nandini is so innocent & delicate..she doesn’t deserve it..her smile is so beautiful.. Yes..I’ve to bring the smile back & I will..
End of pov

Khurana masion :

A boy was walking here & there restlessly & cursing himself..
Boy : why did I left her alone ! I’m responsible 4 it..if I hadn’t leave her alone she would be with me now..God knows what has happened with her..where r u my baby doll????

Suddenly he got a call & he received it without checking the caller id..

Boy : hello dolla ..where r u? Do u have any idea how much I’m worried 4 u?! I’m really sorry 4 leaving u alone..plz say something baby doll..

Girl : hello abhi.. I’m mukti..’s none other than Abhimanyu & mukti..

Abhi :’s u..I thought….
Muk : don’t worry abhi..everything will b f9..I’m coming tomorrow.. Then we’ll find nandini together…
Abhi : ok..bye
Muk : u..
Abhimanyu cut the call & cried thinking about nandini…

Malhotra mansion :

Manik was thinking about nandini..suddenly he got a call..he checked the caller id & became happy as it was mukti’s call..

Muk : hello r u??
Man : I’m f9 my princess.. U tell r u??
Muk : I’m f9 bhai..actually I’ve a surprise 4 u…
Man : & what is it?
Muk : I’m coming shimla tomorrow..
Manik became excited…
Man : what?!!! Really ?!! But why ? How? I mean…
Muk : relax bhai..
Manik controled himself..
Man : ok..ok..but why suddenly? Is everything ok?
Muk : yeah bhai..everything is oky..but u know my one frnd is missing suddenly.. Something really bad happened with her..I can’t tell u at phone.. So I’ve decided to come to Shimla & search 4 her & help her..
Man : I think she is really special 4 it related to abhi??
Muk : how do u know bhai?!
Man : I know u inside & out my tell me the whole story..
Muk : aww..that’s so sweet of u bhai..but i’ll tell u everything at home..not u bhai…
Man : Itz ok & love u too my princess..don’t worry..everything will b f9..
Muk : yeah..bye bhai..take care..
Man : bye princess…
Manik cuts the call…

Manik’s pov :
Don’t know why but something bad is happening everywhere around this nandini & there mukti’s frnd…
End of pov

Manik’s thoughts were dstrbed by a knock..
Manik : come in
Nyonika came inside the room..
Manik :’s good that u r here..I have some great news 4 u..
Nyo : really ?!! Am I going to b a mom-in-law from only MOM ???
Manik : no mom..mukti is not going to marry so soon πŸ˜‰
Both mother & son stared at each other & then laugh together…
Nyo : ok ok..enough..tell me..what is the great news???
Man : The news is…..
Nyo : yes…
Man : issss mukti is coming tomorrow…
Nyo : ok…wait what?! Oh My God !! I don’t blv it…when will she come?? I’ve to prepare so much 4 her..OMG !!
Man : mom…relax…she isn’t coming from any other country or planet..
Nyo : shut up can I relax?! only little daughter is going to come after one year…I should go & prepare something special 4 her…
Nyonika left the room..

Manik’s POV :
Mom was so excited about mukti’s arrival.. I’m also excited..I can’t wait to see her..nandini will also get some’ll be great.. But why I’m thinking so much about nandini?!!
End of pov..

Nyo’s pov :
Wow !! I can’t blv it..I’m going to see my loving daughter after 1 year..I missed her so much..I should go & order her fvrt chocolate cake..yes…but first I should check nandini if she need something..
End of pov

Nyonika went to nandini’s room..
Nyo : nandini…
Nandini was engrossed with her own thoughts…nyonika tap on her shoulder..nandini stands with a jerk..
Nyo : nandini.. What happened?? Itz me…
Nandini : oh…aunty…
Nyo : I’m going to u need something??
Nandini : no aunty..thank u..
Nyo : ok..actually u know today I’m really daughter is going to come tomorrow..
Nandini : your daughter… Mukti..r8??
Nyo : yes..u remember !! She is really will have good company with her…
Nandini again went in her thoughts..
Nyo : nandini.. R u listening??
Nandini came out of her thoughts..
Nandini : yeah aunty..I’m really happy 4 u..
Nyo : ok..take rest..if u need anything call manik..he is in his room..
Nandini : ok aunty..bye
Nyo : bye dear…
Nyonika left the room…

Nandini’s pov :
Oh God !! Why me?! Mukti is going to come..if she see me then she will inform abhi..he will take me with him..but I don’t want to go that house fact whatever happened I don’t want to meet abhi after that…so before mukti comes I’ll have to leave this house..yes..I’ll have to go..nyonika aunty is not at home & manik is also in his’s the perfect time to leave.. I should leave now…
End of pov

Nandini comes out of her room..she looks here & there..

Nandini : thank God !! No one is here..I should leave r8 now…

Nandini was walking silently towards the door looking here & there..
She opened the door silently so that no one could listen..suddenly she heard a voice behind her..

Voice : if u r trying to elope from here then let me tell u it’s of no use..

Nandini : shit ayiappa…
Nandini closed her eyes & turned behind..she opened her eyes slowly..
Manik was standing in front of her ..manik comes to her…

Nandini : I was not eloping..
Manik : then what were u doing ?? Playing hide & seek ???
Nandini stares at him..
Manik : don’t stare at me..I know I’m hot & handsome.. But still….
Nandini gives him a like seriously look…
Manik : don’t give me that look..I was just saying the fact..whatever.. u can’t go from here as it’s not safe for u have to stay with me..I mean & mom..
Nandini stared at him for sometime & then went to her room without a word…manik followed her..
Manik : by the way,,why were u eloping??
Nandini gives him a angry look..
Manik : oh god !! I’m scared…
Nandini looked away..
Manik : listen miss nandini..don’t u know how to talk?!
Nandini gives her a confused look..
Manik : see…I was talking about it..whatever I say u just give me ur different looks.looks lyk u have done a course in different looks..can’t you just simply talk?!
Nandini : what should I say?!
Manik : Ahh..finally..say whatever u feel lyk nandini.. If u stay quite lyk this u will always be just say whatever u feel..
Nandini : I’m not feeling lyk talking with anyone..
Manik : okay..then let’s go to terrace..may b u’ll feel better..
Nandini also wanted to avoid his questions about she agreed..
Nandini : okay..good idea..
Manik : fine then let’s go..
Manik & nandini went to terrace..
Nandini was staring at the sky..
Manik : u lyk stars??
Nandini : do u lyk them??
Manik : yes..In fact I love them..
Nandini : why ?? What’s there special in it??
Manik : look..even in the dark sky they never forgets to shine..they always shines for us..they teaches us how to shine & stay happy in darkness..
Nandini : but when there are clouds they forgets to shine..they doesn’t shine 4 us…
Manik : no ..u r wrong..they don’t stop shining.. They shines under the cloud..the fact is just we can’t see them..
Nandini : hmm..but they are not better than fireflies..
Manik : fireflies ?! Where does it come from ?!!
Nandini tried to avoid it as she didn’t say it intentionally..
Nandini : uumm..leave what were u saying??
Manik looked back at the sky..
Manik : so u love firefly??
Nandini stared at him..there was an awkward silence.. She tried to leave from there..but manik hold her hand..nandini looked at him..they shared a cute eye lock..both were lost in each others eyes..
Manik : where are u going??
Nandini didn’t reply.. Manik came close to her..
Manik : so u love firefly??
Nandini : no.. I loved it..
Manik : why u loved it?
Nandini : because i thought they always shines 4 us.. They never hides behind any cloud..they always stays with us & they celebrate true love…but….
Manik : but???
Nandini : I was wrong..I don’t blv them anymore.
Manik left her hand..
Manik : day u will blv them again…
Nandini : no..never..
Manik : we will see that..
Nandini started walking towards downstairs.. Manik suddenly called her..
Manik : nandini…
Nandini turned…
Manik : actually… I wanted to say that…
Manik again came close to her..
Manik : that….stars are the best..
Nandini : no..fireflies..
Manik : no..stars..
Nandini : I said na fireflies.. So fireflies..that’s argue manik..
Manik was startled watching her this side..nandini realised it & looked away..manik smiled..
Manik : okay..fine..ur fireflies are the best..happy now the little lady vim??
Nandini : whatever.. I don’t lyk I don’t care..& I’m not little…
Man : yes nandini..u r r8..u don’t lyk fireflies at all..u love them…
Nandini stared at him..
Manik : and….
He came more close to nandini..
Manik : u r not little..u r really verrryyy big..look at ur !! So big!!
Then he started laughing..
Nandini gave him a angry look..
Manik : aww…u looks so cute with this angry pout…
Nandini : I’m not pouting..
Mane : u have any disease of denying??
Nandini : no..why are u saying that??
Manik : because whatever I say u just simply deny & gives me a angry look..
Nandini didn’t say anything..
Manik : accha leave called me..she said she will be we should have dinner..let’s go..
Nandini : okay.let’s go…

Manik & nandini came downstairs..

Manik : nandini..actually u have to wait 4 dinner as I’ve to make them..
Nandini : so u know cooking..
Manik : yeah.but not too much.u know mom runs a NGO.. she has to stay in different cities for her I learned cooking some staff lyk pasta,noodles,soup etc etc..
Nandini : oh…oky…
Manik : u wait here..I’ll go & prepare something 4 u…
Nandini : actually I’ll also come with you ..
Manik : ur wish..
Manik & nandini went to kitchen..
Manik : nandini..what do u want to eat??
Nandini : whatever u want to make..
Manik : ok..then let’s make some pasta & vegetable soup..I love to eat pasta & doctor had told us to give u healthy food..that’s why soup..what say??
Nandini : I’m not going to eat soup..
Manik : we will see that..let me gather the staff first..
Manik gathered some imprtnt staff & started working with them..
Manik : nandini..packets of pasta r kept in the top shelf..plz bring them..
Nandini went towards the shelf..she stand in a stool & tried to reach there..but she was unable to..suddenly she slipped & was about to fall but manik hold her immediately by her waist…nandini was in manik’s arm..manik’s one hand was around her tiny waist & other was in her shoulder.. both had a cute eye lock..soon both realised their odd position & manik kept her down immediately…both were looking here & there n trying not to look at each other…
Manik : ahh..u go & make the soup..I’ll bring pasta packets..
Nandini : oky..
Nandini went towards the stove..manik brought the pasta packets..manik noticed that soup is about to burn & nandini is lost somewhere..manik removed soup from the stove & called nandini..nandini came out from her thoughts…
Manik : nandini..r u oky?? Where r u lost ??
Nandini : nothing..
Manik : u go & relax for a while..I’ll make them.
Nandini : but…
Manik : nanidini !!!
Nandini : ok…
Nandini left from the kitchen & sat at hall room..meanwhile manik prepared everything & brought them in hall room…
Nandini : I’m sorry manik..just for me u guys r taking so much trouble..
Manik : don’t say that nandini..& stop think about it..just take care of yourself.. Ok???
Nandini nods her head…
Manik : eat the soup first..
Nandini : I told u na..I won’t eat it..
Manik : u have to..ok f9..I’ll share it with u..but u can’t skip it..ok??
Nandini : fine..
They both had their dinner..then manik gave her medicine.. Then both went towards their room to sleep..

Manik’s pov :
Today was indeed a very big day..I came to know that nandini is none other than my fvrt uncle & aunty’s daughter..I never thought that such terrible incidents will happen with her…I thought she is happy wherever she is..I thought we will never met ..but may b it was fate…today I saw pain in her eyes..uncle always used to say about nandini..he used to say nandini is a very naughty girl..she always do mischiefs in her cls & principal always complaints about her..she is girl full of lyf..without seeing her I always used to admire her for her personality..but now no one can say that she is that same nandini.. She doesn’t even give a proper smile..all time she just gives a fake smile..she thinks that I won’t recognise her fake smile..she is wrong..I know that she is faking it..once she loved fireflies..but now she doesn’t blv in nandu..I won’t let u lost in darkness.. I’ll bring shines in your lyf for ur parents..I’ll bring ur fireflies in your lyf again & that’s a promise nandu…
End of pov

So this was chapter 4..I hope u lyk it..plzz do share ur feedbacks if u lyk it…till then

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