Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 37) – epilogue of season 1 & promo of season 2)

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Manan celebrated their love for the 1st tym…Nandini was lying in manik’s chest.. Manik was playing with her hair.. Both had a bright smile on their face..

Manik : I can’t blv finally we r together forever…
Nandini : no one can apart us…

Suddenly nandini remembered of something & got up immediately…

Manik : what happened??
Nandini : I forgot to give u something…

Nandini opened the drawer beside the bed & took out something…manik also got up & sat..

(In chapter 31 I told u nandini bought a watch for manik..but I want to chng it..nandini bought a bracelet for manik)

Nandini took his hand & put the bracelet on his hand…
There was MANAN written on the bracelet… Manik was amazed to see it…

Nandini : MA for manik & NAN for nandini..whenever u will look at the bracelet u will remember us & our love…& wherever we stay in’ll always keep u connected with me…
Manik smiled & caressed the bracelet..
Manik : where did u get it??
Nandini : woh..I saw this bracelet in the mall when we went for shopping but ‘manan’ was not written on it..I went to a shop a few days ago & told them to write manan on this bracelet..
Manik : it’s amazing & the best gift..thank u…

Nandini sat beside him & rested her head on manik’s shoulder…

Nandini : manik…I want u to sing for me now..
Manik smiled : as ur wish…but u have to sing with me too..
Nandini : ok..

Manik took his guiter & started tuning it…

Manik started singing :

Lamhe vele lamhe, vele pal yeh
Idhar-udhar tahel rahe…

Nandini got up from bed & stood beside the window & sang :

Sehme sehme dil bhi
Keh rahe hain bina tere…

Both looked at each other & sang together :

Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian
Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian re
Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian
Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian re…

Manik came to her & hugged her from behind..Nandini looked at him & sang :

Dil mein koi rag yun
Dhadakti hai, ki jaise bijli si daude..

Manik left her & stood in front of her :

Saansein teri saansein
Jalaati hai bina tere

Both hugged each other & sang together :

Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian
Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian re
Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian
Mar Jayian, tere bin mar jayian re….

They ended the song…

Then they looked at each other…manik tucked her hair behind her ear & caressed her face..he then went more close to nandini..then he kissed her lips… It was a calm & slow kiss which was expressing their immense,pure & eternal love…

After the kiss both joined their heads…

Manik : I love you Mrs Nandini Manik Malhotra..
Nandini blushed & hugged him tightly saying I love you too…

So the season1 ends here….I’m giving the promo of season 2 which will start from November…

Promo of season 2 –

Nandini was in hospital.. She came to her sense & asked for manik..

Navya : police couldn’t find manik..they r saying he is….dead…

Nandini was shocked to listen it..
Nandini whispered : It’s all my fault..

– – – – – – – – – – –

1years leap…

In London :

A boy was sleeping in his bed peacefully…his left hand contains a bracelet in which manan is written..suddenly his phone rang disturbing his peaceful sleep.. He received the call…

Girl : get up dude…u have to attend a party & we’re waiting for u…
Boy : aliya..let me sleep…
Girl : shut up yaar..come fast..

She hanged up the call…

Boy : this girl na !! Uhhh…

– – – – – – – – – – –

In India :

A girl is shown in a cream color sari…her hair was tied up in a bun..
She came to office with full attitude & all the workers became alert & stood up immediately wishing her gd morning…

She noticed a worker is still sitting & talking in phone… She went to the desk…worker noticed her & immediately stood up nervously…

Other workers whispered : he is gone now…

Worker : I’m really sorry ma’am..I…
Girl : u r fire…
Worker : ma’am plz plz !!

But the girl left from there…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

So it’s the promo of season 2..I’ll start it once my xms will over…& it will b November…

But I’ll give u OS whenever I’ll get tym.. I’ve already told the reason on my dcsn.. I tried a lot but I’m compelled… Having no other way I’m doing this…hope u all will understand…

& I’m writing a new OS on manan which is kinda dfrnt from all…u’ll understand when u’ll read it..I’ll post it on 30th September as 30sept is my Birthday & it’s a treat from me to all my readers..hope u’ll lyk it…

Thanks to all for ur support & so much love till was an awesome journey with u all…each day u all have give me special feelings which I can’t describe by words..thank u sooooo much….see u soon..till then ~

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  2. Christina

    Thanks di for the update nice epi and happy ending …the promo of season 2 is just amazing I am eagerly waiting for it plz di is if u get time and all the best for ur exams and I will miss u a lot di I am gonna miss u badly sis lop u a lot sis take bye

    • Nishita



      Yeah.. I’ll surely write it on wattpad..but not now bcz of some prsnl issues..I’ll surely inform my readers when I’ll write it on wattpad πŸ™‚

  3. navneet

    Wonderful ending of season 1!!!! Thankq Nishita 4r giving us amazing updates..
    Season 2 seems intersting i know u r going to give us amazing updates of season 2 also…
    will be waiting for ur updates 4rm November

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    😊 All The Best 😊 for ur exams…
    Waiting for season 2 to start…eagerly waiting.

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    D journey of season was simply awesome with each update ….u continued each day 2 bring smile on our face…..d endng was oviously sweet….season 2 seems realllly inrerestng….manik death news omg hop isnt real… n e ways u must hav thot smthng defintly…i trust u….nd yess yaar we willlll misssssssssss u realllly.. ahhhh….n e ways BEST OF ALL THE LUCK 4 ur xams…nd o s defintly will rock. …nd olso Happy BIRTHDAY in advance dear….may u get evrything u desire nd deserve….love nd lottts of love….t c

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    • Nishita



      Thank u soooo much piya πŸ™‚ lotss of love to u too :-*
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