Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 33)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Days were going smoothly & happily for manan..nandini also started to work at murthy industry.. Manik was also helping her in her works..staff were also happy & friendly with nandini…Malhotra & Murthy Industry bacame partner to avoid rivalry or any kinds of prblms as manik is the owner of Malhotra Industry & he also help nandini in Murthy Industry…

Everyone was happy..their wedding dates were also coming closure.. All shoppings & preparations were done for their marriage…

It’s their engagement day…all journalists,relatives,frnds,business partners were invited in the party…

Nandini was dressed in a red color gown..her hair was a bit curled..she applied some make up with a red lippy…she was looking very pretty…

Manik dressed in a black shirt with black blazer,black jeans,black shooes..his hair was perfectly jelled up…he was looking breath taking handsome….

He greeted the guests & started talking with cabir & abhi…

Cabir : today nandini will faint after watching u…
Abhi : wrong..u haven’t seen nandini yet na?! That’s why u r saying that…
Manik : how’s she looking ??
Cabir : wow !!
Manik : what???
Abhi : look behind & see urself…

Nandini was coming downstair with mukti,navya & nyonika… She was continuously smiling & blushing…

Manik’s jaw dropped after watching nandini…
Cabir whispered in his ear..
Cabir : close ur mouth & control…don’t eat her with ur eyes..
Manik looked at cabir & gave him an angry look…then looked at nandini..

Nandini also looked at him & smiled…

Manik went near her & offered her his hand…nandini took it happily…
They came to the center of the hall…
Mukti & navya brought the engagement rings…both exchanged the rings..everyone clapped for them & congratulated them…

Cabir took the microphone…

Cabir : hello ladies & gentleman..engagement should no b that boring..right??? So let’s enjoy the star couple of this ceremony – manik & nandini’s a beautiful & romantic dance…everyone hooted & clapped loudly….

Whole room gets dark & lights fell on manan focusing them….music started….

(It’s shukran Allah from film kurbaan..if possible do plug in on earphone.. It goes on manan perfectly I guess…)

Shukran Allah Wallah Alham Dulillah

( manik offered his hand to nandini.. Nandini kept her hand in his hand & smiled looking at him..both had an eyelock..)

Nazron Se Nazrein Mili To
Jannat Si Mehki Fizayein
Lab Ne Jo Lab Chu Liya To
Aasmaan Se Barshi Duyaien

(Manik kept his one hand on nandini’s waist & with another hand he was helding nandini’s hand..nandini kept her other hand on manik’s shoulder… Both moved slowly according to the music looking at each other’s eyes..)

Aise Apni Mohabbat
Aise Rooh-E-Ibaadat
Hum Pe Meherbaan Do Jahan
Shukran Allah Wallah Alham Dulillah (4)

(Manik pulled her close by her waist..he tuckled her hair behind her ear & caressed her face…then twirled her once & held her from back & moved slowly…)

Teri Bahaon Mein Yeh Jism Khil Gaaya
Teri Saanson Mein Chain Mil Gaya
Kaise Rahein Abb Hum Juda
Ho Ho
Teri Paas Hum Itne Hue
Tere Khwaab Apne Hue
Kaise Hue Abb Hum Fida

(Manik twirled her again & made her face him..nandini kept her both hands on manik’s neck & manik kept his both hands on her waist…they moved slowly lyk that…nandini went away & manik also went to her & caressed her cheek..then joined their heads..)

Aise Uski Inayat
Mit Gayi Har Shiyaat
Hum Pe Meherbaan Do Jahan
Shukran Allah Wallah Alham Dulillah

(Manik held her up & twirled for sometime..then slowly kept her down & hugged her from behind & moved according to the music..)

Tere Saaye Mein Li Har Khushi
Teri Marzi Meri Zindagi
Le Chal Tu Chahe Jaahan

(Nandini left him & faced him..she held her face slowly & looked at his eyes where was immense love for her..)

Haan Haan
Meri Aankhon Mein
Nazar Teri Hain
Meri Sham-O-Seher Teri Hai
Tu Jo Nahi To Mein Kahan

(Nandini left him & walked around him..then hugged him from back..manik held her hands smilingly..)

Khil Gai Meri Kismat
Paake Teri Yeh Chahat
Hum Pe Meherbaan Do Jahan
Shukran Allah Wallah Alham Dulillah

(Manik brought her in front of him..she kept her hands on her neck..manik held her from her waist..nandini kept her head on manik’s chest & danced slowly…)

Performance end…everyone clapped loudly & cheered for them…

Cabir : waah..what a cute & lovely performance…but why will we stay behind?! So let’s start a group dance…

Everyone cheered & hooted…

They danced on song sooraj k bahoon mai….

Everyone enjoyed a lot in manan’s engagement.. It became a breaking news of the city….

Finally the engagement ceremony ended..all guests were leaving..everyone were busy in greeting them…manik took the chnc & took nandini to a room..

Nandini : manik !! What r u doing ? Someone will see us!!
Manik : let them see..we r officially engaged now…
Nandini : manik..u r crazy..
Manik : bcz of u..who told u to look so beautiful ??!!
Nandini blushed : manik !!!
Manik came near her slowly.. Nandini was going behind smilingly.. Nandini’s back collided with the wall…manik locked her between him & the wall…nandini was continuously looking down & blushing…

Manik : I want my reward…
Nandini : manik…
Manik kept his finger on her lips & sshhdd her…he came near her face slowly… Nandini closed her eyes feeling the proximity…
There was half inch distance between their lips…manik’s breath was falling on nandini’s face which was making her crazy..manik smirked watching her condition… He chngd his direction & kissed on her forehead…
Nandini opened her eyes immediately & looked at manik confusingly… There was an smirk on his face which was enough for nandini to understand.. Nandini made an angry pout…

Manik : what?? Why r looking at me lyk that?! Wait..what did u think???

Nandini gave an u r impossible look..

Then she held him by his neck & pulled him close & kissed on his lips passionately..manik was taken aback by her act..after sometimes manik pushed her to the wall & responded with equal passion which turned to an wild kiss..both were fighting for dominance..this tym nandini took the dominance & explored each corner of manik’s mouth.. Being breatheless both left each other…both joined their heads & panted badly…

After sometime nandini removed her head..manik looked at her…

Nandini : so u thought only u can do that?!!
Manik pulled her nose & she gave an annoying look…
Manik : wild cat…

Both hugged each other..manik called nandini…
Manik : nandini…
Nandini : hmm…
Manik : now u have done this mistake.. Punishment can b hard u know???
Nandini looked at him…
Nandini : I’m not afraid of any punishment…

Nandini pushed him & ran away from the room laughingly… Manik smiled keeping his hand on his neck…

Nandini set her make up again perfectly & joined everyone… Manik also came there after freshened up…
Nandini looked at manik.. Manik smirked at her & nandini blushed…

All guests left..nyonika blessed nandini & all greeted each other by hugging.. Navya decided to stay with nandini & cabir with manik…manik came to nandini & pecked her forehead…

Manik : bye my wild cat..take care..
Nandini : u too…bye…

All left from the house except navya…abhi went to his room & navya,nandini went to nandini’s room…both had some girls talk..they decided what to wear nxt day for to dressed up…then they slept together…

Next day :

It’s their sangeet day…everyone were busy in their work..nandini wore an beautiful blue & red combination lehenga..she curled her hair from the bottom side..she applied some make & wear some jewellery.. She was looking a beautiful traditional girl…

Manik wore an blue color sherwani..he set his hair with jell perfectly..he was looking so dashing that any girl will skip a beat..

Everyone were in the hall waiting for nandini… Finally mukti,navya & nyonika brought nandini… Manik 1st tym saw her in lehenga..his heart skipped a beat after watching her…

The sangeet ceremony began..there was a stage drama..cabir & navya acted becoming manan & described their love story beautifully… Manan smiled remembering their moments…then cabir-navya & mukti-abhi had couple dance..bride & groom also had a romantic couple dance….
Manik sang ‘sawali si raat’ for nandini..

It was a dreamy night for manan..all were happy..they all had group dance,solo dance what not…

Finally the function end with mukbhi,cavya & manan’s couple dance but in groups….

So it was chapter 33..hope u all lyk share ur feedbacks & suggestions r also welcome.. Till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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  1. Soo much intresting

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  2. Superrrrrrr duperrrr hit episode your ff is just like a blockbuster hit with perfect story ,perfect songs you added according to perfect dialogues,perfect emotions soooo amazing ff love you lots take care be happy dear

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      Thank u soooo much u too & u also take care & b happy 🙂

  3. It was real1y happpy happng…manan engagd wow…keep going…lotts of love

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      Thank u so much anjali..lotsss of love to u too..?

  4. Nice one keep it up Nishita??

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  8. I am a silent readerand a big fan of kyy i’ve read many of the manan ff but this one is my fav and today after readin ths ff i couldn’t stay nishita you are the best dear,masha allah

    1. Nishita

      Awwee…thank u skol much Riham ?

  9. Sindhu_Varma

    I loved it nd nd how u knw my favourite songs ?
    Songs were awesome waiting for the wedding ?❣

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      Hihihi…may b our choices r same for the songs !! ? thnk u sooo much sindhu

  10. Mahi13

    Ur choices of songs r praise worthy.
    Truly u’ve done a great job. U nailed it again. U described their moments so well.

    U R AWSOME. Update ASAP
    Take care
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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