Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 3)


Thanks to all 4 ur valuable cmnts..some of u asked for long updates..& I’ll really try to give u a longer one…now let’s start the story :

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Nyonika came to the room again & gave her a dress to get ready..nandini went to the washroom..she took shower..she got ready in a pink top & black jeans..she combed her hair perfectly & applied some light make up & joined everyone in the hall..
Nyonika & manik were taking breakfast.. They noticed nandini & asked her to join them..nyonika served her breakfast.. Nandini thanked her & also complimented her cooking skill..manik was silently observing nandini & also admiring her..nyonika asked her about last night..she became uncomfortable.. Manik & nyonika both noticed her shivering.. So nyonika told her to relax & chngd the topic..nyonika asked nandini about her parent’s name..nandini said that she is daughter of narendra murthy & sulochna murthy..Nyonika & manik became shocked..

Manik’s pov :
I was in the hall with mom..suddenly we heard a scream & ran to the room to check the girl if she was ok..thank God she was asked her some random staff & she replied.. her name is nandini..beautiful name just lyk her..what manik ?! Just shut ur mind..
Mom told her that I brought her home..she was just staring at me & I was also observing her..her xprsn, those big eyes, her hidden pain,her numb & pale face everything.. Remembering last night she shivered.. May b something very bad must’ve happened with her..but what is it?! I’m getting more & more attracted to her & curious also..Mom told her to take rest & we both left the was really worried 4 gave her some dress of mukti & told her to take bath & then to join us for breakfast..
After sometime when we were taking our breakfast we noticed nandini..Wow !! That’s what I can say..she is was looking really beautiful & awesome..I couldn’t take my eyes from her..she was amazing.. Mom told her to join served her breakfast & she ate..she also gave compliments to mom..looks lyk she is a nyc & polite tried to ask her about last night but noticing her restlessness she chngd the asked her about her parents & she said that she lost them some years ago..don’t know why but I felt very sad 4 her..I’m feeling connected to her..may b I have also lost my dad..that’s why.. Mom asked her parent’s name..what ?! She is daughter of narendra & sulochna murthy?! Seriously?! Mom & I became shocked & looked at each other..
End of pov

Nyo : what did u say?? U r daughter of narendra & sulochna murthy?? R u serious??
Nyonika showed her some photos in her mobile..
Nyo : they r ur parents??
Nandini : yeah..why?! Why r u asking lyk that?? Do u know them??
Nyo : oh my God dear !! Wh didn’t u tell me before?! Didn’t u recognize me?? I’m so’ll u recognize me !! U never saw me..that’s why I was thinking I have saw u before..
Nyonika became really excited..
Nandini : I’m sorry..I’m not getting it..what r u saying??
Nyo : actually beta u know I run a NGO..ur mom also used to ran a NGO.. So we knew each other & with tym we became really gd fact manik also met ur parents as ur father & manik were partner in a project.. Ur parents always treated manik lyk their own son..once I visited ur house also..there I saw ur pictures.. But we never I couldn’t recognize u perfectly.. But I felt that I know u..
Nandini : oky..but how come I don’t know anything about it ?!
Nyo : u were in Mumbai then..that’s why..
Nandini : oh..if it’s true then why didn’t u come when my parent’s died ??
Nyo : when we came to know about UE parent’s death we were in USA.. Till we came to India all the rituals were over by then..we asked some people about u but nobody knew ur whereabouts.. I’m really sorry beta as I wasn’t there 4 u..
Nandini : it’s ok aunty..after my parent’s death my uncle completed all the rituals as fast as he could & took me to his house with me.. In fact he never allowed anyone to meet me also..I don’t know why…
Nandini became sad..
Nyo : don’t b sad beta..from now on we’ll always stay in touch.. I’m also lyk ur treat me lyk that..oky ???
Listening this Nandini became mum..she hugged nyonika & said ok..manik was just silently watching the scenario.. He was also feeling happy with the new found relation with nandini..
Though nyonika & manik were happy but they were confused too..they both were thinking the same..what might have happened with nandini !!
After breakfast nandini went to her room..she was looking at a picture..
Nyo : she is my daughter.. Mukti Malhotra.. She stays in Mumbai..
Nandini was surprised & amazed ..she was about to say something when manik came & told Nyonika that manager has come to meet nyonika left the room..nandini again looked at the picture & then slept..
Nandini woke up at afternoon..she chngd her dress & went to hall..nyonika & manik were busy in their work..they noticed nandini..
Nyo : what happened nandini?? Why did u chng ur dress & where r u going??
Nandini : I’m sorry aunty but I’ve to leave now..I can’t stay here more..
Nyo : why?? Suddenly what happened?? U r not well beta..u should stay here & take rest..if u want I can call ur uncle & inform him about u..
Listening her uncle’s name nandini became scared & screams..
Nandini : noooo….
Nyonika & manik became shocked..
Nyo : r u oky beta???
Nandini : no need to call anyone.. I’ll have to leave now..I can’t stay here..I’ve to go..
Nyo : nandini..come here..sit..
Nandini sat beside nyonika..
Nyo : nandini plz tell us what happened with u..plzz…may b we can help u..
Nandini : no one can help me..
Nyo : still..I insist..
Nandini was silent..Manik was eagerly waiting 4 her reply..
Manik : nandini..plzz say something..
Nandini looks at manik..both of their eyes met & they shared a cute eye lock..
Nandini : oky..I’ll say…after my parent’s death I went to my uncle’s uncle kishore Khurana – who only love his business.. Nothing is imprtnt 4 him without business & he can do anything 4 it.. But my cousin loved me lyk her own sis..actually we both shared a really gd bond since childhood.. My uncle wanted him to join his business but he choosed to b a doctor..uncle was fed up with he offered me to join his business as he really need someone to help him..I also agreed.. I also attended some business meetings with day I came to know about his dream project..he was working day & night 4 this project.. He was obsessed with it..he needed it at any cost..
One day he came to me…flashback –

Kish : I want something from u..will u give it to me??
Nandini : of course uncle..tell me what is it..I can do anything 4 u..
Kish : do u remember I told u about my dream project??
Nandini : yes uncle..
Kish : I want some help 4 it…
Nandini : of course tell me…
Kish : the owner of the project is trilok chaurasia..u met him at the party..r8??
Nandini : yeah..r8..
Kish : he really liked u..he has promised me if u spent a night with him he will give me the project 4 sure..
Nandini was taken aback..she was shocked..she didn’t know what to say..she was standing lyk a statue..she never thought her own uncle will say it to her..
Kish : nandini.. Try & understand..if we get the project we will b famous in the whole world..our company will b the nmbr 1 company of d world..come on’s just a matter of 1 one will come to know about it..
All these conversation was heard by Abhimanyu.. He became really angry & entered the room & grab the collar of his dad’s coat..
Abhi : how dare u?? Shame on u…whatever u have said now don’t u dare to say it again..apologize to nandini now !! Otherwise u’ll see the worst of me…
Nandini came out of shock & stopped abhi..kishore apologized to nandini & went away..
Nandini was crying very badly..abhi consoled her..
After some days….
Abhi went to London for an international conference.. He didn’t want to go & he had no was really imprtnt.. Moreover it was just a matter of 1 choosed to go..kishore took this chnc..he called trilok & told that nandini is alone at home..he can take her with him..trilok came home with some goonds..they forcefully took nandini with them..nandini was pleading to leave her..
Trilok : how can I leave u nandini ?! Look at u…u r so beautiful.. U should b happy that u r going to spent a very beautiful night with me & for that I’m giving ur uncle his dream project….
He gave an evil laugh..
Nandini was screaming & shouting 4 help..trilok slapped her…
Trilok : keep quite nandini.. U have become my obsession from the day I saw I can’t leave u…
Trilok pushed her a injection & she became unconscious..
After some hour nandu woke up..she was in a room..she tried to open the door but it was locked from outside..
Then trilok came & gave her some staff & told her to get ready as it’s going to b a memorable night 4 her..he left the room..
Nandini was crying very badly..she was looking for a way to run out..then she noticed the window.. She tried to open last she opened the glass of d window & ran out from there..trilok came to check her but found no one in the trilok along with his goonds searched for nandini in the jungle..they noticed nandini running through the jungle & started chasing her..after a lot of struggle nandini reached the highway but hitted with a car..
Flashback ends …
(Note : nandini still didn’t revealed her cousin’s name)

Nandini : & u know the rest…
Manik & nyonika were mum..they didn’t know what to say..manik getting angry & also felt bad 4 her..he just wanted to punish her culprits….

So this was the chapter 3…I’ve almost revealed the secrets..but that’s not mean the story is over..there r still some secrets..

Think why kishore Khurana finished all the rituals as fast as he could & why didn’t he let nandini meet with anyone ?! What was that he was afraid of???
& think how will the frndship of manik & nandini will strt?! Will Nandini b able to trust anyone after that?! & why suddenly she wanted to leave the house after listening mukti’s name ?!
There r more twist & turns in the story..
So to know that stay tuned & keep guessing & yeah…also keep I really need ur feedbacks that u r lyking this story or not as i spent almost 4 hours for this I’ll be waiting 4 ur cmnts..
Till then…

#b_happy_n_stay_safe_&_spread_love πŸ™‚


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