Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 22)


Hello…Eid Mubarak to all my readers..may this eid brings happiness,prosperity & success in ur lyf..this eid resembles sacrifice.. That’s why it’s also called kurbani eid..may u all understand the happiness of let’s continue the story –

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Manan reached Malhotra mansion.. Nandini was about to got down when manik hold her hand…
Manik : don’t go na..
Nandini : manik.. I not going away from u..u r staying at the same house..ok??
Manik : but I want u to b alone with me…no one else to dstrb us..
Manik said that so cutely that nandini couldn’t say anything & just admired him..both had a eyelock..
Manik came near her & kissed her lips.. Both had a passionate kiss which expressed their feelings perfectly…then nandini hugged manik..manik hugged her back tightly.. Nandini could understand that manik really doesn’t want her to leave by his hugging style…even she didn’t want to go but she didn’t had anything to do….
Nandini : manik..let’s go…
Manik left her & took a deep breath..
Manik : ok f9..let’s go..
Nandini : gd boy..
Nandini kissed her forehead & both smiled at each other..both got down from the car & started walking inside the house…

They went inside the house..the door was open & there was on one in the hall…nandini was about to go to her room when manik caught her hand & pulled her…he kept his both hand on her waist locking her in his arms..Nandini panicked..

Nandini : manik..what r doing?? What if someone see us??
Manik : don’t worry.. Nothing will happen..
Nandini : manik..plz.. Leave me na..
Manik : uhu..I’m not feeling lyk leave u…
Nandini blushed & both joined their foreheads together..

Suddenly cabir’s voice came from upstair…

Cabir : manik..shameless.. Leave u will do all romance in this hall or what?!!!

Manan left each other immediately & looked upstair…

Cabir was coming down with a grin oh his face..navya,mukti & abhi were also there behind him…

Manik : what r u doing guys doing here at this tym??
Cabir : why?? At this tym u can date nandini & we can’t even come ur house?!!
Manik : again..strt..drama..
Cabir : waise..I thought u might b in a gd mood today..but u r taunting me..let me…I didn’t let u do more romance with nandini.. That’s why na???
Nandini blushed…
Manik : cabir..shut ur mouth or u will b killed today…
Mukti went to nandini & hugged her..then she hugged manik..
Mukti : thank u nandini for coming in our lyf & making it so beautiful…
Nandini smiled..abhi came to her & hugged her..nandini hugged him back tightly..
Abhi : so finally my dolla has get her Prince…
Navya also came there…
Navya : I’ve get my jiju from my best frnd..
Nandini blushed…
Abhi : always b happy lyk this..
He turned to manik..
Abhi : manik..she is my lyf..must take great care of her..I know u’ll…
& she will b more happy with u..still…
Manik : I understand abhi..from now she is my responsibility & I’ll make sure he get all the happiness which she deserves..
Both hugged each other…

Abhi : it’s quiet late..I’ve to go now..
Cabir : let’s go together.. We’ll come tomorrow again.. What say??
Navya :’s cool..let’s go…
Nandini : arey..but so fast?! We’ve just come now..
Navya : I’ll come tomorrow again…
Nandini : prmiz???
Navya : obviously…prmiz…
Navya,cabir & abhi left…

Nandini : I’ll go to my room..
Manik : yeah..
Nandini went to her room..
Manik was also going behind her but mukti was stopped him..

Mukti : bhai..what do u think where u r going??
Manik : room..can’t I go to my room now ?!
Mukti : u can surely go..but I’m sure u were going to nandini’s room with Nandini..
Manik started stammering…

Manik : wh-aat r uh sayying mukti?!!
Mukti : I’m saying the truth bhai..nrmly u always used to say that I can think nothing without abhi..most of the tym I spent with see ur condition.. U even can’t a second without nandini…
Manik : yeah..whatever..& I was going to my room only.. Don’t assume things…
Mukti : yeah yeah..r8..
Manik immediately went to his room & mukti laughed…

Nandini was taking shower..suddenly she saw the mark of manik’s love bite on her collar bone..she remembered it & caressed the mark.. She finished her shower & came out from the washroom..she wore an orange color micky mouse T-shirt with orange color tyles..she made a bun with her hair & lay on bed..she again touched the mark..she remembered that moment & blushed…

Nandini’s POV :

Manik is such a nice guy..I’m really lucky to have him as my manik wouldn’t have controlled himself I’d not b able to stop him..I was fully lost in that moment..I was not in my sense as his immense love made me senseless.. He also knew that..if he would want,he would b able to claim me today..but he didn’t do anything & controlled himself.. By doing this,he has gained more respect in my’s my fortune that I got a boy lyk him..with love for him is just increasing.. I really really really love him a loottt….
End of POV…

Manik was sitting in his room remembering their moments..He had bright smile on his face..

Manik’s POV :

I can’t blv it..all these moments r just lyk a dream..a beautiful dream..nandini & me together.. She loves me..she arranged so much for me..what can b more amazing than this?! I’m so happy today…I prmiz nandini.. I’ll fill ur lyf with so many happiness that u couldn’t have imagined… U’ve tolerate many things till now..but as soon as I’m here with u,I won’t let u face any pain..
End of POV

Manik’s thoughts were broke by a knock on his door…

Manik : mukti?? Come…
Mukti came inside..she sat beside manik..
Mukti : was ur date??
Manik remember everything & smiled…
Manik : great..
Mukti : u r happy na bhai??
Manik : no..I’m more than fact I’ve never been so happy before..
Mukti : I’m also happy 4 u…nandini is a nyc girl..I’ve complete trust on her..she is perfect for u…
Manik smiled : I know…did u tell mom anything??
Mukti : no…
Manik : ok..then don’t tell her..I’ll tell her by myself…
Mukti : ok sleep as it’s been a long day 4 u…u need rest..
Manik : ok my dear n8..
Mukti : gd n8…have swt drms with ur nandini…
Mukti winked at manik..
Manik : mukti !!!
Mukti ran from there laughing.. Manik tried to catch her but failed…

Manik sat on bed smilingly…he heard the sound of calling bell..
Manik : looks lyk mom has come..I should talk to her..but what will I tell her?! Come on manik.. U can do it..yes…

Manik went to nyonika’s room..nyonika was busy with her phone sitting on the chair…
Manik came there…
Manik : mom…
Nyonika looked at him…
Nyonika : manik ?!! U haven’t sleep yet..come beta..
Manik came towards nyonika..he kneeled down in front of nyonika & kept his head on her lap..
Nyonika : what happened manik??
Manik : nothing.. I was just missing u..
Nyonika : but I think u want to tell me something.. So say…
Manik : how do u understand every time mom?!!
Nyonika : bcz I’m ur mom..
Manik smiled…
Nyonika : is it about nandini??
Manik smiled & nodded his head..
Manik : mom..I’d proposed her on mukti’s birthday.. But she didn’t accept…&..
Nyonika : give her some time..I’m sure she will understand..
Manik : she has understand mom…
Nyonika : what do u mean?
Manik : she said yes mom..she said she too loves me..
Nyonika was surprised & amazed..
Nyonika : what?? Is it true???
Manik looked nyonika..
Manik : yes mom…
Nyonika : wow !! It’s a great news..I’m really happy for u both… God bless u my son…
Nyonika & manik hugged each other..
Nyonika : where is nandini?
Manik : in her room…may b sleeping..
Nyonika : u also go & sleep…
Manik : n8 mom..
Nyonika : gd n8 beta…

Manik left the room..nyonika was super excited…

Nyonika’s POV :

Wow !! Such a great news..nandini is just lyk my own daughter..she is so adorable.. I’m really happy for both of them..they look so cute together.. I also wanted that from the tym nandini has come in our lyf..I felt connected with her..I’m sure if she becomes my daughter-in-law she will manage everything so perfectly that I won’t have to worry anymore.. God..plzz..keep them together lyk this..always…
End of pov

Nyonika wanted to see she went to nandini’s room..she opened the door slowly…

Nandini was sleeping with a peaceful smile on her face..nyonika sat beside her & admired her..she kept her hand on nandini’s hair & kissed her forehead…
Then she left the room silently so that nandini’s sleep doesn’t get disturbed…

So it was chapter 22..sorry..I know it’s a small chapter..but I’m a bit bzy..there r a lot of work & guest..that’s why I couldn’t write more..but nxt update will b longer don’t get angry or upset…stay tuned & share ur views & feedbacks.. & thank u all very much for ur lovely cmnts…

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_spread_love 🙂

#Eid Mubarak


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