Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 20)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Manik went to soha’s house.. He rang the calling bell..but no one opened the door..he held the knob of the door & it was open.. Manik went inside..he called soha.. But no one he went towards soha’s room..he opened the door & was shocked to see the scene…

Everything of the room were broken & lying here & there..he entered inside..the room was full mess..soha was sitting in a corner of the room keeping her hand on her head…manik went near her…
Manik : soha..what’s all this?!
Soha looked at manik…
Manik : why r u crying?! What happened??
Soha : why have u come here manik?! Go from here..
Manik : I won’t go anywhere until I get the answers of my question..
Soha : what will u do by knowing it??
Manik : may b I can help u..

Soha : really ?! Then listen… I love u manik..I love you from childhood.. I love u since I understand the meaning of love. Now can u come to me leaving Nandini???
Manik shocked to the core…he was unable to say anything…
Soha : shocked na?? I was also shocked when u said to harshad that u love nandini.. We were together from childhood na?? Then why u could never understand my love for u manik?! Now what about me?!
Manik : soha..I…
Soha : u can do nothing manik..
Soha started crying…manik sat beside her…
Manik : I’m sorry soha.. I could never understand ur feelings..but I always considered u as my good frnd..
Soha : let it b manik..I know that..u know..when I saw u with nandini at the mall for the first tym I thought it might b my imagination.. May b I’m over thinking.. But when I saw u guys dancing together I thought it’s nandini’s fault..I thought she was trying to snatch u from me..I really hated her a lot… But then I came to know u were never mine..then how can nandini snatch u?! That too from me?! I was such a fool….

Manik held her hand…
Manik : I’m really sorry soha..I don’t know what should I say..I never thought such situations will ever come in my life..& how I fall for nandini I didn’t even get to know..I just fall for her…
Soha smiled while crying..
Soha : bcz she worth it..she is really adorable…
Manik looked at her shockingly..
Soha : what ?? I said I hated her..but after knowing the truth I don’t hate’s my bad luck that I couldn’t make my place in ur heart..

Manik : u always have a place in my heart soha..
Soha : as a frnd..I know.. But I’m not that lucky to b ur lady’s my misfortune..
Manik : it’s not..bcz u deserve someone better than me..
Soha smiled..
Soha : no need to flatter on me..use this tricks on ur nandini..
Manik : nandini doesn’t impress with these tricks..only jealousy tricks works on her..
Soha : means..
Manik : she is jealous on u…didn’t u notice it??
Soha : seriously ?!!! sometimes I noticed that but then ignored it…
Manik smiled..
Soha : she loves u a lot..

Manik : how do u know that??
Soha : u didn’t saw her face when u said to harshad that u love her..I saw was written on her face that she also loves u…
Manik : hope ur guess was r8..
Soha : otherwise I’ll also see in this condition.. R8??
Both laughed a bit…
Soha : manik..can I hug u??
Manik : u don’t need permission..
Soha hugged manik & cried..manik also hugged her…after sometime she left him & wiped her tears..
Soha : now go manik..let me stay alone for sometime.. Don’t worry..I’ll b fine..
Manik : r u sure??
Soha : 100℅ go…bye..
Manik : ok..bye…take care..
Manik left from there & soha cried watching manik going away from her…

Manik was also feeling bad for soha..he was feeling guilty for her condition.. Suddenly his mobile was a msg from soha..

“Don’t blame urself & don’t feel guilty.. It’s not ur fault..nor even mine or nandini’s.. No one can control their just chill..”

Manik smiled reading the msg..he started driving the car & reached Malhotra Mansion..he went to his room & slept as he was tired..

Nandini was also sleeping hugging manik’s photo in her mobile..there was peaceful smile on her face…

Next morning –

Sunshines fall on sleeping nandu which disturbed her sleep..she opened her eyes slowly with a smile on her face..he checked the time & panicked as it was 11am..she couldn’t blv she slept till so late..she immediately went to washroom & took a bath..she wore a baby pink color tops with white tyles..she left her hair open & did a light make up..she smiled looking at the mirror & blushed remembering manik…

She went to the hall..nyonika & mukti was sitting & gossiping there…Nandini went to them..

Nyonika : hey nandini..we were thinking to wake u up..
Nandini : I’m unable to understand how I sleep till so late today..
Nyonika : it’s ok’s necessary for u..
Nandini : umm..where is soha?? & manik??
Nyonika : soha has returned back to her home & manik has gone for office…
Nandini : oh…
Nyonika : now go & have something.. I’ve keep ur food on the table..
Nandini : ok aunty..

Nandini had her breakfast…Nyonika left for her work..mukti & nandini were left in the house…

Nandini : mukti..woh..I…
Mukti : woh..I..what?? Say na properly…
Nandini : woh..I need ur help..
Mukti : about what??
Nandini : woh..I do..something special.. For…Manik..
Mukti : oh..wait..wait wait..what did u say?? U want to do something special for whom???
Nandini : for Manik…
Nandini blushed & looked down…
Mukti : that’s mean…u…seriously??
Nandini blushingly nod her head..
Mukti : OMG nandini !! It’s great..u don’t know how much happy I am..In fact bhai will sooo !!

Mukti hugged nandini tightly ..nandini also hugged her…both left each other after sometime…

Mukti : u want to propose bhai & surprise him..r8??
Nandini : yeah…
Mukti : ok..then I’ll tell u how to do it…

Mukti instructed nandini everything.. Nandini also did everything as per her instructions..

Malhotra industry :

Manik was busy in meetings,projects,files…he completed all his works perfectly.. He called his P.A…
Sushant : yes sir..
Manik : did u do what I told u to do??
Sushant : yeah r the contains every proof of khurana’s illegal’ll b submitted to the income tax office & media soon..

Manik checked the file..he called abhi & told him everything.. He asked abhi if he has any prblm or objection with it..but abhi said no..
Manik : r u sure abhi??
Abhi : yes manik..though he is my dad..whatever he did with nandini, I can’t forgive him for that..he will have to face consequences now…do whatever u think r8..I’m with u..
Manik : ok..thnks.. Take care..
Abhi : u also take care of urself & my sister..
Manik : OK..bye..
Abhi : bye..

Manik hanged up the call..
Manik : sushant..submit this file to income tax office & media as soon as possible…
Sushant : ok sir…
Sushant left ..
Manik in mind : I should tell about it to nandini also…
manik wrapped up his files & laptop & left for home…

Manik returned home at evening.. He went to his room..he was startled to his room..his room was decorated nicely with flowers bookie’s..

He saw a chit on the door..he took it & opened it…

“Don’t b surprise too much..bcz there r lot more waiting for u..there is an gift on the bed..go & open it- nandini.”

Manik was amazed to read it..he couldn’t understand what she is up to..

He went near the bed & took the box..he opened it..there was an red shirt with black blazer & black jeans..there were also a chit…he opened the chit..

“Don’t use ur stupid brain too much..go..freshened up & wear these clothes..don’t waste tym..I’m sure u’ll look exactly lyk a Prince on wear them & then check ur cupboard..”

Manik smiled reading it..he went to washroom..took bath & wear them..he went to cupboard & opened it…there was again a gift box..he opened it..there was an beautiful watch in it..

“I’m sure it’ll look perfect on ur wear it without a second thought..& then check under the bed..”

Manik wore it happily…then checked under the bed..there was again a gift box..he opened it…there were shoes for him with a chit…

“After wearing them prince will b fully ready..but I know u still need to do some touch ups lyk jelled up ur 1st wear the shoes..then do whatever u want to do..then go outside..driver is waiting for u..but don’t u dare to ask anything from driver lyk where is nandini..where am I going blah blah..just do as I say…”

Manik smiled & said – ok ma’am..

Manik wore the shoes..he set his hair perfectly with jell..& took a last look on the mirror…he was looking so handsome that any girl will skip a beat after watching him & some may die becoming out of breathing..he was looking more handsome than the Greek God..may b moons & stars were also stealing glances after watching him…he was not looking less than a prince…he went to outside & sat on the car…driver took him to his destination…

Manik stepped out from the car…he took look of the whole place…it was a calm & quiet place..only the sounds of winds were heard as it was far away from the city..there was red carpet in the route..then there was a little set up for dinner with candles,flowers,lights,jar of fireflies which were constantly glowing..moon & starts were also shining brightly as if they were also celebrating the moment…there was also fresh wind which gives it a perfect look…
Manik stepped forward through the carpet..he went inside the set up..there were two chairs with a table..a couch was there in the right side which was beautifully decorated with roses..the place was covered by white curtains which were blowing bcz of wind…
Manik was mesmerized to see it….suddenly he heard a voice of nandini…

Nandini : manik..I was waiting for u so long….
Manik looked here & there but he was unable to find her…
Nandini : don’t try to find me manik as I’m always with u…nandini is always with manik & no one can separate them…

Manik smiled listening that…
Suddenly manik heard some sound from behind…Manik turned…he saw nandini coming towards him…she was wearing a red long dress..her hair was perfectly straight & open..he had applied red lippy & light make up.. There was a bracelet in her left hand..she was looking hot as well as one would b able to remove their eyes from one word she was looking stunning & not less than a princess…. Manik was mesmerized by her beauty..he couldn’t take his eyes from her & same with nandini…

Nandini came near manik & kneeled down in front of him..manik was startled watching that….

Nandini took his hands into her hand…

Nandini : manik I know I was confused.. I know I am late..but I think it’s still not that late..till the tym u have come into my lyf chngd..whenever there was no one for me..u were always there to support me..I don’t know how but u understand each of my feelings & respect then also..u have make my lyf heaven..I lost my blvs from firefly..but then u came & I again started to lyk fireflies.. U know why?? Bcz…IT’S YOU – MY FIREFLY…u litted up my lyf & removed all the darkness around it..I said fireflies celebrate true love .& look today they all r glowing as they r celebrating our love…Manik.. I want to say that I …
Nandini was cutted by manik..manik kept his lip on nandini’s lips..he was numb as well as happy listening these words from Nandini..he also kneeled down in front of nandini… He cupped her face…
Manik : I Love You Nandini…

Happy tears fell from nandini’s eyes..
Nandini : I Love You Too Manik..
Manik wiped her tears & kissed on her
both eyes..manik made her stand..then they hugged each other tightly…

After sometime..both left each other..manik’s gaze was fixed on nandini..nandini was blushing..she turned otherside & was about to go..but manik held her hand & pulled her close near him…manik blocked her in his arms by keeping his both hands on her waist..nandini was looking down.. Her cheeks turned to dark shade of red as she could feel the continuous intense gaze of manik..manik held her face up with his one hand..other hand was still on her waist..nandini’s two hands were resting on his chest… Nandini looked at him..manik came more close to her face..there was only a inch dfrnc now btwn them..they could feel each other’s breath..nandini closed her eyes & held manik more tightly by his shoulder feeling proximity..manik’s lip touched nandini’s lip lightly..Shivers ran through her spine.. She caught him more tightly in order to save herself from falling as she was unable to control herself & keep herself strong…manik also held her more tightly by waist & started kissing her on her lips…

So it was chapter 20..

U guys had some misunderstanding about I want to clear them..soha loved manik from her childhood.. When she understand the meaning of love she loved guyz u just think..if u would love someone from ur childhood.. & then when u gets young u see ur childhood love getting close with other girl..u will obviously not lyk it..u will b angry..u will think that girl is snatching ur love from u..u will hate her & feeling lyk kill her..that’s the same happened with her behave was justified.. When soha came to know about manik’s feeling she herself backed up..she was heartbroken but she let manik go.. that’s how love is..our partners happiness means everything to us comparing with our happiness.. & whatever harshad did..he did for his best frnd & himself.. As he didn’t know about manan’s feelings..whatever harshad deed if it would do cabir for manan then would u also tell him wrong.?? No na?? Soha & harshad’s character is nrml,genuine & real..this story is about frndship, love & pain..b it soha-harshad’s frndship..soha-manik’s frndship..soha’s pain..manik’s pain..nandini’s pain..soha’s love or manan’s love..

Hope now u guys will understand about soha’s character.. It’s my request to u to think from soha’s pov at least once… I’m sure u won’t regret it & will lyk her character..

& about the chapter.. Hope u guys will like share ur feedbacks through ur valuable comments.. I’ll b waiting for it…suggestions r also welcome…till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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