Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 2)


Thanks to all who read my story & supported me through their valuable cmnt..& tash..u gave me a really mini heart attack..but seriously thank u all guyzz…now let’s strt the story…

Manan ~ It’s You ~ my firefly

Manik entered the hall & disturbed nyonika in her thought process..
Manik : mom,what r u thinking??
Nyo : nothing beta..
Manik : ok…
Calling bell rang..
Manik : may b the doctor has come..I’ll go & check..
Manik opened the door & welcomed the doctor…
Nyo : thnk God doc u came.. Plz check this girl..what has happened to her?!
Doc checked nanidini..
Doc : do u know her??

Nyo : no doc..we don’t..
Manik : what happened to her doc ??
Doc : she fainted because of shock..may b she was going through a lot of mental stress..she is weak also..she needs proper care & rest..she shouldn’t take any stress as it is harmful for her..try to keep her happy..I’ll prescribe some medicine.. Give them to her tym to tym & make sure she takes healthy food..
Manik : ok doc..we’ll take care of that..thank u..
Doc : do call me if u need any help..
Nyo : sure doc..
Doctor left..
Nyo : manik..let’s take her to the guest room..
Manik : ok mom..
Manik carried nandini & took her to the guest room..he made her sleep in the bed & covered her with a blanket..

Manik’s pov :
Looks lyk she has been going through a lot..what might have happened with her ?!!
End of pov

Nyonika noticed manik staring at she made a fake cough that disturbed his thought process..
Nyo : someone is lost..
Manik : what mom ! I was just thinking what might have happened with her !!
Nyo : u r thinking a stop thinking & go to sleep..I’m with her..
Manik : yeah..whatever.. Gd n8 mom..
Nyo : gd n8 beta !!
Manik went to his room & slept thinking about nandini…

Next morning :

Someone is chasing Nandini.. Nandini is running & running.. She is hiding behind a tree..suddenly someone caught her from behind..she turns & gets scared..
Man : where will u go now ??!!
He gives an evil laugh.. Nandini screams loudly..

She got up from bed with a was her dream..Manik & nyonika came to the room immediately listening her scream..Nandini was panting badly..
Nyo : r u f9 beta?? What happened to u ?? Do u need something?
Nandini stares at nyonika..then manik..
Nyo : say something beta..
Nandini : how did I come here? Who r u?
Nyo : I’m Nyonika Malhotra & he is my son Manik Malhotra.. What is ur name??
Nandini : I’m nandini..but who brought me here & how ?!!!
Nyo : my son.. Manik..he has brought u here..
Nandini looked at Manik.. Both were looking at each other..
Nyo : actually last night my son was coming back from a party..u suddenly came in front of his car at highway..then u fainted.. So he has brought u here..
Then nandini got a flashback of last night..she became numb & scared.. Manik was continuously looking at nandini, her expression.. He was cmpltly observing her..Nyonika gave her some water & told her to relax & take rest as she is safe here..then they left the room..

Nandini’s pov :
Oh…God ! I had a very bad dream.. But where am I ?! Whose house is this ?! If its his house then?? What will I do & how will I run from here?!!
Suddenly two people entered in the room..may b they heard my screams.. But who r they?! The lady is looking lyk my mom’s age & the boy..he is really tall & handsome.. Just looking lyk a Greek God..
The lady introduced themselves & asked me some question about myself.. Then she told me how I came here..I was just staring at the boy..then I got some flashback of last night.. Shivers ran through my body thinking about it..the lady gave me some water & told me to take rest & both left..
I felt relaxed as it was not his house..they won’t be able to find me here easily.. But what next ?!!
End of pov

So this was chapter two.
What do u think ?? About whom nandini was thinking about? & what happened with her ??
To know stay tuned..
& if u lyk it then plzzz do share ur feedbacks.. I really need it..till then..

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  1. Nice. What happens with nandu & who r the peo who foll nandu

    1. Nishita’ll be revealed soon

  2. Superb dear keep going nice plot of story

    1. Nishita

      Thanks piya

  3. Crystal


  4. aliya malhotra

    suprb…but plz write long updates…… these updates r very short…..

    1. Nishita

      & I’ll surely try to give long updates

  5. Mahi13

    Superb update. I think nandini is running away from her uncle. It’s just a guess. I loved nyonica n manik ‘s bonding. Update asap n if possible plz try to give longer updates. Take care??

    1. Nishita

      Thnk u..& ur guess is r8..I’ll update it soon & nxt epi is a longer one..u’ll get ur answers there..?

  6. Seems like their is a tragedy fb abt nandu update soon…

    1. Nishita

      Yeah..I’ll update it soon..thnk u ☺

  7. Awesome episode
    Pls update soon cant wait to know nandu’s fb

    1. Nishita

      Thanks..I’ve already submit it 🙂

  8. Sindhu_Varma

    Hayee this is cute ??
    And she is scared of her uncle maybe he did something ? ?? as u gave his intro na he is bad ?

    1. Nishita

      Yes..he is really me..once u’ll read the next epi na..u’ll got to know about it..

  9. Superb yar ….awesome update …..
    Its really interesting……

    1. Nishita

      Thank u so much 🙂

  10. First of all nishita dear did u feel bad by my previous comment..if so then I m sorry..go I have a habit of scaring ppl n then Manik them happy…?I never ever meant to give a mini heart attack….??? sorry….
    And about today’s update it was…sooooo aweeeeeeee….. But seriously Manik n nyonika’s bond was so good n then manan eye lock..I was like ” aweee”… BT now the serious point…I think Nandu is scared from her uncle…I m sure…hmmmm….devil uncle I think…
    Over all it was
    S- so
    P- purely nyc
    E- extra cute
    R- rerelatively good
    B- beautiful…

    hope u like it ( ^|#) ;-*

    1. Nishita

      U know what…ur cmnts r more cuter than the story.. & I didn’t mind it at fact I was lyk -surprise !!! & I’m on 9th cloud by reading ur cmnts..I mean its much more ?
      Anyways thank u thank u thank u !!! I’m really many compliments at a tym!!! & I really liked ur mini heart attack ? u r really swt ☺ & in ur language I didn’t lyk ur cmnts at all..bcz I loved it ? thank u

  11. Naaz21

    I think she was thinking abt her mama(mom’s bro)
    This chapter was awsum

    1. Nishita

      Yeah…but she was thinking about mainly trilok..thank u 🙂

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