Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 18)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Soha & mukti’s shopping were it was nandu’s turn..but she was unable to choose anything.. Soha suggested some clothes to nandini..but they were too nandini rejected all as she doesn’t wear such short clothes..
Manik came there…
Manik : what’s up girls??
Mukti : bhai look na..nandini is rejecting all dresses saying they r short…
Soha : yeah..come on nandini.. Don’t b lyk behenji..
Nandini : soha it’s just that I don’t wear such clothes..I’m not saying they r bad but I’m not comfortable.. In fact let’s go from here..I don’t want to buy anything…
Nandini left from there without anymore word…
Manik : nandini listen…
Nandini didn’t turn & left…

Mukti : what has happened to her today?! She is in so bad mood from morning.. I’m sure something is troubling her…
Soha : let it b..she will come around..
Manik noticed a dress.. It was a golden color long dress..he found it nice & thought to take it for nandini…
Manik : excuse me that dress…
The salesman show the dress to manik..soha thought he was buying that dress for she became happy…
Manik : it’ll look good on her…pack this dress…
Soha was about to say thanks to manik when manik says to mukti..
Manik : nandini will lyk it na mukti??
Mukti : of course bhai..I wonder why didn’t we notice it before?!
Soha was shocked as manik bought it for nandini…
Soha : but…she said na she doesn’t want to buy anything.. Then what’s the need?!
Manik : don’t b silly soha..if nandini says she doesn’t want anything that doesn’t mean we won’t do anything for her..she is also an important person in my…I mean..our life…
Soha : yeah..ok..
Soha gave a fake smile but she was getting angry from inside…

Soha : so let’s go..or u want to buy some more things for nandini??
Mukti : no..everything is let’s go..nandini must b waiting outside…
Soha : yeah..r8..said abhi will also come..but he didn’t come…
Mukti : oh..yeah..forgot to tell u that he said he is busy in some operation…
Nandini : oh…ok…
Manik : nandini.. This dress is for u..
Nandini : but I said I don’t want anything..
Manik : but I lyk this dress & thought it will look good on u..that’s why bought it for u..
Nandini : thank u..
Manik : mention not…
Nandini in mind : which I choosed for him.. he didn’t bought that..& now he has brought a dress for me of his own choice..hats of u manik malhotra..

Mukti : nandini..where r u lost?! Come na…
Nandini : yeah…
Four left the mall & went to home..nandini went to her room directly as she was frustrated by continuous talking of soha & manik…she was unable to bear all this…

She went to her room & kept the packet on the bed…she looked at it & remembered manik’s word in the mall….

Nandini’s POV :
Ahh…I’ll go mad..on one hand I just can’t tolerate that soha with just irritates me…soha is always after manik lyk a glue..& the other hand why I’m behaving lyk that?! Whatever manik & soha do how does it matter to me?! I only said no to manik na?! Then why?? But I didn’t say no to manik..I said I’m confused.. But do I really love manik?! Ahhh…I just can’t think anymore …
End of POV

Nandini throwed a bottle out of anger which was caught by manik..

Manik : too much anger is dangerous for health..
Nandini looked at him angrily..
Manik : what?! It’s true..bdw thinking about me???
Nandini turned other side..
Manik : no?? Ok..
Manik quietly sat beside her…
Nandini : why have u come manik?
Manik : there is a party at soha’s frnds house in evening..she was insisting us to go with her..
Nandini : ohhh…then go na..who’s stopping u?!
Manik smirked watching nandini’s anger…
Manik : who can stop me?! I just came to say u that b ready by 7pm..u r also coming with us..
Nandini : I’m not interested manik..
Manik : r u sure???
Nandini looked at manik..
Manik : we’ll wait for u…& yeah..I want u to wear this dress.. I hope u won’t reject ur frnd’s request…
Manik smiled & left the room..nandini was staring at the door till he disappeared…then nandini looked at the dress…

At evening.. Soha & Mukti were sitting in the hall waiting for Manik & Nandini…mukti was wearing a red frock which was till her knee.she was looking hot & cute…& soha was wearing a black short dress which barely covered her thigh..
Soha was excited to see manik as she thought Manik will wear the shirt of her choice…

Manik came into the hall..he was wearing a dark blue color shirt (which nandini choosed for him) & blue jeans..his hair was perfectly set up by jell..he had an white watch in his left hand.. He was looking breath taking handsome..any girl will fall for him immediately…

Soha & mukti recognized the shirt..mukti came towards manik..
Mukti :’s that shirt na which nandini choosed for u..
Manik smiled : yeah..
Mukti : but u to didn’t buy it..
Manik : no..I was just teasing her..I really liked it..I bought it after u guys left the shop..
Mukti : ohhoooo…lyk that.. Really it suits on u…nandini’s choice is just awesome..
She whispered in manik’s ear saying : Specially for u..
Mukti winked at him..
Manik : shut up mukti..nothing lyk that…
Soha came towards manik with a fake smile & trying to control her anger…
Soha : I thought u’ll wear the shirt which I choosed for u..
Manik : sorry soha..that shirts were also nice but I found it I thought of wearing it..sorry if u felt bad…
Soha : noh manik..itz completely’s also looking great on u…
Manik : thanks…u r also looking……
Mukti : look ..nandini is coming..
Manik turned backwards & saw nandini…
Nandini was wearing the dress which Manik bought for her..she was looking lyk a fairy of heaven..she applied red lip stick on her lips & did light make up..she was looking hot & gorgeous…
Manik was mesmerized to see her..he couldn’t take his eyes from her…
Nandini also looked at manik..she was surprised to see the shirt which Manik wore..manik understood it & smirked a bit…

Manik : u r looking so beautiful nandini..

Soha in mind : he didn’t even notice me perfectly & commenting nandini..I hate u nandini..why manik is giving so much imprtnc to her?! I’ve to find out the reason…

Nandini : manik..this shirt…
Manik : what did u think?! My beautiful frnd will frst tym choose something for me & I won’t lyk it?! It’s really good nandini.. & I lykd it a lot..
Nandini : it’s looking perfect on u..
Manik : r8…
Mukti made a fake cough..
Mukti : if ur compliment session is over then let’s go to party ??
Soha : yeah..let’s go…
Four left for the party..soha was trying to get close with manik repeatedly… Nandini was feeling uncomfortable watching that…so she was silent in all the way…

They reached at the party…
Soha’s frnd harshad welcomed them..he was the host of the party…soha introduced him with mukti,manik & then nandini.. Harshad was staring at nandini..soha excused herself as she was getting call from her father..Harshad forward his hand towards nandini for handshake saying nyc to meet u.. Nandini was getting uncomfortable… Manik was standing beside nandini & saw that..he took harshad’s hand for handshake saying nyc to meet u too harshad…harshad gave a fake smile to him & manik also pretended lyk smiling…mukti saw that & laughed in her mind…
Soha came & joined was going on in full swing..harshad was finding some way to b with nandini but he was unable to do so bcz of manik…he thought an idea…he made some chits & went for announcement..

Harshad : Ledis & gentleman.. Why not have some fun???
Everyone hooted…
Harshad : let’s play a game.. I have a jar in my hand & it contains all the boy’s name who is present in the party… So I’ll go to each girl & give them a chit but they won’t open it..when I’ll call the girl on the stage she will come & announce the name written on the chit..then he’ll b the partner of her for dance….so everyone is ready????
Everyone hooted saying yes…

Harshad kept two chits in his two side pockets.. One contains manik’s name which is for soha & another contains harshad’s name which is for nandini..

He gave each girls the chits..mukti got shahid as her only soha & nandini were left..

He first went to soha..he was going to give her the chit but he forgot which pocket contains manik’s chit..he was confused.. He thought it must b in left pocket..he took the chit from left pocket & gave it to soha..soha happily went towards the stage as she thought it contains manik’s name…she opened the chits & was shocked to see the name..everyone asked her the name..she gave a fake smile & hesitantly announced harshad’s name..harshad was also shocked listening his name…

Mukti : that’s mean soha-harshad & manik bhai-nandini r the pairs..

Manan were also happy…music started & all went towards the stage for dance…dekha hazaro dafa from film rustam played…(if possible do plug it on earphone.. It’s a beautiful song..I choosed this song as it goes perfectly on manan’s if u plug it u’ll also get the better feel..)

Dekha hazaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai..
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch aap mein baat aisi hai…

(Manik held nandini’s waist with one hand & with other hand he held nandini’s one hand..nandini’s other hand was on manik’s shoulder.. They looked into each other’s eyes & started moving according to the music…)

Lekar ijazat ab aap se
Saansein ye aati jaati hain..
Dhoondhe se milte nahi hain hum
Bas aap hi aap baaki hain…

(Nandini turned backwards & manik held her from back & kept his hand on nandini’s stomach..Nandini looked at manik & manik also looked at nandini..they were moving according to the music looking at each other..)

Pal bhar na doori sahein aap se
Betaabiyan yeh kuch aur hain..

(Manik made nandini face him & held her by waist with his two hand..nandini’s hands were on manik’s chest..they were lost in each other’s eyes..)

Hum door hoke bhi paas hain
Nazdeekiyan yeh kuch aur hain…

(Nandini left him & was going away but manik held her hand & pulled her near him..nandini’s back collides with manik’s front..)

Dekha hazaro dafaa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai..
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai…

(Manik hugged her from back..Nandini closed her eyes feeling manik so close to her…they were dancing lyk that..)

Aagosh mein hai jo aapki
Aisa sukoon aur paaye kahan..

(Manik made nandini face him again..he pulled nandini more close to him..)

Aankhen humein ye raas aa gayi
Ab hum yahan se jaaye kahan..

(Manan were lost in each other’s eyes..manik caught her by waist & held her up..)

Dekha hazaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai..

(Manik twirled her slowly helding her up..nandini was looking in his eyes..)

Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai…

(Manik kept her down slowly..nandini kept her hands around manik’s neck..)

mmm.. hmm..
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
mmm.. hmm..
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai….

(Manik were looking into each other’s eyes forgetting everything..they were lost in each other & moving according to the music..)

Manan’s eyelock broke by the sound of the claps..they left each other & turned opposite sides..mukti came to them….

Mukti : wow guyz..u were rock..what a dance !!
Manan together : thanks..
They both looked at each other & had a small eyelock…

Soha noticed them from far..she was very angry…she thought in mind –

“No nandini.. I won’t let u snatch manik from me so easily..I won’t let u win..manik is only mine..I’ll go to any extent for him..”

Soha left the place angrily…

So it was chapter 18 of d story..hope u guyz lyk it…thank u all for ur love & support & beautiful cmnts which makes my share ur feedbacks.. I’ll b waiting..till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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      & I really didn’t mind at all…sacchi…if u have any kinds of suggestions u r always welcome dear…actually now I’m not in a state to say too much..I’ll just say don’t worry..u r also my frnd..& frnds don’t mind about anything.. I never take u wrong 🙂

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      Thank u sooo much anjali..I’m happy that u lykd it to this extent..I’ll surely try to update soon..actually now I’m really tired & also in tension about my admsn I’m unable to concentrate properly..but I will definitely try not to disappoint my readers.. 🙂

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