Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 17)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

Nxt morning :

Nandini woke up from sleep..she took bath & got ready in a yellow color dress with white tyles..she came to the hall for breakfast.. Manik was also sitting there..he was in a blue T-shirt with black jeans..she was looking handsome..& nandini admired him..manik also noticed it but didn’t say anything..
Nandini : hi morning..
Manik : gd morning nandini..
Nyonika & Mukti came there with breakfast… They were about to start when calling bell rang…

Nyonika : who has come so early in the morning?!
Manik : let me check..

Manik opened the door…manik was amazed to see the person…

Manik’s POV :
I went for breakfast.. There was no one on the table.. Suddenly nandini came..she was looking beautiful as usual..but I shouldn’t look at her for long..otherwise she may take it bad..nandini was coming towards me..she was also checking me out..she does it everyday & I also lyk it that she notices me always..she wished me gd morning.. Thank God she is normal..I thought..let it b…there was an awkward & mukti also came..I hope there will b no more awkwardness… Suddenly the calling bell rang…lyk seriously?! In this early morning !! Uhhh..I opened the door… I was startled watching her in front of me…
End of pov

Manik : OMG !! Soha ?!!!!
Soha : Hi manik !!

Soha hugged manik tightly.. Manik also hugged her…

meanwhile nandini,nyonika & mukti also came to see who has come…nandini watched Soha hugging manik .she didn’t lyk it at all..she was wondering who is this girl…
Soha broke the hug….
Soha : I missed u sooo much manik..
Manik : I missed u too soha…
Nyonika : what a pleasant surprise soha !!!
Soha went towards nyonika & hugged her…
Soha : hello aunty…how r u??
Nyonika : I’m absolutely f9 beta…what about u??
Soha : I’m also f9 aunty…I missed u all so much..but u guys forgot me…
Mukti : how’s it possible that we forget u?!
Soha : mukti !!! OMG !! I thought u might b in Mumbai..I’m so happy to see u..
Mukti : I’m also very happy.. & I’ve permanently moved to shimla I’ll stay here…
Soha : that’s great yaar…

Suddenly soha noticed nandini beside mukti…

Soha : ummm..she…I’m unable to recognize her..
Mukti : u don’t know her..she is frnd & abhi’s cousin…
Soha : oh..lyk that…
Mukti : nandini…she is soha..bhai’s childhood frnd..
Nandini gave a fake smile to her..
Soha gave her hand for handshake..
Soha : hi nandini..nice to meet u..
Nandini took her hand for handshake..
Nandini : nice to meet u too soha..
Soha : I must say u r really beautiful.
Nandini : thank u…
Nyonika : let’s go for breakfast.. Soha..u also join us…
Soha : ok aunty…
Everyone went to dining table for breakfast.. nandini was opposite to manik..soha came & sat beside manik..nandini was jealous watching that..manik & soha were talking about their childhood happily..everyone started to eat..but nandini was not feeling lyk eating..
Nyonika : what happened nandini?? Why r u not eating?!! I’ve made ur fvrt kheer..
Manik also looked at nandini…
Mukti : yesterday abhi said that u had headache & now u r not eating anything.. U r f9 na??
Nandini : yeah..mukti..I’m f9..aunty don’t worry…
Nyonika : ok..but if u need anything do tell me..
Nandini : ok…
Everyone started to eat again..but manik was looking at nandini & observing her..he felt nyonika was r8..nandini wasn’t eating at all..she was also lost somewhere…
Soha : why aren’t u eating?!
Manik : I’m eating soha..
Soha took some kheer in the spoon & told manik to open his mouth..
Soha : manik.. Open ur mouth…
Manik : soha.. But…
Soha : manik.. I said open..
Manik opened his mouth & soha fed him..
Soha : gd boy..
Nandini was unable to tolerate all this she got up from her chair …
Nandini : I’m done..I’m going to my room…
Nandini went to her room immediately…
Nyonika : what has happened to her?!
Manik was also confused for her sudden behavior…
After sometime manik also left from there saying he’s also done…

After breakfast nyonika showed soha her room & told her to take rest..

Manik was thinking about nandini.. What made her chng suddenly.. She was fine at first..then what happened that she behaved lyk that…

Nandini was in her room..he was very angry & frustrated..

Nandini’s POV :
Don’t know why but I hate that soha..she behaves as if she is manik’s gf..from the tym she has come she is just doing manik..manik..manik…..manik also says nothing to her..but why I’m feeling bad?! How does it matter to me?! Manik can do whatever he feel lyk..I don’t care…
End of POV…

After some hour mukti came to nandini’s room…

Mukti : nandini…
Nandini : yeah mukti…
Mukti : what r u doing here alone?! Why didn’t u join us?? Did something happen??
Nandini : no mukti..nothing lyk that..everything is fine..
Mukti : ok then.. We r going to mall..would u lyk to join us??
Nandini got flashbacks of the kidnapping incident.. She became scared..
Mukti : don’t worry nandini.. Bhai is also coming with fact I’m also thinking of calling abhi.. Moreover bhai has sent me to ask u if u would join there is nothing to worry..
Nandini : manik has send u??
Mukti : yeah…
Nandini was confused.. She was thinking she should go or not..
Mukti : nandini u will come na??
Nandini : yeah..ok..I’ll come..
Mukti : thank u nandini.. Get ready fast & come to hall…
Nandini : ok…

Manik & mukti was waiting in the hall for soha & nandini..
Mukti : how much tym they’ll take?!
Manik : god knows..
Mukti : bdw..suddenly why did u plan to take us in the mall??
Manik : nothing special..soha has returned after almost 3yrs..that’s why I thought to go for shopping.. U know na how much she lyk shopping..
Mukti : r u sure there’s nothing more??
Manik : what else can b the reason ?!!
Mukti : I thought u want to break nandini’s fear from going to mall as u want to make her normal..& we r just a excuse for taking her there..
Manik : umm..noo..what r u saying?!
Mukti : cmn’s written on ur face how much u love her & anyone can understand whatever u r doing just only for her…
Manik : don’t try to act lyk my grandma yaar..
Mukti : yeah yeah..look..soha is coming..
Soha was wearing a short white color dress which doesn’t even reach to her knee..
Soha : how am I looking ??
Mukti : nice..
Soha : manik..won’t u say anything?!
Manik : yeah..u r looking..
Manik suddenly saw nandini who was coming from backside of Soha..
She was wearing a cream color tops which white jeans..her hair was left open..manik was mesmerized by her simple yet elegant beauty..he unintentionally said stunning.. Soha thought manik said this to her..she blushed.. Mukti was startled at first but then she saw nandini & then understand manik actually complimented nandini..
Soha : thank u manik for such an awesome compliment..
Nandini came there & she also thought manik complimented she was again getting angry but she controlled herself…
Four left for shopping..they sat on the car..soha sat beside manik in the passenger seat.. Soha & manik were talking a lot about their life & past incidence..mukti was busy with her phone.. Nandini was listening soha & manik’s conversation & was getting more & more jealous…
Soha side hugged manik saying u r so swt manik..manik looked at rear view mirror & watched nandini’s xprsn…
Manik’s POV :
Soha suddenly side hugged’s nrml for us as we r childhood I also difficult didn’t mind it..suddenly I looked at rear view mirror & saw nandini..her xprsn..why was she looking at lyk that?! Is she jealous ?!.
End of pov

Manik remembered all the incidents since morning.. Then he get it all…
Manik in mind : so miss nandini murthy.. Now I know why did u bhv lyk that..u are jealous watching soha with me…that’s mean u definitely feel something for u..just wait & watch..I’ll make it out from ur own mouth..
End of POV

Nandini,mukti,manik & soha reached the’s the same mall from where nandini was kidnapped.. So she was afraid to go inside..

Mukti : nandini..don’t worry..we r with u na..come…
Nandini looked at manik.. Manik was going inside with Soha..
Nandini in mind : manik doesn’t even care…
She was lost in her thinking.. When manik called her…
Manik : nandini..why r u standing lyk a statue.. Come…
Nandini : yeah..
Four entered the mall..nandini was getting scared..suddenly she felt someone caught her hand.. She looked at the was Manik..
Manik : nothing will happen.. Just enjoy & smile…
Nandini smiled at manik..both had an eyelock..soha noticed it..Soha came to manik & dragged him with her saying they’ll shop for Manik 1st..

Soha choosed some shirts for Manik which he didn’t lyk at all..but he pretended liking them..he got a call & excused everyone as the call was imprtnt..

Mukti : soha.. Bhai doesn’t wear these kinds of clothes..
Soha : that’s bcz u never insisted him na..mark my words, he will look best in these…r8 nandini??
Nandini : I think mukti is r8..
Mukti : see..nandini why don’t u choose something for bhai ?
Nandini : me?! But soha is choosing na…
Soha : yeah nandini.. Choose na..let’s see manik lyks ur choice or not..

Nandini 1st hesitant.. But then choosed a dark blue shade shirt for Manik…
Mukti : wow..nandini.. Bhai will look dashing in it…
Manik also come there…
Soha : look manik..I’ve choosed these shirts for u..but mukti & Nandini were saying u won’t lyk it..& nandini choosed this for u..
Manik in mind : so nandini choosed something for me..I really lyk it..her choice is really good…
End of pov

Manik thought to tease nandini..
Manik : ahh..soha.. Ur choice is really awesome.. We’ll buy what u have choosed…
Soha becomes happy & hugged manik..
Soha : thank u manik…
Mukti made an weird face & nandini angrily looked at other side…manik smirked watching nandini’s reaction..

He bought whatever soha choosed for him…then they went for girls section…manik made a excuse of getting call..he went to the previous shop & bought the shirt which nandini choosed for him & told them to keep it in his car ..

Manik’s pov
How is this possible that u choosed something for me & I won’t buy it…but it was necessary to tease u..otherwise how’d I understand ur feelings for me..after watching ur reaction..I’m 100℅ sure u also love me…& u’ll also realize it’s my promise to u nandini…
End of pov

So it was chapter 17..hope u guyz lyk it..thanks a lootttt to everyone for loving my story & os…it’s an honour for me…love u all…do share ur feedbacks..suggestions r also welcome.. I’ll for ur feedbacks.. Till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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